25 Fall Makeup Ideas (Trends, Colors, looks)

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Hey there, beauties! It’s your friendly neighborhood beauty blogger, ready to spill the tea on all things fall makeup!

So grab your pumpkin spice latte (or your favorite fall beverage), get cozy, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of autumn-inspired glam!

As the leaves change their colors, so should your makeup routine! Fall is the season of warm hues, cozy vibes, and fabulous makeup transformations. Think sultry, think bold, think captivating!

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Why Fall Makeup Transition is a Must

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I switch up my makeup routine for fall?” Well, honey, the answer is simple. As the weather gets cooler, your skin has different needs.

The summer sun may have given you that sun-kissed glow, but now it’s time to focus on nourishing and protecting your skin from the crisp autumn air.

Plus, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a chance to experiment with new makeup looks and colors, right?

Fall Makeup Colors

Embracing the Essence of Autumn

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, it’s time for your makeup to mirror the beauty of fall.

The key to nailing your fall makeup is all in the colors you choose.

We’re talking about rich, warm tones that evoke the coziness and magic of the season.

From earthy browns to luscious berries and fiery oranges, these colors capture the essence of autumn like nothing else.

Browns and orange tones for fall makeup
Browns and orange tones for fall makeup
Latte and brown colors for fall makeup
Latte and brown colors for fall makeup
Brown and orange eye makeup for fall
Brown and orange eye makeup for fall

Color Palette Guide for Your Unique Beauty

Now, we know that no two beauties are alike, and that’s why we’ve prepared a color palette guide to help you find your perfect fall hues.

Your skin tone and eye color can influence how certain shades pop and enhance your features.

Whether you’re fair-skinned with blue eyes or rocking a deep complexion with brown eyes, we’ve got the best fall colors that will complement your natural beauty and make your eyes sparkle.

Now, let’s explore the best fall makeup colors for different skin tones:

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Fair Skin Tones:

fall makeup colors and trends
  • Rosy Pink: A soft, rosy pink blush will give your fair skin a healthy flush of color that looks natural and charming.
  • Nude Lip: A warm nude lip color will complement fair skin beautifully, enhancing your lip’s natural hue.
  • Dusty Rose: This muted pink lip color adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to fair skin.

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Medium Skin Tones:

fall makeup colors
  • Coral: A vibrant coral blush will add a radiant glow to your medium skin, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • Terracotta Lip: A terracotta lip color will look stunning on medium skin tones, offering a balance of warmth and depth.
  • Warm Berry: A rich warm berry lip color will add drama and intensity to your makeup look, perfect for fall evenings.

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Deep Skin Tones:

fall makeup looks for deep skin tones
  • Plum Blush: A deep plum blush will complement deep skin tones, providing a rich and alluring flush of color.
  • Bold Red Lip: A bold red lip color will make a striking statement and beautifully contrast against deep skin tones.
  • Burnt Orange: A burnt orange lip color will complement deep skin tones, bringing out the warmth of your complexion.

Remember, makeup is all about expressing your unique beauty, so feel free to mix and match these fall colors to create your own signature looks.

Painting the Season on Your Canvas ????

Fall colors aren’t just for landscapes; they belong on your face too!

Once you’ve picked your ideal fall shades, it’s time to incorporate them into your makeup products.

For the eyes, think about those gorgeous copper and bronze eyeshadows that add warmth and depth to your gaze.

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes:

get this eyeshadow palette here.

Warm Bronze: A rich bronze eyeshadow will bring out the blue tones in your eyes and create a striking contrast.

Copper: This warm, reddish-brown shade will make your blue eyes pop and add depth to your eye makeup.

Plum: A deep plum eyeshadow will enhance the intensity of your blue eyes, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Green Eyes:

get this eyeshadow palette here.

  • Rusty Orange: An earthy rusty orange eyeshadow will make green eyes appear even greener and evoke the essence of autumn.
  • Olive Green: This color complements green eyes beautifully, bringing out the natural depth of your eye color.
  • Gold: A shimmering gold eyeshadow will add warmth and brilliance to your green eyes, making them stand out.

Best Fall Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes:

buy these eyeshadow palettes here.

