27 Types of Facials and How to Choose the best for you

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27 Types of Facials and How to Choose the best for you

Few indulgences in life revive us like a relaxing facial at a fancy salon. Sure, a lot of it is hyped up and perhaps not worth the expense.

And yes, there are DIY queens out there who are well-versed in creating splendid facials from the comfort of their homes. A quick web search would fetch thousands of results on creating facials with simple ingredients from your pantry.

That said, professional facials do have their place in our beauty regimen. Sometimes, it takes an esthetician’s expert eye to point out what the skin lacks and suggest suitable treatments. 

Once you delve into the world of facials, things quickly become chaotic. There are too many styles of facials and face treatments, and finding what works for your skin is a pretty overwhelming task. 

But fret not, for we are about to share with you an exhaustive list of 27 facials and skin treatments.

We’ve included some of the most sought-after and effective procedures that could benefit your particular skin type or condition.

There’s something here for everyone!

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Different types of facial treatments

Salons nowadays offer plenty of treatments that promise to target and fix skin issues like acne, pigmentation, sun damage, and age spots.

At the same time, they also provide skin-enhancing treatments to brighten and tighten skin, improve complexion and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from traditional offerings like the classic facial, deep cleansing, and chemical peels, many new facial procedures use innovations like light therapy, plasma treatments, laser therapy, etc.

Estheticians even use AI technology to analyze your skin before deciding which treatment suits you best!

How to choose the best facial for your skin

Different facials serve different purposes. Be diligent about choosing one that works best for your skin needs. And if you are unsure about your choice, that is where a professional can be of help.

They can analyze your skin in-depth and guide you toward the right course of treatment.

There isn’t a single treatment that would fix all your skin needs. And often, it takes multiple sittings to see any results. Not to mention, these could be pretty expensive!

There are several other factors that you should consider before getting into a treatment process:

  • Understand whether you need a medical solution or a cosmetic one. Sometimes it is better to visit a dermatologist!
  • Your facial should contain the right ingredients to improve your problem areas. Double-check if you have a history of allergies.
  • Find out other customers’ experiences or read online reviews to understand if your esthetician/salon is legit and the best choice to help you achieve your skin goals.
  • Consider whether the frequency of treatments and the number of salon visits are viable or a burden on your current schedule.
  • Finally, be aware of the overall expenses you might incur for repeated visits. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just skin issues. Sometimes a salon or spa visit is a way to enjoy a special occasion or take a break. A radiant glow and a few stress-free hours are all some of us are after. Whatever be your reason, you will find something that works for you from our comprehensive list. 

So without further ado, here’s a list of 27 wonderful face treatments for you!

1. Classic Facial

classic facial

Procedure: This traditional facial method involves cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masking, and moisturizing the skin. The treatment can be customized using different products for different skin types. 

Benefits: Removes dead cells, cleanses, hydrates, and revives the skin.

Suitable for: It can work for all skin types when done with skin-specific products.

2. European Facial

Procedure: The steps are similar to a classic facial, but include deep cleansing and lymphatic node massaging. It has to be done at least once a month for optimum results.

Benefits: It is a relaxing process that results in better skin quality and softer, healthier-looking, detoxified skin.

Suitable for: All skin types. Works particularly well on acne-prone skin.

3. Oxygen facial

Procedure: Highly concentrated oxygen molecules enriched with nutrients are sprayed onto the skin using a high-pressure wand. This process is followed by a hydrating serum treatment(usually hyaluronic acid) to plump up the skin.

Benefits: It improves blood circulation and collagen production and diminishes signs of aging. Also helpful in healing wounds and calming active acne.

Suitable for: All skin types. Beneficial to those wanting to maintain youthful, radiant skin.

4. Lymphatic drainage facial

Lymphatic drainage facial

Procedure: During the facial, the aesthetician lightly massages the lymph nodes in a circular motion and helps to eliminate the build-up of excess fluids in your face. The massaging pushes toxins out and delivers oxygen and nutrients around the face.

Benefits: It stimulates circulation, eliminates waste fluids, and improves your complexion by detoxifying skin. Also improves dull skin, reduces puffiness and breakouts.

Suitable for: Most skin types, even acne-prone skin, but not skin with active acne breakouts. Those with underlying health issues should consult a doctor before undergoing treatment.

5. Aromatherapy facial

aromatherapy facial

Procedure: Skin issues are treated using essential oils and relaxing massaging techniques. The oils, herbs, and essences seep into the skin healing and nourishing it from within. The steps are similar to traditional facials, including cleansing, exfoliating, oil massage, and moisturizing. 

Benefits: Great for nourishing skin using natural ingredients. Massaging relaxes the face and skin, clears ailments, and leaves you with youthful, supple skin.

