16 Best Matte Eyeshadow Palettes (Guide & Pro tips)

best matte eyeshadow palettes

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16 Best Matte Eyeshadow Palettes (Guide + Pro tips)

Summer days are here again! After two long years of being masked up and makeup-free, it’s finally time to doll up and hit the waters.

So bid farewell to your musty old makeup and get glamorous this summer with some new beauty picks that will get you off looking fresh and fabulous.

Humidity and heat go hand in hand, and matte formula eyeshadows are a great way to get gorgeous, shine-free eyes that stay put even on the hottest days.

If you think quality eyeshadows cost a bomb, believe they look better on others but not you, or that you lack the necessary makeup skills, we’re here to tell you that we’ve got you covered.

To help you pick eyeshadows that match your eyes (and budget) perfectly, we are laying out a comprehensive list of 16 matte eyeshadow palettes. So read on and find out how to dazzle with summer-ready eyes.

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Best matte eyeshadow palette for brown eyes

Brown eyes are a type of eyes that goes well with several tones and shades. I call this eye color “the unive.”al”.
To enhance brown eyes, you can wear colors like purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange and even browns and bronzy shades.

So for this, I have picked an absolutely gorgeous colorful matte eyeshadow palette with the best vibrant and neon colors to wear for your brown eyes.

1.UCANBE EXOTIC FLAVORS Neon Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Pros Cons
Bright, fun colors, smooth texture, long-lasting, Super affordablePackaging – No mirror inside the palette.

This must-have item from Amazon’s beauty aisle comes in 48 highly pigmented colors that look stunning on brown-eyed beauties.

It has a mix of matte, shimmer, and glittery shadows for customizable looks.

I love this palette for the intense color payoff, the buttery texture, and the vibrant colors, all at very affordable prices.

Best matte eyeshadow palette for blue eyes

To enhance blue eyes, there is nothing better than tones like greens, silvers, some bronze, neutrals, and warms.

I love how blue eyes look so vibrant with these eyeshadow shades. So I picked the next matte eyeshadow palette, perfect for making your beautiful blue eyes outstand.

2. Urban Decay Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette

With a creamy, blendable formula, clean plant-powered ingredients, and earthy neutral shades in 13 colors, this Urban decay palette is a perfect pick for blue eyes.

The inclusion of mattes, shimmers, and metallics make it a versatile palette, and the lasting power of the colors ensures that it will stay intact even after a long day at the beach.

Pros Cons
-Beautiful neutral tones
-Clean, vegan ingredients
-No creasing
Not intensely pigmented
Sometimes mattes may appear chalky IF not primed properly.

Best matte eyeshadow palette for green eyes

For my green eyes I have two beautiful eyeshadow palettes that will make your eyes look just gorgeous!!

The best eyeshadow colors for green eyes are pinks, bronzes, greens, olives, golden and champagnes. These shades enhance green eyes and make them look stunning.

Check the options below!

3. Milani Gilded Terra Eyeshadow Palette

Gilded Terra Eyeshadow Palette

Milani offers high-quality products at drugstore prices which is why they are a favorite for many.

The Gilded terra palette has a blend of mattes and shimmers and comes in shades of earthy neutrals, green, and rose.

The colors are rich and add oomph and playfulness to a set of lovely green eyes. 

Pros Cons
They stay all day long.
Buildable with minimal fallout
versatile palette helps create different looks.
Some colors need to be layered on to pop.
Mattes have a velvety texture and benefit from eyeshadow primers. 

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4. James Charles Artistry Palette

This palette is a go-to for professional makeup artists and has 39 pressed eyeshadows, of which 26 are matte.

The vivid, duo chromatic colors are perfect to glam up the eyes, not just for summer looks but for any occasion.

The palette is of a larger size yet very competitively priced and is a great buy.

Pros Cons
A lot of colors and textures to play withHighly pigmentedGood staying powerAffordableSome colors appear patchy on the applicationThe light shades are not as pigmented as the brighter ones.

Best drugstore matte eyeshadow palette

There are some good affordable options to pick on this list of the best matte eyeshadow palettes!

I love when I find a GOOD drugstore eyeshadow palette and here are my top picks:

5. Lamora Eyeshadow Palette

Lamora has a hugely popular eyeshadow palette perfect for the budget-conscious fashionista.

The colors are lovely, and the low pricing is great, but Lamora does not skimp on quality.

The palette has 16 beautiful shades that look natural, neutral, and bronzy and work on almost every eye and skin tone.

A wonderful way to give a warm hue to the eyes when out in the sun!

Pros Cons
Affordable, luxury makeupHigh-quality ingredientsNude shades to create natural or smokey looksPigment-rich, blendable colorsLesser quantity of product inside the palette slotsThe narrow slots make it challenging to pick the powders with a brush.

6. Maybelline New York The Matte Bar Eyeshadow Palette

The name Maybelline is iconic for a reason.

