Best Makeup Vanity Ideas (& how to style it)

makeup vanity mirror with LED lights and makeup brushes organizer

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20 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas to Inspire you!

As you build and perfect your makeup collection, you might be stuck wondering: how do I organize this the best way? There are thousands of makeup vanity designs that go through all of the different ways you can design the perfect space to store your makeup and do your makeup routine.

However, flipping through the thousands of different ideas and suggestions can be overwhelming, and may leave you feeling like you would rather stick to your unorganized drawers and bathroom mirror. But don’t abandon the makeup vanity just yet! 

Today I am going through some of my favorite makeup vanity ideas, and what makes a great makeup vanity. Plus, I am looking at some of the best vanities for your bedroom and small spaces, so you will have plenty of options to choose from, and you will have the tools to find the perfect vanity that best fits your needs and style. 

As we look at a few different vanity options, it is important to recognize the two key elements that make up a vanity: style and function. While the best vanities will have both style and functionality, some will hone in on one aspect or the other. As you examine the vanities below, be sure to keep in mind what is most important to you when looking for a vanity. 

makeup vanity mirror with LED lights for makeup artists

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#1 Best Makeup Vanity Overall

While there are a lot of amazing vanities out there, the Tribesigns White Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror has to be my favorite.

Not only does it look incredibly stylish and breaks away from the traditional vanity look a bit, but it is still functional.

My favorite feature of this set has to be the big mirror. Plus, it is surrounded by 9 LED bulbs that will leave you feeling like a true celebrity. It also has a deep drawer for storage and four shelves on its sides.

Best Makeup vanity ideas with lighted mirror

If you are looking for makeup vanity with a lighted mirror, there are a few different directions you can go: LED lights, or light bulbs. Here are my favorites for both options. 

Best LED Strip Lighted Mirror

The CHARMAID Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror is one of the best and coolest lighted mirrors you can buy. This mirror is a touchscreen and has three different settings: warm white, cool yellow, and cool white, so you can see your makeup in all the different lights.

It also has four drawers for storage. Plus, one of the larger drawers has the ability to be partitioned for various jewelry storage. This vanity retails for less than $300! but you can check the current price here.

Best Bulb Lighted vanity Mirror

The Boahaus Diana Larga 47″ Makeup Vanity Dressing Table is one of my favorite mirrors with bulbs because of ample storage space. It comes in color white with 10 Bulbs and 7 drawers to store your makeup collection!

You will definitely feel like a Broadway star when you step up to this mirror every morning.

Best Black Makeup Vanity Mirror

The VASAGLE Vanity Set Dressing Table with Mirror is one of my favorite black makeup vanity mirrors with bulbs

This makeup vanity also comes in both black and white, so you can choose which color best matches your space. It also has one large drawer and one smaller drawer, so you can organize all of your makeup accordingly.

Additionally, the bulbs are easy to replace, it comes with a stool, and customers say it is simple to assemble. It also cheaper than the options above! Check the current price here.

Best Makeup Vanity Ideas for Bedroom

If you are looking for the perfect vanity for your bedroom, be sure to check out a few of my favorites below!

Best Tri-Folding Mirror

If one mirror is great, what about three? Visage has a tri-folding mirror vanity set that will instantly make your bedroom feel a lot more glamorous.

I love this mirror because it has perfected the balance between style and functionality. This vanity has a traditional and classy look, which you can purchase in white, walnut, or dark espresso.

It also has seven drawers, and on the back of each of the mirrors, there are hooks to hang all of your necklaces! What makes it even better is that with the folding mirrors, you can arrange them to see yourself from every angle. Check the current price here.

Statement Mirror

Maybe you are just looking for a statement piece to transform an ordinary desk into a breathtaking vanity. Well, this sunburst mirror or this hexagon mirror are both really fun options.

Both of these mirrors have gold accents that will catch your eye when you enter the room. Having a floating mirror instead of the traditional mirror that is attached to the vanity is a great option if you already have a desk or table that you want to use as a vanity.

I will also be telling you about a few awesome vanity accessories that you can add to your desk if you choose this route!

Best Open Vanity

If you are looking for a breathtaking vanity but aren’t as interested in storage space, then an open-faced vanity would be perfect for you. This vanity from Visit the Coaster Home Furnishings Store is absolutely stunning and will be an attention-grabber in your bedroom.

While it only has one shelf for storage space, you will look forward to sitting in front of this mirror every morning. It has metal heart accents positioned at the top of the mirror, the sides of the vanity, and on the matching stool. Customers also say that it is easy and quick to assemble. Check the current price here.

Best Vintage Vanity

As we continue looking at stylish vanity options, a vintage vanity is always a fun way to go. The CHARMAID Vanity Set with Tri-Folding Mirror has a vintage look without looking dated or out of style. It has a tri-fold mirror and seven drawers for storage space. Plus, it has a removable top, so you can use it as a desk as well. It also comes with a matching stool that has extra vintage vibes with its floral pattern on top. Check the current price here.  

Best Rustic Vanity

Maybe vintage just isn’t your style. Well, the USIKEY Large Vanity Set is designed with a gorgeous wood finish that would make a beautiful accent piece for your bedroom. It also has LED bulbs with two colors and four brightness levels.

Plus it has two drawers and six shelves to store and display all of your makeup products. You can find this vanity for an affordable price! Check the current price here.

