How to Grow Hair Faster and Thicker (Tips that work!)

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster

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My hair journey has been an amazing learning experience with ups and downs,

and now I want to share with you all the Hair tips that I learned to now having naturally thicker and long hair!

How to grow hair faster and thicker with the best Hair care routine, easy daily hair tips,

and the best natural hair products for faster results!

No more frizzy, split ends, and dry hair in your life.

And yes! This is totally possible with the right hair hacks and tips! If I did it, you can.

No matter how damaged your hair can be, how many dyes and colors have been through,

you can always bring back that beautiful and youthful hair again.

My Hair Growth Experience

First, let me share with you my Hair Experience really quickly.

I used to have naturally dark brown beautiful hair with long layers, but that wasn’t enough for me.

So I want something else, so I decided to change my hair color!

I went to a very bad beauty salon (I didn’t know how bad it was until they literally ruin my hair).

I asked for a Californian hair color style at the beauty salon, and let me be honest, I don’t know what they did, but it was just nothing similar to the perfect Californian style!

That takes me to go to another beauty salon and make me hair pass for two bleach procedures,

which is super aggressive for any hair.

Long story, short, I finally got the best rose gold Californian hair color style, but my hair was super damaged to achieve that.

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast
left side- my bad experience | right side- when they fixed the problem

I’m so glad that I found that new beauty salon, and they fixed my problem very well,

leaving me a super Californian hairstyle with rose gold tones that I always wanted.

At that time, my hair was still long enough for me, but not healthy at all.

After two bleach procedures, it’s super difficult to get healthy hair instantly.

So I started to work with my hair after that and applying the next tips to make it look better and make it healthier.

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

After a couple of months,

I have to cut it and dye it again into dark colors (similar to my natural tone) because it is super difficult to maintain a blonde or light color shade.

I had to go to the beauty salon every two or three weeks for hair color maintenance, and that was starting to annoy me.

That’s the reality of becoming blonde or semi-blonde, haha.

How I grow my hair THICKER and HEALTHIER?

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

At that time, I started to work for a beauty salon (as a Makeup artist),

and that hair experts helped me a lot with their recommendations, hair tips, and hair treatments!

And finally, months later, I have this beautiful hair that I truly love,

and now  I’m thinking of making me semi-blonde again, but that another history! haha

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Let’s begin with what helped me to have thicker and longer hair.

(Remember you can click any product images, and that will open a new tab with the store to buy them, just made it easy for you in case you want to buy)

17 ways to make your hair grow faster and thicker

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

1. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

This Hair tip has been a life-saving for me not only for my dry, damaged hair but for the dry scalp and dandruff problem that I had as well.

Washing my hair every day is NOT necessary, and that was causing me to lose the natural oils that the scalp produces, which are super important for healthier hair.

NOTE: How can you skip shower your hair without having your hair dirty and oily? Try a dry shampoo like this one here, and it will be your best friend between hair showers! I just love it.

2. Use a Heat protector

This mistake is super common! Please don’t do that same as me (avoid a heat protector every time that I do my hair)

and get a good heat protector to use it every time you put heat on your hair.

This is super simple and saves my hair from being burnt constantly with the hair straightened, making my hair progress so much faster!

An excellent option is this heat protector with argan oil!

3. Apply Hair masks Often

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

I’m a super fan of natural hair masks that you can do at home with natural ingredients, like coconut oil, avocado, egg, and more.

I actually have an entire post sharing my TOP 7 hair masks recipes with coconut oil and how to use it the right way to improve your hair.

But these natural recipes take time to repair your hair and need to be constantly applied to maintain the hair;

for a faster recovery, you can try Hair treatments like the next ones below.

This Hair mask has BIOTIN, COLLAGEN, and KERATIN, essential ingredients to improve damaged hair in minutes!

and to maintain that healthy hair as well.

4. Detangle your hair only when is dry

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

For some reason, I always did the opposite.

Once I got out of the shower, I detangled my hair immediately while is still wet.

That’s a big mistake!

Because when the hair is wet, it can break and split the ends easier while we are detangling. 

Wait until it is 75% percent dry, and if you are using a hairdryer, don’t forget the heat protector. 

5. When detangling, start from the ends 

The best way to take care of your hair while you detangle it is to start with the ends and slowly go upwards.

That way won’t be applying too much strong in the ends and we won’t be hurt them. 

Remember that, unhealthy hair points make a hair cut a NECESSITY,

and that way the hair will never grow long!

NOTE: Another thing to consider is the hairbrush you are using to detangle your hair!

Some hair brushes can damage your hair even if you detangle it dry.

If you are not sure about how good is your hairbrush, is probably time to change it! Check this one here that minimizes hair breakage!

6. Hair vitamins! 

I think the right nutrition plan should replace this,

but the reality is that most of us don’t eat as perfectly as needed for our bodies to get all the vitamins, and our hairs get hurt because of that! 

The best way to revert this problem is with Hair vitamins!

Do they really work? Absolutely.

They contain Biotin, an essential vitamin that improves hair, nails, and skin naturally. 

Try these Hair vitamins for thicker and longer hair super fast!

They are actually super delicious gummies.

The results are amazing and crazy fast!

7. Trim your ends! 

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

It can sound ridiculous that the way to grow your hair faster is to trim it.

