How to Fake Bushy Eyebrows (Thicker Eyebrows Tutorial)

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An Easy Step by step Fake Bushy eyebrows Tutorial (With Pictures)

I’ve always struggled with my thin eyebrows, once the full and thicker eyebrows makeup trend start those days back in 2013, I need to always wear 2-3 eyebrow products to get the results that everyone was having without effort.

I usually wore an eyebrow pomade, defining my eyebrow shape and then fill in it. I actually have a complete shaping eyebrow at home guide here, where I share all my tips about eyebrows and a step-by-step tutorial with my general eyebrow makeup technique.

But the model eyebrows trend doesn’t fit in that eyebrows routine, and honestly, I’ve been loving doing my eyebrows this way lately.

I also have noticed that brow lamination is super popular and has actually helped to style my eyebrows in an easier way.

Whether you have brow lamination, thin eyebrows, no eyebrows at all, or rebel eyebrows, this fluffy and thicker eyebrows makeup tutorial will guide you to get the best natural bushy eyebrows in minutes!

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Step 1. Get a Brow Lamination (Or do a fake one at home)

how to fake a brow lamination with brow wax
Brow lamination artist combs eyebrows with a brush after brow lamination

Brow Lamination has been a game-changer with my eyebrows makeup.

In the beginning, I was a little skeptical to try this method, Because of my very thin eyebrows.

I didn’t know what would be the result. But I went to the salon a did my brow lamination professionally and I LOVED IT.

The Brow lamination actually makes you have the model eyebrows look every day! (while it lasts) and allow you to fake bushy eyebrows with makeup more easily!

But this is not for everyone, if you want to know more about brow lamination and how this is different from other eyebrows techniques check my ultimate Brow lamination guide here.

How to Fake a Brow Lamination At home

If your brow lamination didn’t last, or you simply don’t want to try that brow technique for the moment you can try a fake brow lamination at home.

You only need two things:

  • A Strong Eyebrow Wax (or soap)
  • an a spoolie (I usually buy a bunch of disposable spoolies to have in handy for me and my clients, so I can always have clean spoolies/mascara wands available)

My last brow lamination was a while ago, so I don’t currently have this amazing model eyebrow hairs, so for this tutorial, I used my brow wax from Sheglam. (which was extremely affordable, like less than $5 and with surprisingly good quality!)

Other Eyebrow wax/soap options that I recommend:

How to use a brow wax or brow soap?

getting fake bushy eyebrows with the sheglam brow wax
Sheglam Hi Brow wax and disposable spoolie

You just need to activate them by wetting your spoolie with water or a setting spray and take some product directly from the pot.

After that, brush a small amount of wax through the brow carefully to not applying too much product to prevent your eyebrows from looking white or dry.

Brush your brows in upwards motions and continue to blend the product so it distributes to all your brow hairs in the desired direction. In this case, faking a brow lamination.

Step 2. brush your Eyebrows Hairs Upwards

how to fake bushy eyebrows with makeup

The next step is to brush your brow hairs in an upwards direction to set your wax or brow soap in place correctly.

I know this will look weird at the beginning, especially if you don’t have your brow shape defined. but trust the process!

We really need all those baby hairs to be lifted to find the caps that we must have in our eyebrows.

Don’t cut your eyebrows or plug them at this point, if you really feel like your eyebrows need some help to wait until the end of this process, and only after that you can plug some hairs or cut your eyebrow hair if they are really too long.

But for now, we only want to direct our brow hairs upwards and set them perfectly in place with our wax/soap and the spoolie.

Step 3. Apply Concealer in the brow Bone

Now, it’s time to define our eyebrows! Even if you have brow hairs growing in your brow bone you can totally leave them there and use a full coverage concealer to give your eyebrows the shape you want without plugging them out.