They are renowned for delivering quality products at great prices, and their eyeshadows are an excellent drugstore pick.

The Matte bar is a cute palette filled with warm, spicy shades like amber and burnt orange that’ll give you a warm, sultry look that’ll stay throughout the day or night.

Pros Cons
Trendy warm shades that’ll work on everyone
Creamy, soft texture
Perfect for beginners
Rich, blendable colors
Some fallout should be expected from the matte powders
Not highly pigmented, but buildable

7. NYX Swear by it Eyeshadow palette

Another drugstore favorite, this Nyx palette has a beautiful range of colors from warm to cool, yellows to pinks, mattes to metallics, and everything you would want in an eyeshadow palette.

No wonder makeup pros swear by it!

The bold, beautiful colors are long-lasting, blendable, versatile, and cruelty-free.

Pros Cons
40 pigmented eyeshadows to recreate a variety of looksSilky, blendable consistencyGood staying powerFlimsy packagingLess quantity of product inside the slots

Best neutral matte eyeshadow palette

If you are like me, and you love the neutral shades you’ll also love the next picks of this list.

Matte neutrals are my base for ANY eyeshadow look. The perfect neutral brown and neutral beige are two basic shades I need to have in my makeup kit all the time.

Neutrals are perfect for any eye color and for any occasion. They are perfect for the everyday makeup routine or for a classy night out eyeshadow look.

Here are my top picks for neutral matte eyeshadow palettes:

8. Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

A favorite from Tarte, the Tartlette Clay Matte is a neutral-cool-toned palette that beautifully matches those with similar skin tones.

This gorgeous palette consists of  deep yet subtle shades enhanced with skin-friendly ingredients and a creamy, blendable formula that can be used to create natural, bold, or smokey eye looks.

Pros Cons
Smooth, blendable shades
Enriched with beneficial ingredients
Easy to use for beginners
High quality packaging
Not all colors are highly pigmented
Pricey but totally worth the price

9. It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming

This innovative palette is brought to you by IT cosmetics, and it features some brilliant neutral shades that work for almost all skin tones.

Apart from the regulars, it also has a bonus Transforming Hello Light shade that can transform your mattes into satins!

The powders are talc-free and blend beautifully for an easy, smooth application.

Pros Cons
Skin-friendly ingredients
Perfect travel-sized package 
Talc-free with a soft and silky texture
Not all shades are pigment-rich

10. LORAC PRO Matte eyeshadow palette

These Lorac eyeshadows blend like a dream and can be used to create stunning smokey eyes.

The palette works equally well for dramatic or simple daily looks thanks to the collection of medium-neutral tints that stay on for long hours.

Use the ultra-pigmented palette wet or dry to create bold looks.

The eyeshadows are made of high-quality ingredients and remain a favorite for many makeup artists including me.

Pros Cons
An everyday palette for creating simple and bold looks
Gentle, soothing ingredients
Creamy and blendable
Powders can be crumbly and cause some fallout

11. Maybelline New York the City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

And we’re back with another Maybelline favorite!

The specially-curated nude neutral palette has many daily-wear shades that can be transitioned to intense looks when needed.

It is a travel-friendly six-shade mini palette that is true-matte and provides a smooth application.

Pros Cons
Great color payoff
Compact size
Zero creasing
Blends beautifully
Some shades are powdery

Best pink matte eyeshadow palette

Pink has been a trendy color to wear in makeup recently and wearing it either on eyes or lips is a look you need to try this season! Here’s a super cute and affordable pink eyeshadow palettes set you must-have.

12. Twilight Dusk + Aromas Nude Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Set

UCANBE offers not one but two eyeshadow palettes filled with beautiful pinks, purples, and rosy nudes that glide smoothly on the eyes and last quite a long time.

There are ten matte shades, a few shimmers, and even a concealer base.

The two palettes are custom created to help you shift from a romantic day look to a dazzling night look in no time and within a budget.

Pros Cons
Great value for the price
Trendy romantic pink shades
Lightweight and water-proof
Super soft but rich in pigments

They are quite flaky but stick on well with a primer or base underneath.

Best cool-toned matte eyeshadow palette

Now it’s the turn of some of the best cool-toned eyeshadow palettes for your eye looks!

There are three main undertones in shades like warm, cool and neutrals. We already cover some of the best matte eyeshadow palettes with warm and neutral tones but cool-toned shades are beautiful and worth to mention in this post.

These are shades like gray, blues, taupe, navy, cool browns, olives and silver.

13. UCANBE Pro 60 Shades Eyeshadow Palette + 15 pcs Makeup Brushes Set 

This uber-luxurious palette has everything you need for the ultimate eyeshadow application.

Not only do you get a whopping 60 eyeshadows, but it also includes 15 eye and face brushes for creating beautiful eye makeup looks.

