37+ Trendy Halloween Makeup Ideas to get inspired this 2023

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Halloween Makeup ideas for this spook-tacular season!

Get ready for a spook-tacular journey into the world of Halloween makeup!

It’s that awesome time of the year when we can transform ourselves into creatures of magic and mystery.

Imagine using makeup to become a wicked witch, a classy vampire, a spooky skull, or even a funny yet creepy clown.

This article is your guide to creating super cool Halloween looks that will make you the star of the season!

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Halloween makeup idea #1: SCARECROW

Easy to do an also a good option for those that are looking for a last-minute costume!

Wear your farmer outfit and this makeup!

And you are ready for that Halloween party!

Halloween makeup idea #2: Halloween Clown

Halloween/devil clown!

Do this makeup with your black lipstick and waterproof eyeliner.

don’t forget to add a touch of white or beige eyeshadow to the eye look!

also add a touch of shimmer to the tip of the nose and lips to add dimension

AND false eyelashes and you are ready!

Halloween makeup idea #3: Sugar Skull

Halloween makeup idea #4: Enchanting Fairy of the Forest

Halloween makeup idea #5: Fairy Bubbles

Halloween makeup idea #6: Fairy sunset princess

7. Marilyn Monroe Makeup Costume

Get the full step by step makeup instructions in this Marilyn Monroe Makeup tutorial.

It’s easy to do, but it has tips and tricks that are essential to get the look!

I share everything about Marilyn’s makeup secrets on that guide.


8. Minnie Mouse Makeup Costume: Adult version

Who says this season has to be ONLY spooky?

What about Disney magic? You’ll only need black eyeliner, white eyeliner and red lipstick to make this look!

Shop the look: Get the Minnie mouse dress | Get the accessories

9. Music or Music Notes

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

10. SAW Makeup Costume

saw makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

11. On Fire

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

12. Stitches Halloween Makeup Costume

stitches halloween makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

13. Playful Skull

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

14. Mysterious and Bats

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

15. Broken Doll Makeup Costume

broken doll makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

16. Rainbow Girl

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

17. Puzzle Girl

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

18. Clown Halloween Makeup Costume

spooky clown halloween makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

18. Technology Zombie

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

19. Storm Witch

credits: @Tanyak_Makeup

An easy-to-do Halloween makeup costume!

Black smokey eye, black lipstick (this one here is the BEST black lipstick)

and with a white marker or white makeup crayon do the details.

Add some black to the corners and blend it to create dimension.

Pair this makeup with white eye contacts

20. Half princess, half dia de muertos

Half princess, half day of the death.

I loved this idea!

21. Spooky Pumpkin Girl

This is not easy.

It’s a more elaborated makeup idea but you can go as detailed or as simple as you want.

Feel free to change the orange for other colors like green or purple.

Or even white!

The glitter touch is cute, though!

22. Galactic Girl Makeup Costume

Galactic makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

23. Morticia Addams

Classic and legendary!

The key is to draw an inverted peak in the middle of the forehead to add this vampire touch!

Paired with a red lipstick and Black lip liner

and also dark eyebrows!

24. easy spider web eye makeup

If you are in the mood for a soft Halloween detail to your makeup only

This is the perfect one!

An orange or purple eyeshadow base, and then create a spider web with your black eyeliner!

Add some glitter/gems to the inner corner and you are ready for that Halloween party!

You can do this

25. day of the Death

Pair this makeup with gems!

There are some Temporary Rhinestone Face Tattoo sheets that come

with all the rhinestones you’ll need ready to apply on top of your makeup and get that special sugar skull effect!

Get these rhinestones here.

26. Spooky Skull full face

This makeup is one of the classics for Halloween.

You’ll only need white and black body and face paint and/or black eyeliner.

You can even use the lightest shade of foundation or concealer you have and a pure WHITE eyeshadow on top for the white.

don’t forget to blend some strategic corners to add dimension to the makeup!

27. Cute Gamer Girl Makeup

credits: @paintedmina

28. Halloween witch

29. Easy Sugar Skull Makeup

An easy option to do last minute!

You’ll only need a basic colorful palette like this one here.

OR black eyeliner, red lipstick, and some 2 or 3 colorful eyeliners to do the details.

Add a rose as a hair accessory, and don’t forget the Hollywood 1920 curls with volume!

30. Scary Heart Eyes

A simple to recreate Halloween makeup idea with black eyeliner, black eyeshadow and to make it more realistic, you can use fake blood and fake scar wax kit like this one here.

31. Dark love Doll

32. Cute Cat Girl

33. Black Widow

34. Ghost Whisperer 

35. Breezy Vampire Look

36. Vampire Girl

vampire girl makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

37. Harley Queen

Harley Queen Makeup costume
credits: @paintedmina

Halloween Makeup: Final thoughts

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide of Halloween makeup ideas, it’s time for you to dive into the world of spooky creativity.

From wicked witches to elegant vampires, from haunting skulls to eerie clowns, the options are boundless.

So, pick a look that resonates with you, and let the transformation begin!

We can’t wait to hear about your Halloween makeup adventures.

Share your experiences, showcase your artistry, and inspire others with your unique interpretation.

We hope this guide sparks your imagination and leads to some unforgettable Halloween moments.

Get ready to cast your spell and make this Halloween truly enchanting!

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