Can you use Concealer as Eye Primer?(Concealer vs Eye Primer)

concealer as eye primer

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Concealer vs eyeshadow primer: Can concealer substitute eye primer?

Hi, today I have a very special article about a question that some of you maybe you have asked yourself before.

Can I use concealer as an eye primer? Do I really need eye primer? some of you are probably currently using your concealer as an eye primer and you want to know if this is a good makeup practice?

I’m a certified makeup artist, makeup lover, hooded eyes/eyelids girl, and concealer fan!

And I’m here to tell you everything about concealer vs eye primer, the differences, when you should use each, and my best tips and tricks for long-lasting eye makeup below.

Let’s get into it. First things first…

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Can you use Concealer as an eye primer?

No, you don’t. Both serve different purposes and concealer does not have the benefits of using an eyeshadow primer. If you do not need those benefits, then you can use concealer on your eyelids to create a base for your eyeshadows, but it will not replace eye primer.

You would be just skipping it.

Which is fine if you do not have oily eyelids or have problems with your eyeshadow getting constantly creased.

Do you really need eye primer?

You need to apply eye primer if you want your eyeshadows last longer, stay in place all day, and prevent them from creasing.

Eye primer is formulated to serve as a skin protector from the natural oils the eyelid produce, resulting in a clean, perfect base for eyeshadows to be placed and furthermore, making them last longer without creasing.

If you opt for skip eye primer, you can get light/no vibrant shades, oily eyelids, eyeshadows creasing, or not lasting long enough as desired. If you are struggling with some of these cases, you should consider eye primer.

But wait, when can I use my concealer as an eye primer? or should I need to buy another product? Here’s the answer:

Concealer vs eye primer

The difference between eye primer and concealer is that eye primer controls the natural oils produced by the eyelid creating a perfect surface ready for eyeshadows, it also prevents eyeshadows from creasing and makes them last much longer. While in the other hand, concealer does not serve those purposes. The concealer is meant to even out the skin tone and adds extra color coverage where is needed.

The purpose of each product is different.

There are some eyeshadow primers with color added that are ideal to use if you have color on your eyelids to cover, like very darker eyelids, green/blue veins, or redness.

This type of eye primer serves as a regular eye primer with the all benefits plus it turns the eyelids into a blank canvas ready to add eyeshadows on it.

If you are doing bright/vibrant/neon eyeshadows, I highly recommend an eye primer like this one here that prevents oily eyelids and at the same time is high-pigmented to help your neon shades look lighter and brighter.

If you have oily eyelids the best eye primer to finally fix that problem is this one from Nars. It comes in 5 shades, I highly recommend the white one if you do not need to fix the color on your eyelids, and any of the rest if you do want to have some coverage as well.

Do you apply eye primer before concealer?

I highly recommend avoiding using both eyeshadow primer and concealer at the same time.

Depending on your situation you should be fine wearing any of those but both at the same time can be heavy for your eyelids and you can end up having creased eyeshadows.

If you are applying an eye primer with coverage like this one, you do not need concealer at all.

And if you don’t have oily eyelids and opt for concealer, you do not need to apply eye primer. This can end in a heavy cakey-like eye makeup.

How to use Concealer as an Eye primer

I have mentioned the benefits of eyeshadow primer and why this is simply a step you can replace, instead you would be skipping it. But in case you do not need those extra benefits eye primer has (mentioned above) and you want to use your concealer as eyeshadow here’s the way I do it.

I do not have oily eyelids, and sometimes I want my eyelids to be full coverage depending on the eye makeup look of that day. For that, I use concealer to make a base on my eyelids before eyeshadow.

I also use concealer, when I’m doing a half or regular cut crease technique. Check my post on the best concealers I use for cutting the crease.

When I’m doing that eye makeup technique, I really want to have a FULL COVERAGE to cut my shades perfectly, so I use either a full-coverage eye primer like this one or a concealer.

NOTE: An important thing to consider is picking a MATTE concealer. we want to absorb and control the oils on the eyelids and the worst option to do here is a hydrating or cream concealer (they are too oily). My absolute fave concealer is this one here.

Step 1. Apply your concealer with fingers or a small concealer brush

It’s important to first apply the product with a small brush to prevent the product to end in the eyelashes or brows. Even if you are trying to get full coverage on your eyelids start by applying a little amount of product. Clean fingers work as well.

Too much concealer can end in heavily creased eyeshadow.

Step 2. Blend with a small makeup sponge.

Now that we applied the concealer, it’s time to blend and distribute the product through all the eyelids.

No fingers or makeup brushes will blend the concealer as well as you can do it with a sponge. I highly recommend getting a small one to easily access every part of the eyelid like the inner corners.

A super affordable option (and actually GREAT quality) is the e.l.f. camo concealer sponge.

Step 3. Set with translucent powder

Now it’s time to try to make the concealer to serve as eye primer as much as we can, and setting the concealer with a powder will dry the concealer in a similar way that eye primer does.

BUT, it is important to use translucent powder. Not powder foundation or any other colored powder.

That will add more layers of makeup to the eyelids and can make them look heavy or cakey.

Powder foundations have different formulas that are not ideal for eyelids. at least not mixed with concealer and eyeshadows.

Is it okay to put concealer on your eyelids?

Concealers are considered secure to wear around the eye area, at least in the under-eye area, so they shouldn’t be any problem with applying on the eyelids. But an allergic test before it is always encouraged.

Disclaimer. This Site offers information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional health care advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Best Concealer to use as an eye primer

The best concealer to use as an eyeshadow primer is a matte, long-lasting, full coverage, and liquid concealer.

Avoid: Cream concealers (too oily), hydrating concealers, sheer coverage concealers (in that case an actual eye primer would be best)

Here’s my top 3 concealers to use an eye primer that in my experience, doesn’t make the eyeshadows to crease.

Tarte Shape Tape concealer

tarte shape tape concealer

I have tried and tested several different concealers from different prices, brands, and textures (creams, liquids, mouse) and any concealer on the market leaves the finish and coverage that this one does.

It is my favorite concealer for basically everything a concealer could be used for, including using it as an eyeshadow primer.

it is super lightweight, FULL coverage, matte, and easy to manage. Long-lasting? 1000% long-lasting. it is just the best.

not the same but an affordable version of this is the next:

Infallible Concealer

Can you use Concealer as Eye Primer? (Concealer vs Eye Primer)

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