  • Deep Burgundy: This dark, wine-colored eyeshadow will make brown eyes appear sultry and captivating.
  • Forest Green: A rich forest green shade will accentuate the warm undertones in brown eyes and add a touch of allure.
  • Burnt Sienna: This warm reddish-brown hue will complement brown eyes and create a soft yet captivating look.

Best lip colors for fall makeup

On the lips, unleash the power of berry-toned lipsticks, giving you a bold and unforgettable pout. Don’t forget the cheeks; a touch of rosy or peachy blush can bring a healthy glow to your face.

But wait, there’s more! You can even extend the autumnal charm to your nails, with nail polishes that match the season’s stunning palette. From moody greys to rustic reds, your manicure will be on-trend and on-point.

So, whether you’re creating a subtle daytime look or going all out for a glamorous night on the town, let the colors of fall be your guide

Fall Makeup Trends

the Hottest Fall Makeup Trends ????

As the leaves change their colors, so does the world of makeup.

Fall brings a fresh wave of makeup trends that are all the rage this season.

Smokey Eyes with a Twist

Classic smokey eyes are making a comeback with a twist.

Think warm-toned eyeshadows like copper, burgundy, and deep browns, creating an enchanting and sultry look.

warm smokey eye

Bold Berry Lips

Say hello to bold berry lips that exude confidence and charm.

From deep plum to rich cranberry shades, these lip colors are perfect for the cozy fall evenings. One of my favorite berry lipsticks is this one by NYX.

Glowing Skin

Fall is all about radiant, glowing skin.

Ditch the heavy matte foundations and embrace lightweight, dewy formulas for that fresh-faced glow, but you can also opt for high-pigmented full coverage formulas but hydrating to still get the radiant glow.

If you have oily skin, a matte foundation is your way to go!

glowing skin for fall makeup trends

My absolute favorite foundation to get that fall glowing skin is this one here by IT cosmetics. It’s a full coverage cc cream which means it contains skincare ingredients to nourish the skin and leaves a radiant finish!

Highly recommend and the almost 10,000 good reviews here can agree with me!

How to Update your Makeup bag from Summer to fall

Transitioning from summer to fall means giving your makeup bag a cozy, autumn-inspired makeover. As the leaves change their colors, so does my everyday makeup routine.

Fall Makeup Routine

I swap my sheer, glowy foundation for a more matte, medium to full coverage foundation.

It’s all about adding a touch of drama and glam to my looks, especially for the holidays.

During the summer, I revel in the sun-kissed glow that the sheer foundation gives me.

However, as the temperatures drop, I find myself reaching for a foundation with more coverage to create a flawless canvas.

I look for a hydrating formula that still offers that added coverage like this one here by IT Cosmetics and a more affordable option is this one here by elf, perfect for those special occasions when I want to up the glam factor.

One of the first things I do is pay attention to my foundation and concealer shades.

In the summer, I tend to get naturally tanned, so I opt for slightly darker shades to match my sun-kissed skin.

However, as fall arrives, my tan starts to fade, and I need to switch to lighter shades that match my skin tone during this season.

I literally use two different shades during the year, one for the summer time and one for the rest of the year. And this are like 1-2 tones apart.

You can see the difference on my face and the rest of my body if I don’t use two different shades based on the season.

Now, let’s talk about lips!

In the summer, I embrace soft, nude lip colors that complement the warm weather and my mood.

But when fall rolls around, I’m all about bold, statement lip shades.

for the fall I love my burgundy, cherry, brown, and fuchsia lip colors that add a pop of autumn brilliance to my makeup looks.

These shades give me a touch of sophistication and elegance that’s perfect for the changing season.

As the weather cools down, I also switch up my skin prep.

I trade my lightweight, water gel moisturizer for a richer, more hydrating formula like this one here.

The crisp fall air tends to dehydrate my skin, so I make sure to give it the extra nourishment it craves.

A rich hydrating moisturizer ensures my skin stays supple and glowing, even in the colder months.

Personalizing the Fall Makeup Trends

Personalizing fall makeup trends is like adding your own signature to the canvas of the season.

It’s an opportunity to express your unique style, personality, and creativity through makeup.

While trends are a great source of inspiration, the real magic happens when you make them your own.

