12 Unbelievable Foundation Dupes you need in 2023

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Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 10:44 pm

12 Irresistible Foundation Dupes you’ll regret not buying!

Sometimes, picking out the right foundation can be difficult.

Should you go for a high-end foundation brand to have a better shot at great quality, but a less than desirable price?

Now, you may be thinking; should I really have to break the bank for a good foundation?

But then comes another common fear: Should you risk picking out a drugstore foundation and possibly get a bad experience?

Luckily, you can toss those worries out the window, because we have curated a list of some of the best drugstore foundations dupes and their high-priced counterparts.

So if you are ready to have a high-fashion foundation for a low price, check out the best foundation dupes below!

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top best foundation dupes

Huda beauty foundation vs Foundation Dupe: Maybelline super stay foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$40-$45 vs $10-$15
Main Features:
Texture, Smooth Finish

The Huda Beauty Foundation is known for its amazing texture and its flawless finish, but it can cost around $40, which is not the bargain that we are looking for.

The best dupe that we have found for this foundation is the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation.

This foundation is about $30 less than Huda’s, and it is extremely similar in quality and purpose.

Just like Huda, consumers love the Maybelline foundation for its soft texture and smooth finish. Both foundations are lightweight and blend really well. Also similar to the Huda foundation, Maybelline slides on the skin without feeling rough or irritating.

Additionally, both foundations are long-lasting.

Many consumers were able to wear both of them all day without any creasing.

However, one feature that puts the Maybelline foundation over the top is that it is non-comedogenic, which means that it is perfect for oily skin!

Some consumers reported breakouts after wearing the Huda foundation, but the Maybelline foundation does not clog your pores, so it is much better for your skin.

Finally, the Maybelline Super stay foundation has a soft matte finish, something that the Huda foundation does not have.

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Estee lauder double wear foundation vs Foundation Dupe: loreal infallible pro matte foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$40-$45 vs $10-$15
Main Features:
Matte finish, long-wear

The Estee Lauder foundation is famous for being one of the best long-lasting foundations on the market. It does not budge even after all-day wear, and it is waterproof and heatproof.

Finding a foundation dupe to compete with such an iconic brand was difficult, but not impossible. There are a few reasons why the Loreal Infalliable Pro Matte Foundation is a fantastic foundation dupe of Estee Lauder.

The first is that they are both matte foundations with remarkable coverage.

For those of us that love matte foundations, Loreal’s has fantastic reviews. The even better news is that it provides full coverage to even out your skin tone and hide blemishes.

As previously mentioned, people are obsessed with Este Lauder’s foundation because of its all-day wear, and Loreal’s offers this perk as well. Consumers report the foundation lasting all day and still looking fabulous at the end of the night.

The one thing to note is that Estee Lauder foundation still has the Loreal foundation beat because of the number of shades they offer. Estee Lauder offers over fifty shades, while Loreal only has twenty-eight.

However, even though it does not have as many shades, you cannot beat the price. The Loreal foundation saves you around $30, so your wallet will definitely thank you for this dupe. 

Giorgio Armani Foundation vs Foundation Dupe: L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$60-$65 vs $10-15
Main Features:
Satin Finish, Buildable

The Giorgio Armani foundation is the most expensive foundation featured so far, but for good reason.

Several A-list celebrities boast about how great this foundation is, so of course, as foundation dupes fans! We wanted to find the best foundation dupe for it.

The Loreal Lumi foundation carries all of the most-loved features of the Armani foundation, for just a fraction of the price.

The first thing that people love about the Armani foundation is that it is buildable.

This is a great quality in any foundation, but especially for people who like to wear more makeup.

This foundation does not weigh down your face but instead creates a smooth start for the rest of your makeup.

Luckily, the Loreal Lumi foundation also has this quality.

Even though the formula is different, this foundation still creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup, and it has a similar lightweight feel to the Armani foundation.

Another quality that is beloved about the Armani foundation is its skin-like finish. It creates a beautiful glow after you wear it, and fills in the uneven areas of your skin.

While the Loreal dupe is not exactly the same as the Armani original, consumers praise how their skin glows after using this foundation.