It features highly pigmented blendable neutrals, warm and of course, cool-toned shades, mattes, shimmers, and metallics.

This UCANBE palette would be a fabulous set to own for both makeup newbies and professional artists.

Pros Cons
60 diverse colors and textures that are universally flattering.  
Rich, velvety texture
Bonus brush set
High-quality formulation
Some of the colors look similar to each other but with different formulas (matte & shimmer) which is good if you want to mix and match formulas.

14. Milani UnGilded Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

Another gem from Milani, the Ungilded matte palette features 12 universal warm matte shades that are velvety soft, hyper-pigmented, and perfect to wear all year round.

Pros Cons
Rich color payoff
Suitable for all skin tones
Perfect travel size
Not the easiest to blend, you’ll need a good blending brush
There is some fall out

15. Wild Heart Artistry Palette

Wet n Wild always scores well with its wearable super-affordable makeup products, and this palette is no exception.

The Wild heart palette has 32 shades, predominantly warm, neutral mattes and a few shimmers.

They can be applied wet or dry to create everyday makeup or more glamorous looks. 

Pros Cons
Vibrant colors with high color payoff
More quantity
Can be used wet or dry
Blendable and easy to apply
Some shadows tend to break easily some customers claimed.

16. Venus XL Eye & Face Palette

The premium, limited-edition palette has 18 velvety matte warm shades that’ll make your eyes pop with just a single swipe of color.

The shadows -mattes, metallics, shimmers, and a universal topper- are intensely pigmented, of superior quality, and are backed by the brand’s promise of being an innovative, high-performance offering. 

Pros Cons
Buildable colors
Works for a variety of makeup looks.
Lasts all-day
No fallout.
Blending takes a while
Richer colors stain the skin (NORMAL in any pink or red shade)

Matte Eyeshadows: Frequent Q&A’s

Matte eyeshadows are, simply put, eyeshadows without any shimmer or glitter in them. Mattes suit almost all eye colors and shapes and can be played up or down depending on the occasion.

They can look harsh if left unblended and require a deft hand and some brush skills to create an even, seamless look. 

Shimmer eyeshadows add gleam and shine and give your eyes a lit-up look.

You can go all out or use them minimally on the center of the eyelid, top of the brow bone, and the inner corner of the eyes.

Is matte or shimmer eyeshadow better?

both eyeshadows are wonderful when applied right. Both can be used to accentuate your eyes, but know that too much shimmer can draw attention to any areas you wish to under-emphasize.
A good understanding of eyeshadow placement to hide are enhance and blending techniques will help you to pick the right formula for your eye makeup look.

How do you know if an eyeshadow palette is of good quality?

There are plenty of eyeshadow palettes on the market and you could be confused about picking one. The popular palettes have plenty of customer feedback that’ll tell you whether they are worth paying for. In the absence of reviews, check for the below factors to understand whether a palette is of good quality:

Pigmentation – Low-quality eyeshadows may look vivid. But a few swatches should tell you whether they have a stronger color payoff or if they are buildable for intense color.
Ease of blending – While blending eyeshadows is a skill, high-quality eyeshadows are easier to blend and create seamless looks.
Texture– Powders that appear chalky or crumbly point to quality issues and often result in eyeshadow fallout. 
Ingredients – Take note of the formula and the chemicals used for creating the eyeshadow. Avoid brands that use harsh ingredients like phthalates, parabens, lead, etc.
Longevity – Most premium eyeshadows will last long. A decent eyeshadow should stay put without creasing when used with a primer or concealer.
Packaging – The actual product might be okay, but if the packaging is flimsy, it will not last long or stay in good shape. 

Do you do eyeshadow or foundation first?

For basic eye makeup with neutral colors, you could use foundation first. But if you use glitters, shimmers, or a lot of deep-colored eyeshadows, you may experience the pigments falling out and getting stuck on the face. Doing eye makeup first helps keep your face mess-free and clean for the foundation to go on.

If you appear to have loose eyeshadow on your face post-foundation, use a Q-tip or cotton swab to wipe off the mess. You could even dip it in makeup remover or cream to pick out glitter bits.

Conclusion on Best Matte Eyeshadow palette

Our #1 Top pick is the NYX swear by it Palette. It has the perfect combination of cool, warm and neutral tones in mattes and shimmer with a good formula that is easy to blend and work with. It’s one of my favorites of all times!

Eyeshadows may be intimidating if you lack certain skills, but there’s no denying that they are a great way to enhance your eyes and make you look polished.

Be it for work, a dinner date, or a sunny beach day, there is nothing like a few swipes of eyeshadows to elevate your look.

We have included 16 amazing matte eyeshadow palettes for you to try out.

Choose one that you think will suit you best, and go on to create some fantastic makeup looks. It’s your time to have fun!

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16 Best Matte Eyeshadow Palettes (Guide + Pro tips)

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