Bronzer as Eyeshadow: (Easy Tutorial + Pro Tips)

bronzer as eyeshadow makeup

Bronzer as eyeshadow? Is it good practice? If so, how to use it?

Once you find a good bronzer shade, it’s a golden nugget that adds warmth and dimension to your makeup in a soft and natural way. What about using it also as an eyeshadow?

Answers to these and more tips and tricks about using bronzer as eyeshadow are in this tutorial. 

Let’s get started!

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Is it really safe to use bronzer as eyeshadow? 

Yes, you can use your bronzer as an eyeshadow without a problem. In fact, if you read new eyeshadow palettes they don’t name themselves “eyeshadow palette” anymore. Most of the new palettes, say “artistry palette” which means they are not onpurposely intended to be only for eyes. And you can use the colors however you want.

Same happen with bronzer. If you like the shade, use it whenever you need it.

Disclaimer: Even when we are makeup professionals, the information on this website is for information and entertainment purposes only. And do not replace any professional and medical advice. It is always important to read the ingredients on each and every product you intend to put on your skin. Real beauty school is not endorsing wearing any makeup product. Including eyeshadows and bronzer. Use your products, at your own responsibility.

Bronzer as Eyeshadow: How to Use Bronzer on the eyes

In today’s tutorial, I have a super simple, yet beautiful, summer smokey eye!

The best part of it, it’s that you only need 3 products and two of them are your bronzer and highlighter.

How awesome this is, isn’t it? This makeup look is the perfect on-the-go look. 

It looks natural, bronze and pretty so it’s also a great option for the beach. 

Bronzer as eyeshadow: Step 1. Prep your eyelids 

NOTE: if you want to keep this bronzer as eyeshadow makeup simple. Skip this step. If you struggle with oily eyelids, do not skip this step.

At the time I’m writing this guide, it’s summer where I live. So I’m really inspired to make this makeup super wearable for summer and hot weather-proof.

How to prevent eyeshadow from creasing

The best way to make your eyeshadow last all day long even with oily eyelids and/or hot weather is by applying a good eye primer. My go-to is this one here.
For mature eyes, this anti-aging eye primer is simply the best!

The secret is to also set your eye primer before applying the eyeshadow.

Set your eye primer with a translucent powder.

It’s important that the powder be translucent, and not powder foundation. We don’t want to add a layer of color. My favorite is this one.

Step 2. Use your bronzer as eyeshadow

Now that we have our eyelids primed, it’s time for the eyeshadow! Only that this time, we are using bronzer.

Using cream bronzer as eyeshadow?

We know but at this point that powder bronzer can be used as eyeshadow, but what about cream bronzer?

Let me tell you something, I LOVE to use my cream bronzer on my eyes as well!

In my regular makeup routine, when I use my cream bronzer, I also apply a little bit on my outer corner in an upwards motion as I explained in this facelift tutorial.

But for the purpose of this tutorial, I’m not using my cream bronzer.

The Right Bronzer shade

When we are talking about bronzer, it’s important to also mention the importance of the SHADE.

The WRONG shade of bronzer, ruins the whole makeup look. Period.

Bronzer (and contour as well) in the wrong shade, can make you look either orange, gray, or pale. So many things, but bronze.

For this I have a guide on How to Apply Cream Bronzer, where I explained more about how to pick the right bronzer shade.

But in general, seek shades that are only 2-3 tones darker than your skin tone, and in the same undertone as your skin. You may want to have also a warmer shade especially if you have fair skin but seek a very slightly warm shade.

Avoid the deep warm, orangy tones. No matter your skin tone.

Apply all over the eyelid

Take a medium blending brush like this one and apply it all over your eyelid.

Since this is a bronzer shade, it has less coverage than a regular “eyeshadow shade”. so I love how easy is to apply and get a really beautiful shade on the eyes without blending it so much.

The key is to blend it toward the hairline in an upward direction like in the picture below.

