“I’m cold” Makeup Ideas to recreate this Winter

im cold makeup

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Hey there, beauty lovers!

Winter is here, and it’s not just about hot cocoa and cozy sweaters anymore. It’s time to play with your makeup and turn your face into a winter wonderland! In our newest post, we’re all about the cool and trendy “I’m Cold” makeup looks.

Think about the beauty of a snowy day and the sparkle of ice – that’s what we’re bringing to our makeup.

We’re talking icy blues, shiny silvers, and a little bit of glitter – like the magic of winter, but on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Whether you’re at a holiday party on Zoom or just jazzing up your look for fun, these ideas are perfect for adding a bit of winter sparkle.

So, let’s get into it! It’s time to show winter we can be just as cool and beautiful.

We’re making the cold fun and fashionable – one makeup look at a time!

I’m Cold Makeup: Step by Step

im cold makeup trend

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Step 1: Lay the Foundation

Start by choosing a foundation that feels light but gives you good coverage – you can go matte or dewy, whatever you fancy. The idea is to create a smooth canvas that looks like your skin, but better.

Step 2: Rosy Cheeks, Nose, and Beyond

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Next up, it’s time for some blush – and we’re not being shy about it!

Grab your favorite cream or liquid blush in pink/rosy/red tones and apply a good amount from your cheeks all the way across your nose.

It’s like you’ve just come in from the cold!

Then, take a sponge or a brush with a bit of leftover foundation and blend it all in for that naturally flushed look.

Step 3: Ice Queen Highlight

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Here’s where we bring in the winter magic!

Pick a highlighter in icy tones – think iridescent, white, or even with hints of blue or purple.

Stay away from warm golds or champagnes.

Lightly dust it on the high points of your cheeks, dab some on your eyelids, and don’t forget the inner corners of your eyes for that frosty glow.

Step 4: Kissed by the Cold Lips

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For the lips, grab a lip stain or lip oil in a pink or red shade.

Apply it to the center of your lips and then blend it out towards the edges. This creates a gorgeous, just-bitten-by-the-cold look that’s super natural and cute.

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Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now, feel free to add your own flair. Some mascara for fluttery lashes? Go for it!

A swipe of eyeliner for drama?

Why not!

And if you’re into that sun-kissed, just-got-back-from-a-winter-walk look, add some faux freckles across your nose and cheeks.

This I’m cold makeup is very similar to the Sugar plum fairy makeup trend, check out our step by step tutorial trying this trend here! Inspired by Hailey Bieber

Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup
Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup

Wrapping Up

There we have it, beauties – our journey through the “I’m Cold” makeup trend!

I absolutely adore trying out these cute, minimalist makeup looks.

It’s so refreshing to see the current makeup trends leaning towards natural complexions, generous blush, and a touch of shimmer or glitter.

It feels like we’re moving away from heavy, overdone styles to something that’s more about enhancing our natural beauty and having fun.

I’m all for this trend of embracing our real skin, highlighting with a lot of blush and shimmer/glitter. It’s like we’re saying, “Hey, I’m comfortable in my skin, and I’m here to shine!”

Plus, there’s something incredibly playful and freeing about this approach to makeup – it’s not about hiding but rather about highlighting our favorite features.

So, as we wrap up, I encourage you to dive into this trend.

Whether it’s trying the “I’m Cold” look or playing around with your own creative ideas, remember: makeup is a form of self-expression.

Let your individuality shine through, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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