Finally, Loreal Paris True Match Lumi Foundation has a few added benefits that the Armani foundation does not. It contains Vitamins C and E and has built-in SPF, so no sunburns for you with this foundation!

 It Cosmetics CC cream vs Foundation Dupe: Maybelline Dream Urban cover 

Fast Facts:
Price Range:
$45-$50 vs $5-$10
Main Features:
Color Correcting, SPF

If you don’t know what CC stands for, it usually stands for “color correcting” or “complexion corrector.” Basically, a CC cream corrects skin blemishes, but it does not typically provide full coverage as some foundations do.

However, it usually contains extra benefits like built-in SPF or anti-aging features.

The It Cosmetics CC cream is the #1 CC cream on the market in the US today, and as you can see but the price tag, that praise does not come cheaply.

This foundation has both built-in SPF (SPF 50) and an anti-aging serum, as well as hydration and several antioxidants.

So, is there a dupe that compares to this CC cream?

Well, the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover is a great, more affordable foundation option with many of the same benefits that the It Cosmetics cream features.

The Maybelline foundation also has SPF 50 and it has a lightweight formula like the It Cosmetics cream.

Another great feature in both of these foundations is that they are full-coverage, which is not typical of a CC cream.

While the Maybelline foundation will go on a bit more matte than the It Cosmetics cream, it also has antioxidants and long wear, making it a fantastic CC cream with an even better price.

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Too faced born this way foundation VS Foundation Dupe: Hard candy glamouflage foundation

Fast Facts: 
Price Range:
$40-$45 vs $5-$10
Main Features:
Natural-Look, Oil-Free

The Too Faced Born this Way Foundation is famous for looking natural, and seamlessly blending into your skin.

However, its price made us want to search for something a little more affordable, with some of the best features from Too Faced.

The Hard Candy Glamouflage foundation is the perfect dupe, with a much cheaper price than Too Faced.

Just like Too Faced, the Hard Candy foundation has a flawless, natural look that highlights the best parts of your face without looking cakey.

Another great feature of both of these foundations is that they are oil-free.

This is so important for those of us with oily or acne-prone skin.

Another feature that we love about the Hard Candy foundation is that it seamlessly blends into your skin.

Just like the Too Faced foundation, it does not cake or crease on your face.

However, the Too Faced foundation does have the Hard Candy foundation beat because of its superior hydration.

Too Faced contains coconut water and alpine rose for the ultimate hydration of your skin, but Hard Candy is not out of the race entirely.

They have added Vitamin E, which is hydrating and healthy for your skin.

Hard Candy is also long-lasting, and just like Too Faced, it will stay on your face all day without smearing or melting. 

Kat von D beauty good apple foundation VS Foundation Dupe: Milani cream to powder foundation

Fast Facts:
Price Range:
$40-$45 vs $10-$15
Main Features:
Airbrush Look, Vegan

Kat Von D Beauty Good Apple Foundation has recently been trending on Tik-Tok for its airbrush finish, and rightly so. This foundation leaves a beautiful finish, but we wanted to see if we could find something a bit cheaper that looks similar.

And yes! I’m kind of obsessed with finding foundation dupes.

So, we found the perfect dupe, The Milani Cream to Powder foundation is similar to the KVD brand in almost every way, except for the price!

Both foundations come in compacts instead of liquids, and both of them leave a gorgeous matte finish. Another awesome similarity between the two is that they are both vegan!

While the Milani cream does not contain apple extract like the KVD, it is filled with vitamins A and E, as well as Green tea to soothe the skin.

Both of these foundations are long-lasting, and they are both lightweight.

However, the KVD brand boasts about the fact that it is recyclable without any need to break down the compact.

All you have to do is empty it, and throw it in with your plastics, which is something that the Milani cream can’t do.

Even still, the Milani cream transforms from a cream into a buildable powder, which the KVD does not.

While the Milani cream to powder foundation may not be trending, it definitely holds its weight against the KVD foundation, and let’s not forget, it is significantly cheaper. 

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Mac studio fix foundation vs Foundation Dupe: Maybelline fit me foundation

Fast Facts:
Price Range:
$30-$40 vs $5-$10
Main Features:
Silky Texture, Blendable

There are quite a few loyal Mac foundation users, and for good reason. This foundation has an amazing silky texture and is extremely lightweight.

