27+ Trendy Thanksgiving Nail Designs to Try This Fall

thanksgiving nails

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Get ready to dress up your nails for Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re a fan of gel, acrylic, short, or long nails, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you celebrate in style. Our list of 50 Thanksgiving nail designs offers something for everyone, from easy DIY looks to more elaborate salon styles.

So, before you dive into the holiday preparations, take a moment to pick a festive nail design that will add an extra touch of seasonal charm to your ensemble

1. Cute Short Pumpkin Nails with a touch of brown

 Cute Short Pumpkin Nails with a touch of brown

This thanksgiving nail design is easy to do and so cute!

with a touch of glitter on top of the orange and brown gel to get that holiday sparkle, and one nail with a pumpkin on the tip for that fall touch!

2. Super easy pumpkins

 Super easy pumpkins

Pumpkins never been so easy! If you are looking for a cute but EASY design to do this fall, this is the one.

Just use an orange gel polish on the top in a circle shape, and add a small dot with a dark brown to form a pumpkin

perfect for short gel nails!

3. Thanksgiving and autmn leaves Nails

Thanksgiving and autmn leaves Nails

Continuing with the short gel nails, this is a fall inspired design with a touch fo sparkle and white for the leaves falling as seen over this autumn time.

4. Velvet Pumpkins

Colorful Velvet effect with your pumpkins according to this Thanksgiving and fall season!

This design is acrylic, or gel extensions in pointed shape, medium size.

5. White Pumpkins

If you are not loving the orange vibes, this is your thanksgiving nail design!

Opt for white pumpkins with this cute easy design for this fall!

6. Cute Minimalist Thanksgiving nails

Keep it simple and seasonal with short gel nails in soft fall shades. This easy, minimal look is great for anyone who wants to add a touch of autumn without going over the top.

7. Snoopy Thanksgiving nails

For a playful Thanksgiving touch, try short gel nails featuring Snoopy! Just add a tiny Snoopy silhouette against a clear or pale base coat to celebrate the holiday with a bit of nostalgic charm.

8. Long Acrylic Brown Thanksgiving Nails

For Thanksgiving, try long acrylic nails painted brown and jazzed up with flower designs and a bit of glitter. It’s a look that’s perfect for the holiday – fancy but still fun.

9. Neutral Brown Thanksgiving nails

This Thanksgiving, short gel nails get festive with pumpkin designs in neutral browns. It’s a subtle nod to the holiday with a classy vibe.

10. Long Square Thanksgiving/fall shades

Get a chic Thanksgiving look with long square nails featuring a bare or nude base. Finish them off with crisp lines in classic fall shades just at the tips for a modern, autumn-inspired twist.

11. Red and orange Thanksgiving Nails

Red and orange Thanksgiving Nails

12. Medium Square Brown and nude tips

This Thanksgiving, go for medium square nails with a stylish twist: pair a smooth brown with nude tips. It’s a simple yet sophisticated design that’s perfect for the season.

13. Natural November Nails

a short nails set that speaks to simplicity with an earthy brown and clean white palette. A straightforward design that’s effortlessly chic and seasonally appropriate.

14. Square Medium long Ombre November Nails

Try a cozy ombre effect on medium-long square nails, blending from a toasty brown into warm, inviting tones. It’s an autumnal gradient that’s just right for the Thanksgiving season.

15. Blue Cozy Sweater Thanksgiving Nails

For a unique Thanksgiving twist, opt for cozy sweater-textured nails in a soft blue, accented with a cute pumpkin design. It’s a playful yet cozy look that’s perfect for cuddling up on a chilly November day.

16. Minimalist Nude Gel Nails

nude thankgsgiving nails

For a touch of understated elegance, minimalist nude gel nails are the go-to. They provide a clean, polished look that’s perfect for any Thanksgiving celebration.

17. Cozy Long Acrylic nails

18. Gradient Brown French

Try a fresh take on the classic French manicure with a brown gradient effect, mirroring the soft transition of fall’s changing leaves – ideal for an elegant Thanksgiving touch.

19. Thanksgiving Long nails with the essence of fall

 Thanksgiving Long nails with the essence of fall
Get this press on nails at the Etsy Shop: RosyDreamNails

Make a bold statement this Thanksgiving with long press-on nails that capture the essence of fall.

20. Orange Pumpkin Charm: Short Gel Nails with a Touch of Black

Orange Pumpkin Charm: Short Gel Nails with a Touch of Black
But this press on nails on the Etsy shop: TwinkleNailsShop

For short gel nails, go with orange and sprinkle in some cute pumpkin designs. A little black adds a fun contrast, perfect for Thanksgiving.

21. Fall Leaves in cool tones

Fall Leaves in cool tones
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Capture the crispness of autumn with a nails design featuring fall leaves in cool tones. This look brings a refreshing twist to the traditional warm palette, perfect for those who love the cooler side of the spectrum.

22. Nude with golden Sprakle Pumpkin and leaves Nails

Nude with golden Sprakle Pumpkin and leaves Nails

Go for elegance with nude nails, adorned with golden pumpkin accents and delicate details.

23. Black thanksgiving Nails

Black thanksgiving Nails
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Set a dramatic tone with sleek black nails, featuring one transparent nail per hand adorned with autumn-colored leaves.

24. Bright Orange Pumpkins

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For a pop of color, choose bright orange nails that shine a little brighter than the rest, simply adorned with elegant pumpkin silhouettes for a chic Thanksgiving vibe.

25. Autumn Blaze: Sparkling Maple Magic

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These nails bring fall’s vibrant colors to your fingertips with bright orange glitter and clear maple leaf designs. The creamy beige adds a soft touch, making it a perfect autumn set.

26. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Get this press on nails at the Etsy Shop: PressedSoul

Delicate stars adorn these almond-shaped nails, pairing beautifully with the rich mustard and translucent tips. It’s a subtle yet enchanting nod to the fall season

27. Autumn Leaves Nails

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There you have it—27 fun and festive nail designs to complete your Thanksgiving look. Remember, it’s all about expressing yourself and enjoying the season.

So whether you go for a simple polished look or a full-on themed art, let your nails show off your holiday spirit.

Special Thanks to the talented nail artists that are featured in this post the_gelologistMonmayernails and nailsbykirstenchanel.

Happy Thanksgiving!\

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