Like I said I have very thin brow hairs, so I don’t care too much about plugging my eyebrows, because I know I can cover the extra brow hairs with concealer.

thicker eyebrows tutorial

I’m using my small concealer brush from E.L.F and my Tarte Shape tape full coverage concealer (I truly recommend this combo!)

And what I’m doing is to shaping my eyebrow by delimiting the underline where I want my “fake” bushy eyebrow start.

I don’t have brow hairs in that area but still I want to imagine my desired thicker brow shape and place my concealer there.

I don’t have fuller eyebrows on these specific areas, but I worked my concealer as I have it and now we are ready for the next step.

Fake bushy eyebrows tutorial

Step 4. Make Brow hairs one by one

Now, we need to fill in our eyebrows.

IMPORTANT: To get natural looking “Fake” bushy eyebrows, we need to create brow hairs one by one.

How? We have these options:

We can use:

What we can’t use:

  • Brow powders
  • Not precise eyebrow brushes and brow pomade
  • Thick (or regular) eyebrow pencils
  • Brow gels

The point here, is to get as precise as possible because we will be creating our brow hair stroke by stroke and we need to make it look as natural as possible.

For this tutorial, I’m using a a waterproof micro brow pencil and I just love how thin and precise this are.

Plus is waterproof which will help to make our new eyebrow hairs to stay in place all day.

But I also like to do this technique with a thin, precise eyebrow brush like this one and my waterproof brow pomade.

My most recommend waterproof brow pomade is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade

A Great dupe for this brow pomade is the amazing Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Pomade

We want to fill in the gaps we notice on the last step by making fine strokes simulating our eyebrows hairs.

bushy eyebrows tutorial
Eyebrow Gaps filled with fine strokes simulating eyebrow hairs

PRO TIP: It doesn’t have to be perfect, just need to be hair by hair instead of the traditional powder filling technique.

Leaving natural holes or gaps between the new “fake” fluffy eyebrows hairs.

Step 5. Brush your Eyebrows again

Now, to make the eyebrows look more evenly and natural, take your clean spoolie and brush your eyebrows following the direction of your new “fake” eyebrows hairs.

This, will allow the strokes to mix with the natural hairs and fix any harsh lines and make them look more natural.

You can skip this step if you liked how your eyebrows looked after the hair by hair technique.

But I always love to kindly brush my eyebrows again to make sure they are lifted in the direction I wanted it.

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Step 6. Set your Eyebrow Makeup

Now It’s time to make sure our new fluffy eyebrows will last all day!

I’m applying my all time favorite Urban decay All nighter Setting spray and kindly pressing my eyebrows with my finger to enhance even more the brow lamination, model eyebrows look I want.

Step 7. Highlight the brow bone

To Finish, I’m using my highlighter to give some light to my brow bone without going too down on it.

This step is optional but gives a nice final touch that I love!

Conclusion on How to Fake Bushy Eyebrows with Makeup

This is the final look and the before and after bushy, thicker eyebrows makeup tutorial.

fluffy eyebrows tutorial before and after

The most important steps to do to get natural looking fluffy and thicker eyebrows is to set your eyebrows hairs in upwards direction as much as you can so we take advantage of that extra thicker looking of the natural eyebrows, once we found the desired position, creating small eyebrow hairs stroke by stroke is key to simulate a bushy eyebrow even if you have thin eyebrows.

Of course you can go as “fluffy” as you want or keep it as natural as you want, by adding more thin strokes simulating hairs or just a few.

The point here is to play with makeup and found what makes you feel more confident and pretty!

I love to experiment this beauty trends with MAKEUP so I can remove it if I don’t like it or if I don’t want it any more.

That’s why I love my thin eyebrows and I’ve been so hesitant to do microblading.

I prefer changing my eyebrows look depending on my mood with Makeup rather than with permanent makeup.

That’s the beauty of Makeup! You can play and create according with your needs, passions and rules.

I hope you enjoyed this easy thicker eyebrows tutorial, if so don’t forget to comment below what you think about this technique, and pin it for later!

Valeria H.

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