27 Best Professional Makeup kits of 2023 (guide & reviews)

Professional makeup kits for makeup starters makeup artists makeup kits

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A Full Professional Makeup kit is the best way to start when you are a Makeup Artist student or planning to build your makeup kit. As a Makeup Artist, I recommend getting a complete professional makeup kit with a makeup case to start. After that, select each individual makeup product that you will need with the time.

Here are my top Picks of Starter Makeup kits for Makeup Artists or Makeup beginners and their features, so you find the best for you based on your situation and makeup journey.

All these sets are also perfect for a Makeup lover gift! Any Makeup lover will be seeing one of these professional makeup sets in their vanity.

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This All-in-one Pro makeup kit is our #1 recommendation for makeup starters. It includes so many High-quality makeup products in one set for an incredible low price!

At the end of this post, I shared my Pro tips for Makeup starters so keep scrolling till the end!

How to build your makeup kit best professional makeup kits for beginners makeup artists makeup kits complete list

Best Professional Makeup kit overall

1.The SHANY Beauty Cliche – Makeup Palette

I loved the compact-sized and the mechanism of this set. You will get tons of colors (120 different colors, to be exact) with high-quality ingredients. It’s perfect to create a variety of eye makeup looks, a must-have in a makeup beginner kit. Also, It’s a Cruelty-free product!


  • Matte and shimmer eyeshadows
  • Neutral Eyeshadows
  • Color eyeshadows
  • Total of 115 eyeshadow shades
  • 8 powder Blushes
  • Face powder palette
    Handy Mirror
  • Two dual-sided applicators and a mini blush brush

Best Makeup Kit for Professionals  

2. SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set

If you want to start your Professional makeup kit the right way without getting makeup products for beginners, here’s the best option for you! This makeup kit looks like a professional book of makeup, and each layer contains a Pro and high-pigmented Makeup Palette covering lips, blush, foundation, and eye shades.

  • 1 palette of 6 powder matte blushes
  • 1 palette of 32 semi-matte lip colors
    1 palette of 15 cream foundation/concealers and contour shades
  • 4 Eyeshadow palletes with variety of colors (112 eyeshadow in total)

Best Professional Airbrush Makeup kit

3. Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Nowdays Airbrush Makeup is possible to anyone who wants a magazine-cover skin finish! with this set you can build from sheer to full coverage with a method of application that you will love. And it’s perfect to start to build you makeup kit because of the variety of color foundations that include!

  • Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor with Fully Adjustable Airflow Control Settings
  • Professional Precision Airbrush
  • Fair to medium tone makeup foundations
  • Anti-aging mouisturizer primer
  • Tropical bronzer
  • Pink Papaya brush
  • Shimmer highligter
  • Airbrush cleaner
  • Professional Airbrush carry bag

Best Professional Foundation kit

4. Graftobian Creme Foundation Super Palette 

if you want a full variety of makeup foundation tones with the perfect coverage that is buildable and in a super easy-to-carry palette, this one is your stop! This cream foundation palette is perfect for mixing the tones that your client needs and has a range of foundations all in one palette.

  • 18 full coverage Cream foundations
  • warm and yellow subtones
  • Blend the shades and create custom colors!

5. SHANY 4-Layer Foundation, Contour, and Highlight Makeup Kit 

Color correcting, full coverage concealers, full coverage foundation tones and contour shades to sculpt your face or your clients, and face powder to set, all in one palette! This professional makeup kit is amazing to get various creams tones and powder tones to complete your makeup kit!

  • 1 palette of 15 cream concealers/color correction tones
  • 1 palette of 6 cream foundations/ concealers
  • 1 palette of face powders for contour and highlight
  • 1 palette of powder blush

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Best Makeup Artists Kits 

6. All In One Makeup Kit 180 Ultimate Colors

Not all the time, I liked the range of colors that it’s included in the makeup kit with eyeshades, and in this one, I loved the neutral range that has combined with the colored shades.

All of them perfect to create amazing eye makeup looks with the shimmer of matte finishes! With a plus of getting powder eyebrows in a super convenient makeup case with a mirror!

  • 180 eyeshadow shades
  • 2 powder blushes
  • 2 face powders
  • 6 eyebrow powders
  • 1 black pencil eyeliner
  • 1 full-size mirror

7. Pure Vie 132 Colors All in one Makeup

This set is the best if you want a variety of makeup products for each makeup step! And I loved that all comes in a convenient and elegant makeup case. Grab this set if you want a professional makeup set all in one.

