How Much Makeup Is Too Much? (Expert Opinion + Tips)

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If you have been keeping up with my blogs for any length of time, I can only assume that you love makeup as much as I do.

There are so many amazing makeup looks to choose from, new products to try, and fun tips and tricks to learn! 

But can your makeup become too much? How much makeup is too much makeup? Is there such a thing? 

Today, I’m answering these questions and I’m specifically looking at how much makeup is too much for a professional environment.

But first I want to answer one important question: Why would too much makeup be a bad thing?

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Why is Too Much Makeup a Bad Thing?

I want to make sure to address why too much makeup could be a bad thing, and it has nothing to do with society’s standards.

No matter what society might say about having a “natural” look, there are a few indicators that you might be wearing too much makeup. Check them out below: 

Indicators that you might be wearing to much Makeup

Orange Face

While I will be going through exactly how much foundation is too much later, this is one of the key examples of why too much makeup can be a bad thing. I don’t know many people that want to have their foundation looking like a creamsicle!

Too Heavy

Another reason too much makeup could be a bad thing is if it feels really heavy on your face. This is something that we are going to touch on more later!

Spider Lashes

eye of a woman wearing too much mascara

This is another tell-tale sign that too much makeup can be a bad thing. Spider lashes are typically not what we are going for when we wear mascara, but if you wear too much, your lashes will get clumped together and leave you with a harsh effect. 

Makeup Transferring

While this might be the fault of the products themselves, if you have a lot of makeup transferring happening to your clothes or phone screen, you might be applying too many layers of foundation or powder. 

Poor Skincare Routine

While this has nothing to do with the makeup itself, if you are applying your makeup to an oily or dirty face, it will often feel like you are wearing too much makeup. Be sure to thoroughly wash your face before you start your makeup routine. 

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What is considered heavy makeup? 

woman wearing full glam eyeshadow makeup with bold lips and heavy face makeup

Heavy makeup is half personal preference, and half generally agreed on concept.

For example, if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, doing a bold lip might feel heavy for you, but not for other makeup-lovers.

But, there are a few things that the makeup world can mostly agree on when it comes to heavy makeup.

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Too Many Bold Colors

I love a bold color as much as the next person, but too many bold colors can leave your face looking more like a crayon box and less like the work of art that it is. 

Stark Contrasts

If you have a colorful eye look, but nothing else on your face, it might make your eyes look a little heavy.

Sometimes adding a little makeup to the rest of your face will even out your look and make your eyes (or whatever feature you want to highlight) pop even more!

Wrong Colors

Not only do too many bold colors create a heavy face but using too many of the wrong colors can also leave your face looking heavy.

Depending on several factors (skin tone, eye color, face shape, etc.) there are certain colors that work better than others for your face.

While you aren’t limited to those colors, it might look better to create a bold look with one of those colors as opposed to something that isn’t as flattering to your face. 

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Overdrawn Lips

Many of us might love making our lips look a little bigger than they actually are, but you definitely don’t want to overdo it when it comes to your lips.

Overdrawn lips can look less bold and more comical, so make sure to keep it subtle when it comes to accentuating those lips! 

Check my full guide on how to properly OVERLINE your lips so they look NATURALLY FULLER and Juicier! (with pictures)

Under Blending or Over Blending

  Both under blending and over blending can make your face look heavy.

If you under blending, there will be too many sharp lines and stark color changes between makeup products, but if you over blend, your products could look smeared.

It might take some time to find the perfect balance in blending, so make sure not to rush this step when it comes to your makeup routine. 

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How Do I Know If I’m Wearing Too Much Makeup? 

At the end of the day, you are your best judge when it comes to wearing too much makeup.

“Too much makeup” might look different for everybody.

If you wear very little makeup, doing a smokey eye might feel like too much for you.

The most important thing when it comes to wearing makeup is to wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

It’s okay to go outside the box if you are feeling adventurous, but make sure your makeup look is for you

How much makeup is too much for work?

woman at work wearing makeup

When it comes to a professional work environment, the rules of makeup might change.

The first thing to check when it comes to deciding if you are wearing too much makeup is the employee handbook.

If your workplace has a dress code, they might also have guidelines about makeup as well.

You also have to take into account the nature of your work. If you are having a lot of face-to-face contact with customers, that might influence the amount of makeup you wear.

Or, if your work is physically demanding, you might opt for less makeup to avoid having to reapply throughout the day or worry about smearing. 

More often than not though, it is up to your personal preference.

There are many makeup lovers that enjoy rocking a more subtle look at work and leaving their bold colors for the weekend, and if that’s you, that’s okay!

But, there are also makeup lovers who want to rock a bold look at work, and if your employer is okay with it, go for it!

Ultimately, pick what is going to make YOU feel most comfortable at work!

I personally love the classy neutral makeup look for my every day, OR my popular no-foundation makeup routine so my skin feels fresh and natural but flawless at the same time!

How much makeup is too much for school?

woman at school wearing natural makeup

If you are attending school, the rules will probably be a little more strict when it comes to wearing makeup.

If your high school or college has a dress code, there might also be “grooming” requirements that discuss makeup.

While it is okay to want to experiment with your makeup routine, it is also important to respect the rules/regulations in place for your school.

But, if there are no rules about makeup, you can take much of what I said above and apply it here as well. Wear what makes you feel good! 

How much foundation is too much?

woman wearing too much makeup foundation

Foundation is a key step in the makeup routine, and it is also a step that can go wrong and leave your face looking heavy. Here are a few key ways to know if you are wearing too much foundation.

Too much foundation: Orange Face

While I touched on this earlier, it is still important to note that having an orange face will definitely tell you that you are wearing too much foundation. 

Makeup foundation tends to oxidate and if you are wearing too much this can be even more noticeable PLUS if you have a foundation that is not your exact skin tone/undertone wearing too much foundation will accentuate the wrong shade even more.

If this is your case, check my complete guide on how to fix ANY wrong foundation shade without having to buy another foundation or throwing away the one you got!

Too much foundation: Doesn’t Look Natural

While you can do whatever you want with the rest of your makeup routine, it is important for your foundation to look natural, so that it blends with the rest of your body.

A simple way to prevent this from happening is wearing a lightweight foundation.

If you are like me and you do like lightweight foundations but also want some coverage so you hide any face imperfections you may have, you will love this foundation here from e.l.f.

it is a full coverage STILL super lightweight foundation that also includes skin-loving ingredients to hydrate your skin while wearing makeup. I just love it and highly recommend it.

Another thing to take in consideration is that If you pick a shade that is too light or too dark, it won’t look quite right on your face. Make sure to experiment with a few shades to ensure that you find the right one! 

Again in this foundation shades guide, you can find the exact steps to fix your foundation shade if it is too dark or too light for your skin tone.

Too much foundation: Cracking

This is a good indicator that you are wearing too many layers of foundation.

If you feel your foundation cracking, try wearing thinner layers next time. The goal of your foundation is to create a smooth foundation for the rest of your makeup, not to crack and crease. 

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Conclusion on how much makeup is too much

While at first, it can be hard to determine how much makeup is too much makeup, at the end of the day, a lot of it is a personal preference.

While there are a few generally accepted indicators that you might be wearing too much product (or wearing product incorrectly) for the most part, the most important thing is your personal preference. 

Unless it is mandated in your workplace or school, don’t let anyone tell you that you are wearing too much makeup (or not enough, which is another common question for a whole other day!)

Wear what makes you happy and confident, because the most important person’s opinion when it comes to your makeup is yourself.

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How Much Makeup Is Too Much? (Expert Opinion + Tips)

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