Suitable for: Works for those with mature, combination, and dry skin. Natural oils may cause an adverse reaction in some, so those with health conditions and allergies need to consult with a doctor or aesthetician first.

6. Anti-aging facial

Procedure: The steps and products used in this facial directly target the skin concerns of mature skin types including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It involves exfoliation and skin resurfacing, cleansing, hydration, and skin rejuvenation treatments. 

Benefits: Skin is hydrated and wrinkles and lines appear minimized. The face gets a lifted appearance and looks smooth, even, and damage-free.

Suitable for: Matured skin, or those with skin showing signs of aging(usually  aged 30+)

7. Laser resurfacing facial

Procedure: The esthetician uses a laser and lightly resurfaces the skin. During this process, the thin top layer of skin is removed, and once the underlying skin heals, it will be devoid of skin flaws like mild acne scars and dark spots. Wrinkles and fine lines will also be visibly reduced.

Benefits: Skin tone and complexion are significantly improved. Same applies to minor conditions like unevenness, sun damage, and texture.

Suitable for: Might not work on those with deep wrinkles, scars and very dark skin pigmentation. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, and those with immune disorders and underlying health issues.

8. Microdermabrasion

microdermabrasion facial

Procedure: Like laser treatment, this facial technique also involves removing the outer skin layer but using an abrasive instrument like a Diamond-tip handpiece. The tool is gently circulated all over the skin, and all the dead cells are vacuumed up.

Benefits: Pores, lines, and wrinkles appear diminished. The treatment boosts collagen production and improves skin elasticity, complexion, and texture.

Suitable for: This treatment is not advisable for those suffering from medical skin ailments, active acne, sunburns, and auto-immune disorders.

9. Crystal microdermabrasion

Procedure: The process is similar to microdermabrasion. With a handheld device, aluminum oxide crystals are sprayed onto the skin surface and dead skin cells, crystals and debris are suctioned off. They are not considered as effective as diamond-tip microdermabrasion.

Benefits: The treatment provides deep exfoliation and leaves patients with bright, glowing skin.

Suitable for: Like microdermabrasion, this treatment is also not advisable for those with skin conditions that require medical attention.

 10. Hydrafacial

Procedure: It is a three-step patented treatment process that combines microdermabrasion and hydration facials. The process includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Nourishing serums are used to boost skin hydration. 

Benefits: The procedure is gentler on the skin and gives it a longer-lasting glow. It improves elasticity, firmness, skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines, and many other skin issues. 

Suitable for: Hydrafacial can be beneficial for almost all skin types.

11. LED Light therapy facial

Procedure: LED therapy uses different wavelengths of light to treat skin conditions. Red-light frequency treats acne issues, and blue light targets age-related skin concerns. The skin specialist will run an LED wand over your skin or have you lie down under lights for the procedure.

Benefits: With multiple treatments(at least 10), skin conditions related to acne, redness, and aging will begin to see improvements.

Suitable for: The procedure can be safely used by most. Those with skin rashes or inflammation should wait until they’re fully healed.

12. Plasma-rich protein(PRP) facial

Procedure: PRP or ‘vampire facial’ is a medical procedure. The dermatologist extracts platelets and plasma from the client’s blood and injects them back into the skin using a micro-needling process. The idea is to boost the skin’s collagen production and cell turnover.

Benefits: Skin is supple and looks fuller and smooth. It also reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and lines.

Suitable for: It’s a safe treatment for those with scars and signs of aging. Not recommended for people with blood-clotting disorders or extreme sun damage.

13. Microneedling

micronieedling facial

Procedure: It’s a minimally invasive skin treatment that involves pricking the skin surface with a rolling tool. This tool has fine needles that make tiny pricks on the skin while rolling. A skin anesthetic is applied before the process to minimize pain. The technique boosts collagen production and creates new, replenished skin tissues.

Benefits: The procedure can be used to target acne scars, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Suitable for: Not to be used during pregnancy or by those with skin infections, psoriasis, eczema, and related conditions.

14. Galvanic facial 

Procedure: Galvanic therapy works by passing low electric currents onto the skin which helps infuse water-based solutions and treatments into it. It helps in muscle toning and provides a facelift-like effect.

Benefits: It helps achieve a lifted look without any surgery, rejuvenates skin, boosts collagen levels, and improves hydration and blood circulation.

Suitable for: The treatment can be used by those with oily, dry and mature skin. 

15. Chemical peel

Procedure: The esthetician applies a chemical solution to the skin. This will result in the removal of the topmost layer and facilitate the growth of smooth skin in its place. Depending on your skin goals and the depth of the chemical peel(light, medium, or deep), the procedure may need to be repeated.

