How to Apply Magnetic Lashes (Tips + Tutorial)

How to apply magnetic lashes like a pro

If you are looking for an easy guide on applying magnetic lashes you are in the right place. 

I’ve always said false eyelashes can be a game-changer for any makeup look. But dealing with the eyelash glue can end in a total disaster if you are not a pro at it. 

Magnetic lashes are the solution

I will walk you through a simple step-by-step technique so you can apply your magnetic eyelashes like a pro while making them look natural for your eye! 

At the end, I’m sharing some pro tips you want to know to use them properly and my top best magnetic eyelash recommendations.  

How to apply magnetic lashes, how to put on magnetic lashes for beginners, tips for magnetic eyelashes

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How to apply magnetic lashes 
(like a pro!)

Step 1. Select the right lash style for you

I’m using a magnetic eyelash with an eyeliner kit from Amazon that comes with 5 pairs of different styles of lashes, 2 magnetic eyeliners, and an applicator. 

It includes 2 pairs of natural look eyelashes and 3 different styles of more dramatic lashes. I’m choosing one of the dramatic styles (The 4th on the image), but that still looks natural. 

For an everyday makeup look, I’d use either one of the upper more natural-looking lashes, and for full glam, smokey eye, or something more dramatic, I would opt for the ones longer and dramatic.

Step 2. Curl your natural lashes  

How to apply magnetic lashes, curl your eyelashes before applying magnetic false eyelashes

Use your lash curler to curl your lashes in the roots, in the middle, and the ends of your natural lashes. 

Curling your lashes will make your natural lashes and the fake magnetic lashes blend together in a better way. 

Step 3. Size your magnetic lashes with your eye

How to put on magnetic eyelashes, how to apply magnetic eyelashes for beginners, magnetic Eyelashes and eyeliner tutorial

When applying false eyelashes, whether they are magnetic or not, It’s always essential to size the lashes with the eye’s natural shape and size. 

If you find that the magnetic lashes are too long for your eye, take small scissors and adjust the size by cutting one or two small magnets. 

My magnetic lashes manual says that it is totally ok and safe to cut these specific lashes. And It might be the same for others too. 

Adjusting the length of the lashes strip to your eye will make the lashes look more natural and less heavy.

UPDATE: I actually didn’t cut my magnetic lashes for this tutorial because I thought they fitted my eye well, and the very next day, I tried my lashes again, but this time cut them the last little magnet of the corner and SURPRISE! I realized that they fitted me wrong, AND the feeling of having them on my eyes changed completely when I was wearing the right length of lashes.

Step 4. Apply the magnetic eyeliner

How to apply magnetic eyeliner, how to apply magnetic lashes with eyeliner

Now, take the magnetic eyeliner that comes in the package and shake it well. 

Apply your eyeliner as usual, but consider the next things: 

Make your eyeliner at least 3mm of thickness to ensure the magnetic eyeliner will be strong enough to support the lashes. 

How to apply magnetic eyeliner, how to put on magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner

You can apply your favorite eyeliner like usual and apply the magnetic eyeliner on top.

For better results, do 2-3 layers of magnetic eyeliner and wait until it completely drys. 

Step 5. Apply mascara 

While we wait for the magnetic eyeliner to dry, you can apply your mascara as you do it regularly. 

Mascara should be applied before the false eyelashes and never after. 

Step 6. Put the eyelashes towards the magnetic eyeliner

How to apply magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner for beginners step by step tutorial

Now that the magnetic eyeliner is completely dry, take your adjusted false magnetic eyelashes and place them right in the lash line towards the liner you just did. Starting from the inner corner and finishing on the outer corner

The lashes may instantly stick to the magnetic eyeliner. 

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Step 7. Accommodates lashes for a natural finish

Now you can adjust your false lashes with your fingers ( or applicator ) in the case they don’t are in place. 

how to apply magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner for beginners step by step tutorial

You can gently pull them out or in to make them look more natural with your natural eyelashes. 

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Here are some frequent questions about magnetic eyelashes and the answers. 

Are magnetic lashes easy to apply?

Magnetic lashes are easy to apply even for beginners, and they are easier than glue lashes. Once you mastered the steps, you can easily just drag and drop your magnetic lashes to your eyes in seconds. 

Do you put magnetic eyelashes on before or after makeup?

The best practice is to start with your eye makeup, then face makeup and finish your makeup routine by applying your magnetic lashes. 

That way, you don’t move your lashes when you are doing your eyeshadows. 

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Do you put magnetic eyelashes on before or after mascara? 

Apply your mascara first, right after your eyeliner, and then, when your eyeliner dries, you can apply your magnetic lashes. 

You don’t want to add mascara to your magnetic lashes to prevent early damage because of the hard makeup removing process it will take. 

How long magnetic lashes stay on? 

The magnetic lashes will stay on for 6-8 hours before you feel them heavy or in need of a retouch. 

If you apply enough layers of magnetic eyeliner, they will last longer.

 It will also depend on the weather, but usually, magnetic lashes can stay on perfectly for hours or all night long. 

Is magnetic eyeliner dangerous? 

No, magnetic eyeliner is considered safe for most users, and if you use it how it is stipulated, you won’t have any problem at all. 

How to remove magnetic lashes and eyeliner

Most magnetic eyelashes are reusable up to 20 times if you take good care of them and have a proper cleaning routine. 

The best way to remove your magnetic lashes is by gently pulling them off of your eye with your fingers or the lashes applicator without pulling your natural eyelashes to prevent damaging them. 

To remove the rest of the magnetic eyeliner on your eyes, use an oil-based makeup remover with a cotton pad and gently remove the eyeliner.

I tried a water-based makeup remover first and that didn’t work that well to remove my magnetic eyeliner. After that, I used an oil-based one and removed it pretty well and easily.

How to clean magnetic lashes

Take a makeup remover wipe or cotton balls with water and remove the eyeliner’s lefts on the magnets of the lashes. Once they are clean, place them in their magnetic case again so they will conserve better. 

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Top 5 Best magnetic eyelashes on amazon

The next is a quick recap of the best magnetic with eyeliner lashes on amazon based on my experience, my own quality standard, and also other’s reviews.

The 5 are great options, and you just need to choose the one that fits your needs by how many pairs include and the price.

I did my research to find the best to try for this post and found some magnetic lashes for over $100! I think that’s just insane and unnecessary money spent. 

If you want to say goodbye to the glue lashes and give it a try to magnetic eyelashes, here’s my top 5 recommendation. 

Bestseller No. 1
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Conclusion on Magnetic lashes and eyeliner

My biggest concern, and probably yours, was if the lashes would attach well enough to last all day. 

In my experience, the magnetic lashes stayed in place all day. 

On the other hand, I was surprised by the eyeliner’s high quality because it was easy to apply even though it was a liquid eyeliner with a small brush. 

Do I recommend magnetic lashes? Yes, I do.

They are a great option to try for a simple false eyelashes application without making a mess with the lash glue. 

Do I think they are for everyone? No, I think they are not for you if you don’t want to apply eyeliner every time you use false eyelashes.

And some people found it difficult to put them on with magnetic eyelashes at first. 

However, I think it is just a matter of time practicing and getting more used to it, and that way, they can work with almost everyone. 

Another thing to consider is that you have to use eyeliner to wear this type of magnetic eyelashes. 

That’s perfect for me because I love to use eyeliner, especially when using false lashes. If I want to get a natural look without eyeliner, I just apply my regular glue lashes

OR try the other type of magnetic lashes that don’t require eyeliner because you have to magnets that lock your natural lash together. 

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