How to Waterproof your Makeup (Tips + tutorial)

Makeup routine for pool, how to make your makeup waterproof and sweaproof

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Wondering how to make your makeup sweatproof and waterproof? You are at the right place. Here I’m sharing the best waterproof foundations and easy makeup tips to make your makeup water and sweatproof. 

The best way to waterproof your makeup is by using a silicone-based primer and foundation, setting the makeup with powder, using wax for the eyebrows, cream eyeshadows, waterproof mascara, and liquid matte lipsticks.

I’m a makeup junkie, and I love using the natural no-makeup look even if I’m going to the beach or a pool. You know, a natural-looking makeup that is skin-like and just makes you look your skin even, with some color and more cute and awake. 

Here is my smudge-proof/sweatproof makeup routine step by step, because “yes, take us to swim on the first date, but please! We are still using makeup, and you won’t even notice it” 😉

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Step 1. Sunscreen. 

Especially if you are going out or going to swim, sunscreen is essential to protect the skin before applying any makeup. We want a lightweight sunscreen that doesn’t feel oily on the skin, and this one by Neutrogena is my favorite. It feels like water on the skin, and it doesn’t leave the skin looking white. It’s lightweight and non-greasy. 

Step 2. Prime your face. 

Applying primer is a must-do to make your makeup waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. A silicone-based primer like this one by urban decay, will prep your skin properly. 

Urban Decay All nighter Longwear Face Primer

Step 3. Pick your foundation

It’s important to consider that most of the long-wear and sweat-proof foundations will be medium-to-full coverage and with a matte/drier finish. 

So if you have dry skin, it is super important to moisturize your skin before applying any makeup products before primer. 

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Now let’s talk about the best type of foundation you need to waterproof your makeup.

 The best way to make your makeup last all day even with sweat or water is by using a long-wear waterproof foundation. 

What foundations are waterproof?

Here are our top 5 picks favorites waterproof foundations.

1. It cosmetics cc cream oil-free matte

This it cosmetics matte CC cream is an amazing option of waterproof foundation that also includes SPF 40! It’s a beautiful color corrector cream with medium-to-full coverage and a natural finish that works amazingly to make your makeup last longer especially if you have oily or combo skin!

The hydrating version of this CC cream is also amazing! and that one includes SPF 50 instead of 40 Check it out here.

2. Kat Von D Lock-it 

With this Kat Vond D Lock-it foundation, you literally lock the foundation on your skin all day long! And It’s actually kind of difficult to remove. It just stays and lasts forever. This is exactly what we want to get a waterproof, sweatproof, and smudge-proof makeup! Although it covers everything, it doesn’t have a heavy feel on the skin

3. MAC Pro long wear nourishing waterproof foundation

Mac cosmetics has improved their formulations impressively! Back in the days, MAC was the first recognize makeup brand in the industry and they were famous for having makeup with really full coverage, but with thick and heavy formulas that clogged the pores. Now, they have excellent formulations like the Mac pro long wear nourishing foundation!

4.Este lauder double wear stay-in-place makeup 

You can literally go to a pool, work all day, even for a long run and your foundation will really be in place. This is a high-quality foundation that deserves your attention, and the best is that is suitable for all skin types!

5. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Up to 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation

For a more on a budget option, but still great. Check this 24-hour fresh infallible foundation by L’Oreal. It has a beautiful matte finish with medium to full coverage that you can make more sheer by reducing the amount of product. It looks like your skin without feeling heavy, and it’s perfect for oily, combo skins and can be great for dry skin with the proper moisturizer


One of my favorites moisturizers to use on hot weathers is the Neutrogena Water Gel, here’s my review on the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and my tips to use it for best results.

How to make your foundation waterproof?

  1. Apply your foundation with a brush to distribute the product in five key points of your face. Those are: nose, chin, forehead, and both cheeks.
  2. Blend your foundation with the brush on circle motions to tap the product on the skin. 

