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cut crease hooded eyes

Easy Cut crease makeup for Hooded eyes or droopy eyelids tutorialI’m a Hooded Eyes makeup artist obsessed with making my eyes look bigger, lifted, and opened! And in this tutorial, I’m sharing with you my best eye makeup tips and tricks to create the perfect cut crease for Hooded eyes on a step-by-step guide for …

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How to fix wrong undertone foundation

Did you get the wrong foundation shade? NO worries! There’s an easy way you can try, and here’s how to fix a wrong undertone foundation as a Makeup artist does!  Whether your foundation is too orange, too yellow, or makes you look pink or gray, in this article, you will find the solution to turn …

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An Easy Step by step Fake Bushy eyebrows Tutorial (With Pictures) I’ve always struggled with my thin eyebrows, once the full and thicker eyebrows makeup trend start those days back in 2013, I need to always wear 2-3 eyebrow products to get the results that everyone was having without effort. I usually wore an eyebrow …

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how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes

The ultimate Eyeshadow tutorial step by step for Hooded eyes! This is the first part of my popular “Makeup for Hooded Eyes” Series, check here the second part: How to apply eyeliner for Hooded eyes step by step(with pictures), and the Third part: How to do the perfect Cut-crease for Hooded Eyes There’s a lot …

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Best winter makeup hacks

The hot cocoa and good food season are here! And our skin knows it.  How do you get fabulous glowing skin even with the winter dryness? Here are the best Makeup tips to do in winter for flawless skin!  I love winter, wearing beautiful jackets and elegant coats, wearing a scarf, and getting cozy on …

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