Here are some ways to personalize the fall makeup trends and make them uniquely yours:

Mix and Match Colors: Fall makeup trends offer a diverse array of warm and rich hues, but don’t be afraid to mix and match them to create your custom palette.

Experiment with different combinations of eyeshadows, lip colors, and blush shades to find what suits you best.

Blend a touch of copper with a hint of burgundy or layer a bold fuchsia lip over a deep berry shade for a custom lip look that’s utterly show-stopping.

Play with Finishes: Fall trends may lean towards matte finishes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate other textures.

Mix in a subtle touch of shimmer on the eyelids or add a glossy top coat to your bold lip color for an unexpected twist.

By playing with different finishes, you can add dimension and interest to your makeup looks.

Adapt Trends to Occasions:

While some fall makeup trends may be perfect for a night out or special events, you can tailor them for everyday wear.

For instance, you can scale down the intensity of a smokey eye for a daytime-friendly version.

Or, instead of a bold berry lip, opt for a more muted version for a sophisticated daytime look.

Adapting the trends to suit different occasions will keep your makeup fresh and versatile.

Enhance Your Natural Features:

Fall makeup should enhance your natural beauty rather than mask it.

Personalize the trends by focusing on your best features.

If you have stunning eyes, make them the center of attention with a well-executed eyeshadow look.

If your lips are your pride, experiment with various lip colors to draw attention to your pout.

Confidence is Key:

The most important element of personalizing fall makeup trends is the confidence with which you wear them.

Embrace the looks that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

When you feel confident, your beauty will shine through, and your makeup will be a reflection of your self-assured spirit.

Fall Makeup Essentials

Must-Have Makeup Products for the Fall Season

Here are the must-have makeup products for a fabulous fall look:

  • Warm-Toned Eyeshadows: Embrace the magic of fall with eyeshadows in warm hues like copper, bronze, and burgundy. These shades add depth and dimension to your eyes, creating captivating looks that mirror the autumn landscape.
  • Matte Lipsticks: Swap out your glossy lip colors for matte lipsticks in bold, statement shades. From rich berries to fiery oranges, these lip colors will add a touch of drama and sophistication to your fall makeup.
  • Cream Blush: A cream blush is a fall essential that gives your cheeks a natural flush. Opt for shades like peachy pinks and dusty roses to add a healthy glow to your complexion. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is this one by SHEGLAM.

Long-Lasting Makeup Products for Colder Weather – Fall makeup tips

As the temperature drops, keeping your makeup in place becomes a top priority.

Invest in long-lasting products that can withstand the cooler weather and keep you looking flawless all day long:

Long-Wear Foundation: Choose a foundation with long-wear capabilities to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day. Look for formulas that provide coverage without feeling heavy on the skin.

Like we mentioned above, our #1 foundation for this is this one by IT Cosmetics

  • Waterproof Mascara: Rain or shine, waterproof mascara is a game-changer for fall. It prevents smudging and ensures your lashes stay volumized and lifted, no matter the weather.

With these fall makeup essentials, you’re all set to embrace the beauty of the season and create stunning makeup looks that capture the essence of autumn.

More fall Makeup Ideas

Dark Brown Smokey eye with brown glossy lips

Dark Brown Smokey eye with brown lips
credits to @Tanyak_makeup

Fall Latte Makeup Look

Fall Latte Makeup Look
credits to @Tanyak_makeup

Soft Glam Brown Smokey Eye with Glossy brown lips

Soft Glam Brown Smokey Eye with Glossy brown lips
credits to @Tanyak_makeup

Soft Fall Smokey Eye with a pinch of shimmer

credits to @Tanyak_makeup

Full glam shimmer smokey eye with double eyeliner and burgundy lips

full glam shimmer smokey eye with double eyeliner and burgundy lips for fall
credits to @monartmakeup.mich

Brown cut crease with a pinch of pink and golden

Brown cut crease with a pinch of pink and golden fall makeup looks
credits to @monartmakeup.mich

warm brown and orange cut crease with nude satin lips

warm brown and orange cut crease with nude satin lips fall makeup look
credits to @monartmakeup.mich

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Fall makeup ideas, trends and colors

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