PRO TIP: Spray a makeup sponge with setting spray and blend your foundation with padding motions to set and lock your foundation on the skin.

Step 4. Waterproof blush

If I had to wear only one step of my makeup routine for summer/hot weather, I would pick BLUSH! I love adding some color to my cheeks, and for me, it makes all the difference.

You can make your blush makeup waterproof in two ways:

1. Using a tint/liquid long-lasting blush
like this super-concentrated waterproof blush here. You need to apply it on your cheeks but blend it instantly because once it dries, it really stays in its place!

2.Use a liquid lipstick as a blush. Using a matte or satin liquid lipstick as a blush is a trick that I have always loved to use, especially when I’m creating monochromatic makeup and applying the same liquid lipstick on lips and eyes.

And for highlighter, using a long-lasting cream highlighter like this one by elf is the way to go.

Step 5. Eye makeup

For this simple sweatproof makeup routine, we want the eyes to look natural but with some color and definition.

And to do that without losing all the eye makeup once we jumped to the pool, here are some tips and tricks to make your eye makeup water resistant!

How do you waterproof eyeshadow?

There are two different ways to make your eyeshadow waterproof, once is by apply liquid or cream eyeshadows as a base and then, powder eyeshadows. And the second way is by using matte liquid lispticks as eyeshadow.

Like I mentioned above, I love the all-in-one makeup products vibe, and I love to use some of my liquid lipsticks as eyeshadow especially when they are bronzy tones, peachy tones, warm nudes, etc.

It looks so cute when you harmonized your cheeks, lips, and eyes in using the same tones, and It’s super trending.


The most common mistake when using makeup in humid weather, pools, beaches, or simply in hot temperatures is having really black in the under eyes area because of mascara.

Even for normal days, I always use waterproof mascara! And for obvious reasons, on this waterproof makeup routine, the only way to go without ending like a panda is by using waterproof mascara.

My go-to is this super cheap waterproof mascara that I use DAILY! You can check how this mascara has more than 50,000 good reviews on Amazon here. It seems like I’m not the only one who loves it!

How to make your eyebrow makeup waterproof

The latest makeup trendings point to more feathered, natural eyebrows rather than the hyper-defined eyebrows trends from previous years. Still, we want to add some definition to our brows, especially if you have tiny eyebrows like me! (I literally have natural-to-no-existent eyebrows)

The best way to waterproof your eyebrows is by using a brow pomade or tint to define your eyebrows and set with a waterproof brow gel. Avoid doing eyebrows with powders or brow pencils.

A super popular waterproof brow gel is the Unbelievable brow gel from L’Oreal that is sweatproof, smudge proof and it doesn’t transfer!

Step 6. Powdering 

The powder will be the king here! Apply translucent powder to set your foundation properly. This step is essential and this as well as the next trick will make your makeup last all the pool party.

Step 7. Setting Spray

The last step is applying your setting spray all over your makeup to set everything perfectly.
The TOP best setting spray that doesn’t dry your skin and will lock your makeup to last longer is this one by Urban Decay. If I would have to tell you only ONE step for you to do, to waterproof your foundation it will be having this setting spray!

Final tips to waterproof your makeup

Remember to retouch properly!
The most important is to retouch the sunscreen to keep our skin protected. And the super hack is to use a powder sunscreen. Have you heard about it? It’s literally a pulverized sunscreen that contains color that will retouch your sunscreen and makeup at the same time.

This makeup routine and tricks to waterproof your makeup also apply for a long-lasting makeup look even if you are not going swimming, like a long trip or a party night!

I hope you find this post helpful. If so, please comment below on what has been your experience with makeup products that don’t last on the skin?

Did I miss something? Add your best waterproof makeup tips and tricks below, so we can learn from each other!

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How to waterproof your makeup, Makeup tips to waterproof your makeup

How to waterproof your makeup

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