However, we have found a the perfect dupe so good, that some people even call it better than the Mac foundation.

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation has all of the best parts of the Mac foundation, plus something that puts it over the edge.

First, both foundations are incredibly lightweight, which means that they are buildable and blendable.

Another thing that makes the Maybelline foundation the main opponent to the Mac foundation is that it has a very similar silky finish.

Additionally, both foundations work to reduce the look of pores.

However, the quality that perhaps puts the Maybelline foundation above the Mac foundation is how fantastic it is for oily skin.

While the Mac foundation does work on oily skin and is not known to cause acne, this Maybelline foundation is not only oil-free, but it has built-in clay that helps to absorb the oil that is already present on your skin.

This fact means that dermatologists love the Maybelline foundation just as much as we do!

Who knew you could have a foundation that smoothes out your skin and takes care of it at the same time?

Marc Jacobs Foundation vs Foundation Dupe:Wet and Wild photo focus foundation

Fast Facts:
Price Range:
$50-$65 vs $5-$10
Main Features:
Breakthrough Formula, Photo Finish

It is not easy to find the Marc Jacobs Foundation because of its popularity.

Many consumers fave about how fantastic their skin looks and feels after wearing this foundation.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper and comparable dupe, the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation is the way to go.

Both of these products state that they are made with “breakthrough formulas” but what exactly does that mean?

In the Marc Jacobs foundation, their formula maximizes pigment without the weight.

Basically, they have twice as much pigment as the average foundation (so more coverage) but it still feels weightless on your skin.

Wet n Wild’s breakthrough formula is a bit different.

Their focus is on how their foundation looks in photographs.

They tested and formulated their product so that it would look the best under a variety of light conditions, and without creating a white cast in photos.

While these foundations may sound very different, the Wet n Wild foundation is a great dupe for the Marc Jacobs foundation because it provides the full coverage that Marc Jacobs promises, but based on light patterns, not pigment.

Additionally, both foundations are extremely blendable and buildable.

While Marc Jacobs has a few added ingredients to help boost your skin’s health that Wet n Wild is lacking,

Wet n Wild’s major testing and experimenting with different light conditions is something that makes them stand out compared to their pricey counterpart. 

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Tarte face tape foundation vs Foundation Dupe: Milani conceal + perfect foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$30-$35 vs $5-$10
Main Features:
Full-Coverage, No-Fade Formula

The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation has quite a bit of buzz around it because of its creamy and pore-free finish.

However, the Milani Conceal+Perfect Foundation has a few great features that make it the perfect dupe.

From all the Foundation Dupes feutured today, this is my favorite!

I love the Milani conceal + perfect foundation and has been my favorite full coverage drugstore foundation for years now!

The Tarte foundation is known for its fantastic coverage, especially for people with acne scars or dark spots, and the Milani foundation is a fan favorite for this exact reason.

Many consumers swear by this foundation and claim that it is the best drugstore full-coverage foundation on the market, which is high praise considering how affordable it is.

Additionally, while some full-coverage foundations can look cakey or heavy, neither of these foundations have that problem.

The Milani foundation in particular is unique because it is not just a foundation, but it is a concealer as well, which means even more coverage. Another awesome feature in both of these foundations is that they don’t fade after wearing them.

Many foundations fade after wearing them for a few hours, but both of these foundations continue to look vibrant many hours after application.

The Milani foundation also has a beautiful finish similar to the Tarte foundation, and is great for all skin types, but is the perfect fit for combination skin.

Fenty beauty pro filter foundation VS Foundation Dupe: NYX can’t Stop won’t Stop foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$30-$45 vs $5-$15
Main Features:
Matte finish, Long-lasting wear

The Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation is one of the best matte foundations on the market today.

While most matte foundations can make your face look flat, this foundation instead gives the skin a soft glow.

However, we are not looking to drop $40 on a matte foundation, so we decided to look for a cheaper, yet still beautiful, alternative.

The NYX Foundation is the perfect dupe to the Fenty foundation because it boasts about avoiding flatness in its name, and it delivers.

This matte foundation does not look flat on your face but instead gives it a smooth finish.

