About me

Hey there! Nice to meet you

I’m Valeria, the writer behind this. I am a professional makeup artist, blogger, mom, and wife of a wonderful man.

I’m also a Engineer and i’m taking a masters degree in business.

I know how to do many things but what I like the most is sharing beauty tips, create tutorials and makeup guides to others beautiful and busy women like me.

Have you ever felt that everyday life distract you from being yourself?

My biggest focus is to get you to find the best version of yourself, your inner beauty, and a lot of self-love.

I REALLY KNOW how is it to not have time for doing your makeup or apply a hair mask.

So I’m so happy to share with you the best beauty tips and tools to be natural, beautiful and confident woman.

I’ve worked as a professional makeup artist for five years now and I’m a trully believer that the real beauty it’s actually inside of every human, and I also love how the makeup can do miracles when we feel insecure about something on our pretty face.

I’ve worked with different face shapes, skin types, skin ages and now you will be able to grab my best makeup techniques and beauty tips.

On this online beauty school blog, you will find beginner makeup guides, makeup tutorials, makeup trends, inspiration, haircare, self-care tips, and more.

How Can I help you?

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