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Professional Makeup Made Easy Book

The Professional Makeup Made easy Book and Workbook is a complete visual guide to easily digest the fundamentals of makeup, the theory of color, eyeshadow techniques, face makeup, lip makeup, and more.

Enter this book and get cheat sheets for every makeup step, a complete step-by-step guide for beginners, advanced makeup tips for intermediates and pros, and blank face charts to design flawless makeup looks.

This book teaches

  • Eye makeup techniques to apply eyeshadow in the correct order and with the right formula.
  • Lessons like combining eyeshadow with lipstick
  • 5 essential eyeliner techniques
  • List of makeup brushes and their uses
  • How to fix, create or mix any foundation and concealer shade with the theory of color for makeup
  • The ideal order to apply your makeup
  • A complete professional makeup products checklist that will guide you with everything you need for face makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, professional tools, and makeup brushes.
Real photo of the book

You will be able to write down notes, track your progress, and design looks with planners, trackers, and full professional blank face charts included in the workbook.

And a section with full face makeup looks to get inspired.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this book provides guidance and inspiration for you to keep practicing, creating, and sharpening your skills.

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