The Ultimate Makeup Guide Ebook PDF (#1 for beginners)

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Makeup can be overwhelmed even more when you are a beginner. 

Your eyebrows don’t look like Kendall Jenner’s brows, and it is almost next to impossible to create the amazing natural no-makeup look like the other Kardashians

The secret of any model and celebrity is always accompanied by their Makeup Artist. Still, Don’t feel frustrated because I will share all my makeup and beauty tips in this blog that you stop by! I’ll be your personal Makeup Artist online.

As a certified Makeup Artist, I can assure you that following a youtube video is not enough to learn Makeup.

It can help (and I love some beauty YouTubers), But the real thing happens when you practice in real life with real pro tips from a Makeup expert! 

And in this Quick-wins Makeup Ebook, you will find every Makeup guide you need, Makeup charts, professional tips, When to use and what Makeup look, and Makeup Face charts for you to practice without the necessity of a model! And much more. 

Why use a Makeup Guide? 

As you can already realize in Makeup, there’s a lot to learn and process to get always up to the new trends

What worked in Makeup 10 years ago is now super old-school and even more if you do not get updated courses. 

Having a Makeup Guide is an excellent way to start getting the Makeup part more serious; either you are studying and starting with Makeup or working as a Makeup artist.

This guide will summarize all the Makeup concepts and theory and bring you a visual guide to process all the Makeup rules in the best way. 

This Makeup guide ebook is perfect for printing it out, having it next to your Makeup place every time you need inspiration, or remembering a Pro-tip you can consult in minutes. 

The “Made Easy Makeup Guide” will teach you:

  • How to apply Eyeshadow in proper order, with the right formula 
  • How to combine Eye makeup with lipstick and other Makeup steps 
  • What colors of color correction go with different skin tones
  • Blush guide for every skin tone and how to identify the undertones
  • 5 essential Eyeliner techniques, when to use it, and what product to use
  • where to apply contour and highlight for every face shape
  • Find the right lipstick color for every occasion and skin tone
  • Find the right Eyebrow color for your natural eyebrows
  • How to use every Makeup Brush 
  • How to properly Sanitize every Makeup tool 
  • Face chart section to practice all your new skills! 

It also contains a FREE bonus of Makeup Planner Stickers to use in your bullet journal or in any place!

Online Makeup Course or Makeup Ebook? 

I think both are essential to building your Makeup knowledge and skills. 

While you go deeper into the Makeup techniques on a Makeup course for the other side with this Makeup guide Ebook, you get the info compressed in a very creative visual guide that will make you remember all the Makeup rules and easily learn from them. 

I recommend both.

The Made Easy Makeup Ebook is actually an excellent tool for a graduated Makeup artist to remember everything easily and get inspired with the new techniques. (If you are an aspiring makeup artist or a makeup artist already working with clients, check out these printable, fully customizable MUA business forms and contract templates to use with your clients). 

Why opt for a printable Makeup Ebook? 

Unlike store hard copies of Makeup books, a printable Ebook allows you to have a digital copy of your book on all the devices you want. And get access to it in any place where you have internet or your phone. 

You can also print out the pages you need as you need them, when you need them, over and over again. 

Some of the Benefits of the Made Easy Makeup Guide Ebook:

  • You can print out unlimited pages 
  • Instant Download and immediate Use
  • You know the author and can get in contact if you have questions
  • You can use it over and over again in an easy-access way (like your phone)

Maybe you are now saying Okay, okay, I think I like the product, but How much does it cost? 

This is the best part of it!

Because I really care about my readers, and I know that it is not always accessible to get a big Makeup course of hundreds (or thousands of dollars) that probably will be full of old techniques. 

The Made Easy Makeup Guide is available for a limited time for only $17.

I know it is very cheap, and that was my intent. The value inside is expensive, but I want you to get this for an affordable price. 

What Does exactly Include?

With the Made Easy Makeup Guide, you will get a sturdy Quick-win 20 pages Ebook containing: 

  • Eyeshadows Guide and techniques
  • Color Correction Guide 
  • Blush Guide
  • Eyeliner guide and techniques
  • Contour and Highlight Guide
  • Lipstick Guide and Combination table
  • Eyebrow Color guide 
  • Makeup Brushes Guide for every Makeup brush
  • How to sanitize your Every Makeup tool
  • Makeup worksheet Face chart x2
  • Makeup Resources 

And a FREE bonus of Makeup Planner Stickers

The Makeup Worksheet will allow you to practice all the Makeup Looks that you can imagine (benefits of printable ebooks) write down the exact products you use to keep track of your beautiful look created.

That way, you will remember exactly what you use to repeat that look on you or a client again! 


How do I use The Made Easy Makeup Guide? 

Using your Made Easy Makeup Guide is as simple as Downloading it, working, and loving it! 

As far as making the best results from your Makeup guide, you can do it multiple ways:

  • Print the Made Easy Makeup Guide on-demand when you need it, as you need it. 
  • Place your Book in a Binder
  • Professionally print it and bind it at your local Staples, Office Depot, etc. 
  • Remember to ask your local print shop for sticker paper for the Makeup planner stickers pages.

Regardless of how you use this Makeup guide, what I know is that it will get your Makeup skills to another level! 

Will I receive a physical product? 

No, the Made Easy Makeup Guide is a Digital Ebook, and after confirmation, you will automatically receive your Download to start using your guide right away. 

Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. 

Do I have a limit on the amount I can print this Makeup Ebook? 

No limit! With only one purchase, you have lifetime access to your Made Easy Makeup Guide. You will receive it as a PDF, and you are free to save it anywhere you like (computer, phone, dropbox, drive, USB memory, etc.)

Conclusion on Makeup PDF ebook

This Made Easy Makeup Guide is a powerful tool to learn from and have at hand for every Makeup lover! Professional Makeup lessons are a must-have for beginners and pros who want to stay updated with the makeup trends! 

And the best part is that you can NOW grab it for ONLY $17 (Limited time offer). 

This Ebook Is a super effective way to learn Makeup Online in the right direction. 

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