  • 40 matte eyeshadow
  • 54 shimmer eyeshadow
  • 12 concealers
  • 12 lipstick colors
  • 3 face powders
  • 3 powder blush
  • 5 eyebrow powders
  • 2 lip liners
  • 2 pencil eyeliners
  • 4 makeup applicators

8. SHANY All In One Makeup Kit (Eyeshadow, Blushes, Powder, Lipstick & More)

I like the fact that has everything that any woman needs in a Makeup kit! (Except for skincare, of course) It’s perfect for travel and the price is wonderful!!

  • 45 eyeshadows
  • 16 lip glosses
  • 2 lipsticks
  • 8 powder blushes
  • 2 pencil eyeliners
  • Full size Mirror

9. BR Carry All Trunk Train Case with Makeup

If you love colors and experiment with them this is your stop! This makeup kit is a good set for a someone who wants to start her makeup collection. It’s a great makeup set that has variety of colors and products in a fantastic price.


  • Portable Makeup Case
  • 32 eyeshadows
  • 6 face powders and powders blushes
  • 8 semi-matte lipsticks
  • 2 liquid lipsticks
  • 3 pencil liners
  • 5 eyebrow powders
  • 1 eyebrows wax
  • 1 face primer
  • 1 body highlither
  • 1 makeup brush

10. SHANY Carry All Trunk Makeup Set

This is the perfect makeup starter kit for makeup addicts! It has all in one makeup set. And the best part is that it comes in a cute Clear Makeup train case at an affordable price.

  • 16 pressed eyeshadows
  • 3 loose eyeshadows
  • 3 powders blushes
  • 1 large bronzer
  • Nail polish and mani/pedi set
  • 3 lipsticks
  • 2 lipglosses
  • 2 lip pencils
  • 2 pencil eyeliners

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Best Makeup kit on a budget

11. SHANY Cosmetics Shany luxe book

On a tight budget for your makeup kit? No problem! You can start with this Shany look book and get great makeup products at an affordable price. It’s the perfect all-in-one makeup set for traveling or everyday use for all makeup enthusiasts. However, it’s not the best option if you are a freelance makeup artist and work with clients.

30 matte and shimmer eyeshadows
4 powders blushes
15 cream lipsticks
2 lipsticks
4 makeup brushes
3 eyebrows powders
3 eyebrows stencils
2 brow highlighters

Best Starter Makeup kit 

12. SHANY ‘All About That Face’ Makeup Kit

If you are starting with makeup you want to build your makeup collection as soon as possible and invest your money in the right products. So I select this professional makeup kit the best one for makeup starters because of the variety of eyeshadow colors that is has.

  • 126 eyeshadows (including neutral, pastel and bold shades)
  • 22 creamy lip colors
  • 3 dual-sided makeup applicators

Best Professional Eyeshadow palettes

13. UCANBE Pretty All Set Eyeshadow Palette

You will love the variety of colors that this palette has! It’s a must-have in your makeup collection and has great quality and high pigmented eyeshades at an impressive price. (less than $25!!)

86 eyeshadows colors
The color scheme includes gorgeous shimmering, natural matte, and bright colors & glitter.

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14. 40 Colors High Pigmented Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Set

When I select my eyeshadows palette, I always imagine the look and possibilities that I can create with those colors. This set of two palettes is just perfect for creating amazing colorful and neutral/natural eye looks!

Includes Neutral colors, shimmer, and matte finishes that will allow you to do fantastic looks at just the right price.

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15. 99 Colors Eye shadow Palette Glitter Eye Makeup

If I had to choose the best versatile and high-quality eyeshadow palette I will pick this one!

This personally has been my go-to eyeshadow palette for almost any look. Because it contains neutral, with just the right range of tones of browns/beige and black.

At the same time, it contains matte color eyeshadow and shimmer color shadows that you can mix to create more colorful looks.
Includes 99 high pigmented eyeshadow colors.

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TOP Professional Makeup brushes sets

A complete makeup kit includes a full set of professional makeup brushes! Because the key to the best makeup application is using the right tools. And here are the best Makeup brushes sets you need in your professional makeup collection! And the best tips and tricks to select the right one for you.

16. DUcare Makeup Brush Set 32Pcs Professional Makeup Brushes

When I’m selecting makeup brush set, I always try to seek a soft natural feel, with high-density fibers. And if you are working with clients you need to make sure you get a hypoallergenic set.

