10 Healthy Hair Tips that every girl should know

healthy hair tips for growth

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Insanely easy healthy hair tips that every girl should know! When I started to pay attention to my hair and did these healthy hair tips things to improve my hair, I immediately felt a change and the people around me noticed it, asking me what I was doing to make my hair so long, healthy, and thick.

To achieve beautiful and healthy hair, you need to pay attention to your hair care routine, review what products you use and how often you put them on your hair.

The best thing will always be to use natural products, without ammonia and without sulfates.

Do you want healthy hair? Follow the next steps in your hair care routine and you will see results very soon.

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Eat well is essential to have healthy hair

Food that is fried, processed, and high in sugar does not lead to anything good; it tastes delicious, but it is very harmful to our health.

Your skin and hair directly reflect the food you eat and your diet has a lot to do with healthy hair.

Our hair needs a diet rich in vitamins and proteins, with a balanced diet daily should be enough, but if you consider it necessary and your doctor approves it, you can take vitamin supplements to have healthier nails, skin, and hair.

Don’t wash your hair every day 

The habit of washing hair every time we bathe leads to dry and lifeless hair.

It depends on your hair type and if you have colored hair to decide how often to wash it.

If you have colored hair, it will tend to be drier and you can leave several days between each wash.

Between these days I recommend using a dry shampoo to absorb the natural oil that your hair produces, so you can avoid getting your hair wet but at the same time wear a fresh look.

If your hair tends to be very oily, you will need to wash it more often.

Use the right shampoo for you 

That’s true! The ideal shampoo for you, not the one the whole family uses or the one your kids use, the ideal shampoo for you depends on your scalp type and preference.

the idea is to avoid a sulfate shampoo and go for one with more natural ingredients that do not harm your hair like this one.

Use conditioner

You shouldn’t skip this step! The conditioner is very important to apply after rinsing the shampoo on your hair wash day.

The conditioner is a protective layer for your hair that protects it from dryness and heat. Use it, especially if that day you comb your hair with some heat tool.

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Finish your shower with a cool rinse

Before you get out of the shower, change the water’s temperature to cold and let it fall on your scalp, the cold water makes the pores of your hair seal. This practice will allow your hair to be much healthier.

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Heat protector

It is ideal to comb your hair without the need to use a heat tool but if you ever use heat to comb your hair.

Please do not skip the step of applying a heat protector because it works as another layer of heat protection for your hair and can look a beautiful hairstyle without sacrificing your healthy hair.

The one I recommend is this one.

Cool your hair after heat 

This is a difficult healthy hair tip to explain, but just like cooking pasta and stopping the cooking, you put the pasta in the cold water stream.

This is how we want to stop the heat in our hair, and if you are using the hairdryer, change the temperature to cold and let all that heat out of your head.

Avoid using hair color

Resist the temptation to become blonde! Resist the temptation to bleach your hair. It’s not gonna be enough to follow all the healthy hair tips if you keep damaging your hair. It looks beautiful, but it damages your hair a lot, and the damage is practically irreversible.

Try not to use dyes on your hair, and if you do, look for ammonia-free dyes.

Do natural hair mask often 

A perfect healthy hair tip is… HAIR MASKS!

They’re just fantastic, plus using good hair oil on your tips will help you have healthier hair!

Check out my complete Coconut oil for hair guide + 7 Hair Mask recipes for every Hair problem.

Homemade recipes for hair masks are great, especially ones based on coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado, egg, or olive oil.

Don’t be afraid to try one every 3-4 days, you will quickly notice the difference in your hair tips.

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Avoid stress

This is the best advice, don’t stress regularly.

It is difficult not to get stressed with everyday life, but find what stresses you, pay attention to it and look for ways to improve your reaction. A stressful environment in your life makes your hair lose strength and fall out easily.

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What do you do to take care of your hair? Am I missing something?

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10 Healthy Hair Tips that every girl should know

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