makeup products and the best order to apply makeup text overlay

I want you to know that in Makeup, everything counts! You can have the best makeup products, but If they aren’t for your skin type, the results will be nothing good. And the same happens with the Order to Apply Makeup!  For getting a flawless skin finish, you need to follow some steps and makeup …

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Best foundation formulas

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve always thought that foundation can come to redirect your entire makeup look the right way if you are using it.  How to apply foundation the right way depends on your specific skin necessities, desire looks, and the correct tools can make a huge difference in your makeup journey.  This …

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How to apply eyeliner for beginners

The eyeliner technique is that part of makeup that can define and change completely your look.  It’s fundamental to learn how to apply eyeliner for your eye shape! Either if you choose to use it thick, colorful, or the classic black simple eyeliner, it can define your final look. If you have done an excellent job …

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everyday makeup look tutorial

We all need a break for the glam makeup look, and this tutorial will cover the key essentials for an easy no-makeup makeup look. We don’t want layers and layers of makeup everyday on our skin, but we still want to have an everyday makeup look that makes us look more fresh and pretty.  1. …

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Best makeup tips to look younger

The best makeup tips to hide wrinkles, and look younger and fresher skin by a makeup artist!  UPDATE: We have a NEW guide with a full step-by-step Anti-aging Makeup tutorial on an “over 40” model. This article you are reading has some useful tips, but this post: How to apply makeup for Mature Skin is …

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starter makeup essentials

The Ultimate Basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget! Here I will show you the complete makeup kit for beginners with Makeup products that are completely budget-friendly, and you will learn what you really need to start using the best makeup techniques. This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and …

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