This set has it all! Includes 32 amazing eyeshadow brushes and face brushes at just the right price.

17. SHANY Artisan’s Easel – Elite Cosmetics Brush Collection

I love this set! It’s an 18 pcs makeup brush set with a stand to hold all your makeup brushes while you are doing your makeup or a client on a flat surface. Perfect for makeup artists, makeup students, or makeup beginners.

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Blending Eyeshadow Brush set

18. Jessup 15Pcs Professional Eye Makeup Brushes Set

Every makeup pro knows that the key to the perfect makeup look is BLENDING! and the only way to get the perfect blended look is with the right blending brushes. You can have the best eyeshadow, but if you don’t have the right brush you won’t get that soft, smooth, and blended look.
This set is perfect to finally blend those shadows like a pro!

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Best Professional Makeup kit Bag

19. Large Makeup Bag 15.7″ Professional Makeup Train Case with Adjustable Strap

The best Makeup collection deserves the best makeup case!

I loved this super convenient Professional makeup train pink case where you can organize your makeup in a high-quality, sturdy makeup bag.
it has spacious compartments where you can fit your makeup easily and Includes a strap to carry your bag in multiple ways.

20. Relavel Rolling Makeup Case Professional Makeup Train Case

The perfect waterproof, easy-to-clean professional makeup case! Storage your makeup kit in this impressive makeup 4-1 makeup case.

Two brush pocket bags, a detachable portable cosmetic case, and a trolly cosmetic case. You can disassemble it according to your needs using one of them alone or in combination! I just loved it.

21. VIVOHOME 4 in 1 Makeup Rolling Train Case Aluminum Trolley Professional Cosmetic Organizer 

OK, big makeup collection? NO PROBLEM! this is the perfect fit for you! This case is almost three ft tall on the wheels. There are smaller compartments on the top section that you can customize, then the compartments get bigger in each section as you go down. You can fit just about anything in there. it’s amazing.

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Best Professional Eyeliners Kits

Here are some makeup essentials you need in your kit while the time goes on! Maybe they are not the most important right now, but once you have an established makeup collection, you will definitively need the next ones.

22. Coosa Matte Colorful Liquid Eyeliner 12Colors Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner 

Best False Eyelashes for Makeup Artists

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Important things to consider when building your Professional Makeup kit

Firstly, you need to know that you won’t find a makeup kit that contains all the makeup you need, but definitively you can find a makeup kit that includes a variety of makeup so you can start the right place and then buy the rest of the makeup that you need for you or your clients.

1. Consider Matte and shimmery eyeshadows for a variety 

2. At least an eyeshadow palette with neutral shades and another palette with color shades

3. Select soft makeup brushes (eyebrows, eyeshadows, face, concealer, and lips)

4. Select one that contains a makeup case. If not, you will need one. 

5. You don’t need a lot of foundations (with a cream foundation palette should be enough to mix them and custom colors) 

6. Invest your money. Building a makeup kit is expensive, but it is worth your money if you think of it as an investment for your makeup business.

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What should be in a professional makeup kit?

In a professional makeup kit is necessary to seek a variety of makeup products, a range of tones, and formulas. Firstly, If you are working with clients, you always need to have an available skincare kit with moisturizer, face oil, and face primer.

Secondly, you need warm, neutral, and cool-toned foundations and concealers, face and powder blushes, and contour.

Also, at least an eyeshadow palette that includes neutral and color shades. False eyelashes, makeup brushes, and other professional makeup tools to keep hygienic with clients.

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How many shades of foundation does a makeup artist need?

To be honest, you don’t need all the foundation shades out there on your makeup kit. It’s enough with 10-15 different shades between fair to deep, with varying formulas like satin or matte finishes that you can mix to custom the perfect shade and finish for you or your clients.

However, I recommend always picking full coverage foundations because it is most likely that a client doing her makeup wants full coverage because of the special occasion than a sheer natural look. (and you can always build a sheer coverage even with a full coverage foundation)

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Final thoughts on Best Professional Makeup kits

In conclusion, you need to know that in order to get the best makeup results you need to get high-quality makeup and tools, but this not means EXPENSIVE makeup. It’s a total myth to believe that some cheap makeup is bad. As long as you check the ingredients and the pigmentation is good! Go get it!
Even the TOP Hollywood makeup artists use drugstore or cheap makeup and there’s nothing wrong with it!

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