Another reason that the Fenty foundation is so popular is that it is lightweight and long-lasting, and the NYX foundation receives similar praise.

We love this cheaper dupe because it lasts all day without making your face look dry or cakey.

Another similarity with these foundations is that they are both oil-free, which means that oily and combination skin can wear these foundations without worrying about breakouts.

Additionally, both of these foundations are cruelty-free!

However, the Fenty foundation has NYX beat in terms of shade options.

Fenty has fifty shades, which is one of the widest offerings of any foundation.

While NYX does not have as many shades, it is still loved by a variety of skin tones.

Makeup forever velvet skin VS Foundation Dupe: LA girl pro coverage foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$35-$40 vs $10-$15
Main Features:
Velvet-Silky Matte Finish, Full-Coverage

The Makeup Forever Velvet Skin Foundation is another example of a matte foundation that has amazing reviews.

However, even though it is known for its silky finish, the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation gives Makeup Forever a run for its money.

Not only do both of these foundations look very similar in their packaging, but their effectiveness as well. Both of these foundations have fantastic full coverage.

They do not leave your face looking cakey or heavy, and they are both known for having long-lasting wear.

However, one edge that the Makeup Forever brand has over LA Girl is that it is waterproof, which is great for those rainy or humid days.

But LA Girl is filled with antioxidants that hydrate your skin and leave it looking better than before you put it on, which is a feature that Makeup Forever does not have.

Finally, LA Girls is a fraction of the price of Makeup Forever, making it the perfect dupe. 

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Kat von D foundation vs NYX invincible foundation

Fast Facts
Price Range:
$30-$35 vs $10-$15
Main Features:
Full-coverage, Long-Lasting Wear

While we already looked at the KVD brand once, we have to compare its other famous foundation and tell you about its amazing dupe.

The NYX brand is famous for offering amazing dupes to really popular products, and this is no different.

One of the reasons that this KVD foundation is so popular is because of its amazing coverage.

They claim to cover everything from blemishes to tattoos, and with that kind of power, it may seem impossible to find a fitting dupe.

But, Makeup Revolution Conceal and define full coverage foundation offers full coverage, just like the KVD foundation.

It covers every blemish on your face, and can even cover tattoos.

Another great quality of these foundations is that they are long-lasting, and we have found that both of these foundations look great even 20 hours later.

Finally, while both foundations are great for oily or acne-prone skin,

we actually found that Makeup revolution does a better job at keeping your skin hydrated than the KVD brand!

Nars foundation VS Foundation Dupe: Neutrogena healthy skin foundation

Fast Facts:
Price Range:
$50-$55 vs $15-$20
Main Features:
Lightweight, Healthy 

The Nars foundation is not cheap, but it packs a punch when it comes to foundation.

This foundation is oil-free, and it has flexible polymers that move with the skin instead of irritating it.

It is also made with Tone Correcting technology, which erases dullness and redness on your skin.

However, the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation makes for an amazing dupe to this foundation.

Since Neutrogena is also well known for its skincare products, we shouldn’t be surprised that its foundation is filled with antioxidants and SPF 20.

Neutrogena boasts that they carry an exclusive blend of antioxidants, and promises that your skin will look healthier and smoother after just one wear of their foundation.

Both of these products are extremely lightweight, which makes blending hassle-free.

They also feature around the same amount of shades (Nars carries 20, which Neutrogena carries 14).

However, one unique feature of Neutrogena’s foundation is that it really lasts all day, no matter the weather. Definitely a must-have!

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Conclusion on the best Foundation Dupes

Hopefully, after reading through this post you were able to find some affordable foundation dupes to some of the more expensive high-end foundations that have been trending or are popular in the market.

While it is hard to imagine that all of those high-end foundations could have so many amazing foundation dupes, it is clear that the market is filled with them!

While there are a lot of different foundations to choose from, as you pick the best foundation for you, make sure to pay attention to the main features under each heading.

Finding the best foundation du for you will come by figuring out exactly what features you love most in a foundation.

But no matter what features you love the most, we definitely have an affordable alternative for you to try!

Don’t forget to share with others and pin it for later!

Also, comment below a foundation dupe that I’m missing here or what’s your favorite drugstore foundation and why? I’d love to hear from you!

Bye bye!

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