Applying bronzer as eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye
Applying bronzer as eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye

My top recommendation for bronzer is the Amazing Hoola bronzer.

It’s not the only good bronzer out there, but it’s definitely a really good one to try.

I love that the shades are neutral and matte with just the right coverage.

Check these bronzer recommendations:

In this tutorial, I’m using the Iconic powder bronzer in this shade.

From here, you can build the coverage as much as you want until you get the desired deepness.
I’m leaving it super natural to get the perfect summer smokey eye for a day at the beach.

Step 3. Use your highlighter

Now you can either use a shimmery bronzer or your highlighter for this step.

Can you use Highlighter as Eyeshadow? 

Yes, it applies the same as a bronzer. Color shades in makeup are good to use for several purposes. (taking in consideration the ingredients and allergies first, of course) I regularly use my highglither to also highglight my eye makeup.

Using my finger I’m applying a little bit of highlighter on the center of the eyelids and I’m blending it in a diagonal direction towards the brow bone.

I also apply a little bit in the inner corners.

Using highlighter as eyeshadow
Using highlighter as eyeshadow

Related: How to Highlight the inner corners of the eye like a pro (3 different ways!)

Step 4. Apply bronzer in the bottom lash line

Now you can add more deepness to your look, by applying a little bit of bronzer on the bottom lash line. I’m doing it using a small pencil brush for better precision.

Step 5. Mascara or false lashes

Next, I’m taking my favorite eyelash curler which is super cheap, like $5 or something (literally my favorite, I was losing my lashes with a bad eyelash curler, it makes all the difference finding the right one) to curl my lashes.

After that, I’m applying 2 coats of my waterproof mascara. Because like I said, here is HOT outside, I’m talking over 105*F hot. It’s a nightmare going outside. And waterproof makeup is a NECESSITY not really an option haha

Related: How I turn my regular makeup into waterproof, sweat-proof makeup

Now you can leave your makeup look like that, or add falsies as well.

My favorite lashes for hot days are these ones. They are super lightweight and you feel like you are not wearing nothing. But they make your eye makeup look beautiful.

Other ways to use bronzer as eyeshadow

You don’t need to create a whole eye makeup look to take advantage of your bronze as eyeshadow.
On your regular eye makeup routine, you can also add your bronzer. If you are interested, you can check out my spring/summer makeup bag post here where I share my makeup routine for that season and how it change from my winter routine. .

Step 6. Finish the rest of the makeup

Next I’m applying the same bronzer I use for the eyelids, in the face.

I love how this turns in a super natural, well-defined face. When you use the same bronzer shade on your face as usual but you also use it as eyeshadow like we did in this tutorial, results in a well-balanced monochromatic bronze look.

And in combination with the blush and highlight, this makes this my favorite go-to eye makeup for summer.

Blush and highlighter

For the blush, I’m using a liquid blush by SHEGLAM in this shade.

sheglam blush liquid swatches

These blushes are FLAWLESS. You might probably have seen these a lot all over the internet, and this has a reason.
These blushes are incredibly good, and pigmented so you only need to use a small amount of product, and CHEAP!

I’m talking less than $5 cheap.

I don’t feel the same about all the sheglam makeup. You can check what is my honest opinion about the shein beauty brand: SHEGLAM here.

To finish I’m also doing my signature bigger lips routine!
Yes, I’m overlining my thin lips to make them look bigger. It works. and It looks natural and pretty.

Here’s the complete guide on how to make your lips look bigger with makeup if you have thin lips.

Final thoughts on how to use bronzer as eyeshadow

Here’s the final result

bronzer as eyesahdow makeup tutorial

I opted for skip eyeliner. But a brown creamy pencil eyeliner is a good fit with this look.

I hope you find this easy tutorial helpful, if so don’t forge to share it with others and pin it for later.
let me know in the comments below any multi-purpose makeup trick, I love to try all things makeup and I’d love to learn from you.

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Bye- bye!


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