But it is real! When you trim your ends (and only a little bit), you are stimulating your hair to grow! 

Do it once every 2 months.

Let your hair grow with every haircut. 

8. Resist the temptation to bleach your hair! 

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Once you bleach your hair, it is almost impossible not to keep going with more and more to make the hair look stunning.

And it will look but at the same time, we are making the hair weak and basically burning it. 

It is totally fine to make changes to our hair and experiment with colors,

but we certainly need to leave time between hair changes to leave it to rest from aggressive processes. 

9. Use a ponytail! 

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

Remember when we were children and for school, we wore (almost every day) a ponytail? (I went to a private school, and this was a hair code for all the students)

and once the summer starts, we rest from the regular ponytail and get spectacular long hair! 

This happens because that hairstyle actually stimulates the hair to grow! 

Use a ponytail often, and your will see the results. It’s just amazing.

10. Reduce the times you use a heat tool 

The healthier we maintain our hair, the longer and thicker will be.

Heat tools like a curler, hairdryer, or hair straightener can really damage our hair, and yes, we can prevent that damage with a heat protector,

but the best practice for long and thicker hair fast is to avoid using these tools often. 

and I have to say that using the right heat tools is ESSENTIAL to preventing hair breakage and HAIR BURN.

The best material is ceramic because ceramic doesn’t burn your hair.

Check this hair straightener that is 1.25″ Titanium infused ceramic plates and has 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty!

Hair straigthener that don't damage your hair for thicker and longer hair

11. Use the right conditioner

There’s a popular myth that conditioner is only for certain hair types and that’s a lie!

In my experience hair conditioner has been a life-saving step for my hair recovery.

Conditioner hydrates the hair after the aggressive shampoo and water that penetrates,

makes the detangling process easier, and protects your hair after the wash. 

These are my top recommendation of conditioners for growing your hair thicker fast! 

This condition contains argan oil that deep moisture and repair hair for faster growth!

12. Switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one 

I always had this problem of losing hair constantly and more in my postpartum.

And never realized what my pillowcase was doing to my hair!

If you move a lot while sleeping like me the hair get trapped between the head and the pillow and can get damaged. 

A silk pillowcase allows your hair to move smoothly and doesn’t cause friction which prevents night damage that is totally unnecessary.

13. Add a secret to your shampoo

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

This is a grandma home remedy but I literally try everything for my growth hair journey and I have to share this with you! 

Cut an onion into pieces and add it to your regular shampoo and leave it fermented for a week or two. 

This will be like a addition to your shampoo and the rest of your hair care routine that promises to grow the hair faster! 

Do you have a man with no beard? The onion thing can work too! 

14. Choose the right Shampoo for faster growth

This is just vital!

All the entire hair growth plan can get ruined by the shampoo we use.

Read your shampoo labels and stay away from parabens and silicones that you find on labels like “dimethicone.”

Invest in the right shampoo to avoid these bad ingredients that only clog the follicle’s pores ruining all the improvements we made! 

My top shampoo recommendations: 

This shampoo is just the best for hair growth it contains biotin, argan oil, and more than 17 herbal extracts!

and for thicker and long hair this shampoo is the bomb!

15. Don’t wear a towel on your hair after a shower

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

I know this feels so good and looks so good as well. Haha in movies, we see it all the time.

However, this is not the right practice and let me tell you why.

First, drying your hair with a towel creates super aggressive friction that damages your hair every time you do it, and secondly,

wearing the towel on hair for minutes increases the possibility of dry scalp and dandruff!

Because maintain the humidity in your scalp for more time than natural brings the best scenario for dandruff fungi to grow. 

Instead of that, leave your hair free for minutes and leave it naturally dry. 

16. Massage your scalp 

For better stimulation on your hair follicles and faster growth results, get a scalp massager and do it regularly. 

Starting from the back and with circular movements and constant pressure, keep going until the front of your scalp. 

A scalp massage allows better blood flow and feels just so relaxing! 

The best part is that this will promote and boost your hair growth!

You have an instant reward with the relaxing massage and long-term benefits with long hair. 

This Scalp massager is water-resistant, which is perfect for a shampoo massage.

17. Keep stress away! 

Your body will respond and your hair will be long, thicker, and healthier.

Keep in mind that constantly thinking about this can generate stress,

and that isn’t good for our hair growth journey.

Be patient!

Because this can take just a couple of months for ones and a few months for others,

and me, take me about 10-12 months to finally get thicker, healthier, and long hair, and this keeps going since then. 

Final thoughts on how to make my hair thicker and longer.


I love my hair now! But I didn’t love it every time I saw it in the mirror. 

how to make your hair grow thicker and faster, best hair growth tips to grow hair fast

The best part is that we are talking about hair, it will grow, we can cut it, we can change it and it will grow again.

At some point, it will be white, and I’m waiting for that time!!

Like really, I’m excited to dye my hair super fantasy colors like pink and purple on top of my beautiful white hair, haha. 

I hope that sharing with you my hair journey helps you, if so, please share with for others and pin it. 

What are your hair goals in the short and long term?

Please leave me your thoughts in the comments below! I love to read and answer every comment from my readers. 

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How to grow hair faster and thicker (Best growth hair tips)

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    I’m 55 and I’m getting that gray!! I don’t mind it so much now but I have been frosting it for quit some time. So I have gray, brown and blonde ends ? .
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