Bottom Lash Extensions (Complete Guide + Tips)

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Bottom lash extensions? Of course! Here’s what you need to know…

Eye-makeup techniques like lash extensions, lifts, and tinting are in high demand as they can give you a youthful appearance and an effortless, naturally beautiful look.

If you are on the lookout for time-saving makeup ideas, or if you prefer a polished look with minimal effort, this is something you need to try.

Lower lash extensions are now growing in popularity and demand. If you are planning to get your upper lashes done or already have them on, try adding a few wisps to your lower lash line as well for a stunning transformation.

Get beautifully balanced eyes that are bigger, brighter, and better-defined with zero need for any eyeliner or mascara. 

Sounds great, right? Who here doesn’t want luscious, dreamy lashes!

But before rushing to the salon, do remember to do your research to understand if a lower lash treatment is ideal for you. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this procedure and pick up some helpful tips along the way.

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What are bottom lash extensions? 

eye of a woman wearing lower lash extensions

When you get bottom lash extensions, synthetic lash-like fibers are attached to your natural lashes at the bottom lash line with the help of adhesives.

And no, they are not the same as applying false lashes.

The fibers are applied right on top of your real lashes, giving them a longer and thicker appearance.

These extensions also stay on for a longer time. They are semi-permanent, meaning you only need to re-apply them every 2-3 weeks to maintain the desired look. 

The application process is essentially similar to that for upper lash extensions, but adding lower lashes requires a bit more skill to ensure that the overall finished look is a pleasant one.

They should be added sparingly and placed strategically to look seamless and be in proportion with the top lashes.

Extension lashes are created using non-natural fibers to minimize the risk of allergens. You have many options like cashmere, silk, faux mink, and vegan lashes to choose from.

If you already have your upper lashes on, adding some below can add more structure to your face and give it a slimmer look. Lash experts recommend getting a shorter length lash with a gentle curl to achieve the most natural effect. 

Can you get eyelash extensions on your bottom lashes?

eye of a woman wearing upper and lower lash extensions

Certainly! Adding lashes to the bottom line enhances your eyes, giving them more life and glamming you up in an instant. Indeed, many people are not even aware that the procedure exists.

But the popularity of lower lash extensions is slowly catching up with that of other lash treatments. 

So yes, by all means, go ahead and get yourself some stunning lashes.

But be aware that your lower lashes are more delicate and sparse, so the attached lashes are inclined to fall out more while compared to your upper lashes.

A good application technique and regular maintenance will make your lashes look fabulous and last longer.

How to apply bottom lash extensions

Bottom lashes require a slightly more intricate application process, and it is best to visit a specially trained aesthetician to do this for you.

As the demand is high among customers, many beauty salons now offer both upper and lower lash extensions, with some offering package deals to do both in the same sitting.

It is, however, worthy to note that bottom lash extensions are less commonly done compared to upper lashes, so it is important to find a professional who is qualified to do the job and can make the right choices for your eyes and face.

So shop around a bit and get to know the reviews and ratings before making a decision.

And even after all that, it might turn out that you are not considered a suitable candidate for getting extensions. Lash technicians often discourage people with very sparse natural lashes from getting extensions.

They also caution mascara-wearers and people who tend to rub their eyes a lot against adding on the extra lashes.

Lower lash extensions are relatively inexpensive but don’t last quite as long and require frequent salon visits for upkeep.

For frugal fashionistas who love DIYing, extensions at home can be done provided you have a steady hand and a bit of practice in doing lash jobs.

Tips to apply for bottom lash extensions

Whether in a salon with a professional or DIYing at home, the essential steps for putting in lower lash extensions are the same.

You will need:

  • Synthetic lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Eye pads or tape
  • Eyelash glue
  • Fan (optional)

Bottom Lash Extensions: The Process

1.Start by priming and prepping the natural lashes. Use protective eye pads or eye tape to keep the upper lashes away and expose the lower lashline.

2.Pick a lash from the lash set of your choice. Lash techs recommend getting shorter lashes with a gentler curl like a J-curl or B-curl set for natural-looking lashes.

3.With the help of tweezers, flip the lash to face the direction of the lower lashes, add a drop of adhesive, and place it right on top of an isolated lash. The glue could be an irritant, so make sure it does not get into your eyes.

4.Add on more lashes the same way (depending on the look you want). You can have a uniform look, a staggered look, or even a wispy fluttery look depending on your eyes and face shape. Ultimately, the size and styling are entirely up to you!

5.Wait for the glue to dry off. You can use a fan for this.

6.The ideal length and thickness recommended for lower lash extensions are 4–7mm and 0.05–0.07mm, respectively. If they are too long, the lashes could touch your cheek and cause discomfort. Heavier lashes can have trouble adhering to the natural lash. 

7.Use a lash-removal cream when you want to remove your extensions. Be careful not to get any in your eye.

Bottom lash extensions: before and after

For optimal results with bottom lash extensions, it is important to get the lash size and type that accentuates your natural lashes and enhances the shape of your eyes. You or your stylist will also need deft placement skills to get a personalized look that complements your face.

Lower lash extensions will amplify the effect of your upper lashes by giving your eyes a brighter, finished look. They will make your eyes appear wider and more open and even create the illusion of a slimmer face.

Best of all, you save time while applying and removing makeup! Your long, luscious lashes will work on their own without the need for any mascara, eyeliner, or falsies.

In these pictures you can see the transformation after getting lower lash extensions:

Can you wear mascara with bottom lashes?

woman wearing mascara on bottom lashes

Ideally, no. Mascara application can add more weight to your already delicate lower lash extensions and cause them to fall off quickly.

The oils and chemicals in mascara can also wear down the lash adhesive and cause it to disintegrate. Mascara removal is also going to be tricky when you have extensions.

The good news is that with extensions in, you get a full lash effect without needing any mascara!

However, if you are a die-hard mascara fanatic and simply cannot go without a swipe, avoid waterproof mascaras and those with a heavier oil base. Also, incorporate gentler cleansing solutions such as micellar water instead of greasy makeup removers.

Best bottom lash extensions

Lash extensions are a legit way to get those mesmerizing lashes you always dream about. But if you are still on the fence, there are a couple of things you could try before committing to professional treatment.

One is, of course, DIY lash extensions, but as we learned before, you need a bit of skill and practice to get them right. Another way would be to experiment with false lashes that can be easily applied to the lower lashline. 

If you are a lash newbie and want to explore pocket-friendly options, take a look at brands like Emilystores Natural Lower Faux Lashes that are available on Amazon. They are inexpensive, easy to apply, and help your lower lashes look naturally full and not too dramatic.

You can also find sets like Teenitor Anime Lashes that are super affordable and come with ten pairs of lashes (and a tweezer) for both the upper and lower lash line. They come in different styles and sizes to create multiple looks so that you can find out what works best for you.

Conclusion on Bottom Lashes Extensions

Bottom lash extension is undoubtedly a terrific way to add an extra bit of oomph and glamor to your appearance. Even with the special care and frequent touch-ups required, the result is usually worth it. 

All the same, it is best to get some homework done before deciding whether this is the right treatment for you, what styles work best on you, and whether or not you want a professionally created look. 

If you have other questions or would like to learn more, a consultation with a (well-reviewed) professional will be of great help.

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