Best Modern Vanity

The last of our bedroom vanities is one that will definitely catch a few eyes with its modern style. The Tribesigns Vanity Table Set has a semi-floating circle mirror and gold accents throughout the vanity. The mirror also has a built-in LED strip that has three color settings so you can see your makeup in every light. There are also two deep drawers for storage. This set retails for $180-$220. 

Best Makeup vanity ideas for small spaces

Do you have a small space but still want to have a makeup vanity? Here are a couple of the best makeup vanity ideas that are perfect for small spaces. 

Makeup Vanity with Flip Top Mirror

One vanity idea if you have a small space is to find a vanity with a flip-top mirror. I love when furniture has a multi-use purpose, so why not have a vanity that can also double as a desk?

By getting a vanity with a flip-top mirror, you don’t have to worry about fitting a desk and vanity in your space.

The VASAGLE Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror is one great option for a flip-top mirror, and it comes with a lot of storage space for your makeup! And the price is super reasonable. (Check the current price here)

Floating Vanity

If you don’t have floor space, but you have wall space, a floating vanity is perfect for you. The CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity Mirror allows you have a vanity without taking up a lot of space. This vanity comes with a mirror and two deep drawers for storage.

Plus, one of the drawers is removable if you want to use even less space. This vanity will allow you the glamour of getting ready without using up a lot of space. Check the current price here.

Corner Vanity

Another great option for a vanity in a small space is to take advantage of your corners. There are quite a few vanities that are designed to fit in the corner of a room. I recommend the Zoyo Corner Dressing Table.

This vanity is jam-packed with amazing features. First, it has a massive amount of storage space. It comes with 5 drawers, a shelf, and ample space on the top of the table. The mirror is also removable, so if you want to use it as a desk and a vanity, you can! Plus, it comes in black, grey, and white, to fit any style of room. You will love the price as well! (Check the curernt price here)

Portable Mirror

If you are really looking to save space, there is no better option than a vanity on the go. The Wondruz Makeup Mirror is the perfect option to make any tabletop a vanity.

While this option does not provide you with any storage for your makeup, it is a great travel option or addition to any desk or table. Plus, this mirror has LED lights and three different magnifications so you can do even your most detailed makeup. You can also adjust the brightness so you can see your makeup in all different lights. And the best part? You can grab it here for less than $40!!

How do you style a makeup vanity?

While there are so many amazing vanities on this list, maybe you have a great vanity and you just feel like it is missing something. Or perhaps you want to add a little something extra to one of the vanities you saw above. Well, there are some great makeup vanity accessories that you can add to your vanity that can give you extra storage or add a bit more style.

Vanity Chair

Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the stools that some vanities come with. After all, why are all vanity stools lacking back support? Luckily, there are some beautiful vanity chairs that you can add to your vanity. This YAHEETECH Adjustable Modern Round Tufted Back Chair is a gorgeous chair that comes in white. Also, despite the fact that it is metal, customers love how comfortable it is because of its curved chairback. You can find this chair match most of the vanities styles. Check the current price here.

Makeup Brush Organizer

It can be awkward to throw all of your makeup brushes in a drawer, especially when the brush you need always seems to be hidden in the very back corner. Having a brush organizer Llike this one here is a simple addition to your vanity that can save you a ton of hassle.

The FOOCORDDY Covered Makeup Brush Holder is a great option because, unlike many brush holders that have slots to put your brushes in, this one has beads to stick as many brushes as you want in. You can find it for a super affordable price!

Storage Containers

If you are looking for a simple way to organize all of your makeup products, storage containers are the way to go. And I consider them as an essential for your makeup vanity to keep everything perfectly organized!

The Chefstory 23 Pcs Clear Drawer Organizers Set comes with over twenty pieces in four different sizes. This is the perfect way to maximize your space in every drawer, no matter the size. Check the current price here.

Vanity Lights

If your vanity does not come with a light-up mirror, or you want to add a little extra light, these light strips are a great option!

They offer up to ten feet of light, and you can creatively fit them around any mirror. These lights can really do a HUGE game-change with your regular mirror!

Floral Accent

One fun way to add a pop of color to your vanity is this floral diffuser. Not only does it look pretty, but it will leave your whole vanity smelling wonderful. It also comes with several different scents and floral arrangements, so you can pick your favorite one!

Swivel Makeup Holder

If you still don’t have enough space for all of your makeup products, the Syntus 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer is an easy and stylish way to keep all of your makeup easily accessible and organized. This holder has seven levels of adjustable trays, so you can customize it to fit all of your products.

What Makes a Good Makeup Vanity?

Since we have looked at so many different vanity options, you might be thinking: what makes a good makeup vanity? There are a few elements that make a good vanity: a mirror, storage, lighting, and a comfortable place to do your makeup. The great thing is that there are so many ways you can customize each of these elements to fit your exact needs!

Conclusion on the best Makeup vanity Ideas

Our Best Overall Makeup Vanity option for you is this amazing and stylish Tribesigns makeup vanity which has a unique design, good storage and we love the price as well!

But if you are more into a LARGE makeup vanity to feel like a hollywood star everytime you do your makeup, you will love this Bohanaus Diana Makeup vanity that comes with amazing lighting, 7 drawers and a classic white design!

Makeup vanities are a worthwhile investment for anyone that loves doing their makeup. A vanity allows you to have a dedicated space for all of your products, and to sit every day to do your makeup routine.

There are so many different options to choose from, but I hope you were able to find the perfect vanity (and maybe even a couple of accessories) tailored to your style and needs!

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Best makeup vanity ideas and how to style a vanity

Best Makeup Vanity Ideas (& how to style it)

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