Benefits: Peeling can help treat light acne scars, wrinkles, and spots and give you clearer, radiant-looking skin.

Suitable for: Almost everyone, except in case of pregnancy and while taking certain medications.

16. Anti-aging facial

Procedure: The steps are similar to a classic facial and involve cleansing, exfoliating, skin mask, massaging, and post-facial care. The difference is that the products used are more effective in actively targeting mature skin problems.

Benefits: Anti-aging treatment boosts collagen, tightens and firms up the skin, hydrates, and keeps it supple. 

Suitable for: Best for those with age-related skin issues.

17. Glycolic peel facial

Procedure: It is a medium-strength peel and the application process is similar to other chemical peels. The alpha-hydroxy acid penetrates the top and middle skin layers and effectively treats dead skin, acne, and dark spots.

Benefits: It works well against acne scars, age-related spots, hyperpigmentation etc.

Suitable for: Safe for all skin types.

18. Ultherapy

Procedure: This patented treatment is relatively new in the market and helps lift sagging skin, eyebrows, and neck. A device sends ultrasound energy deep into the skin which improves skin elasticity and collagen production. It might take a few weeks or months to see more obvious changes.  

Benefits: Tighter, firmer, youthful skin without surgical treatment is the most lucrative benefit of this procedure.

Suitable for: FDA approved this to be safely used by all.

19. Cryotherapy facial

Procedure: The facial involves pumping liquid nitrogen into your face and cooling it for a few minutes. This activity increases blood flow to the skin and energizes, tightens, and brightens it.

Benefits: The non-invasive procedure provides benefits like glowing skin, tighter pores, and smoother texture without needing any elaborate aftercare.

Suitable for: It’s considered safe for all except pregnant women and those with certain health issues.

20. Sculpting facial

Procedure: It involves a massaging and sculpting process that enhances the contours of the face and gives it a firmer, lifted look. Facial massage, Guasha sculpting, masking, face rolling, etc., are some of the steps that give the face a glowy look and enhance facial features.

Benefits: You get a beautiful, contoured face without using any makeup!

Suitable for: The facial is considered safe for all.

21. Purifying facial

Procedure: It involves detoxifying the skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and toning procedures.

Benefits: Clears skin of impurities, removes blackheads, unclogs pores, and treats skin imperfections.

Suitable for: Best for oily skin.

 22. Electric facial

Procedure: Low-level electric impulses or microcurrents are used on the skin to trigger and improve stimulation at a cellular level. The current works on facial muscles and promotes anti-aging, skin firming and toning.

Benefits: This treatment works well on dark circles, pores, and wrinkles and helps in sculpting and face lifting.

Suitable for: Not advised for those with health conditions like epilepsy, cancer, heart issues, pregnancy, etc. 

23. 24k Gold facial

Procedure: The luxury facial starts with a cleansing ritual and an exfoliating face scrub, followed by masking. The esthetician uses 24k gold masks and finishes with a rejuvenating massage. 24k gold masks help to detoxify the skin and improve skin elasticity and cell turnover.

Benefits: It improves the complexion, texture, firmness, and elasticity of the skin and also works on age-related lines and discoloration.

Suitable for: The facial can be used on all skin types.

24. Carbon peel facial

Procedure: This facial has three critical steps. To begin, a dark-colored carbon-rich lotion is applied to the skin. While drying, the carbon traps oil, sebum, dirt, and other impurities on the skin. Then, a laser heats the carbon and allows it to absorb everything on the skin surface. Finally, a pulsing laser destroys the carbon layers and the trapped impurities.

Benefits: Exfoliates the skin, unclogs pores, and treats acne and acne scars. Skin is brighter, firmer, and clear.

Suitable for: It is considered safe for all. Seek professional opinion if health conditions are present.

25. Brightening facial

Procedure: The skin brightening facial uses a glycolic peel for exfoliation. Depending on the skincare provider, exfoliation is followed by brightening treatments like radiofrequency tightening treatment, LED therapy, brightening serums, and masks.

Benefits: The treatment removes unevenness, discoloration, and scars and reveals vibrant, detoxified, healthy skin.

Suitable for: Some procedures may be unavailable for those with underlying health conditions.

26. Skin boosters

Procedure: Also known as micro-fillers, the procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin surface. These microinjections of hyaluronic acid and other nourishing vitamins enrich the skin by improving hydration,  elasticity, texture, and tone.

Benefits: You get luminous, radiant skin, better collagen production, better healing, and anti-aging benefits.

Suitable for: They’re not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

27. Placenta/ stem cell facial

Procedure: The procedure involves applying stem cells extracted from sheep or human placenta to the skin. This is done after a micro-needling process which helps to introduce the stem cell extracts to the skin.

Benefits: Research has been minimal, but experts believe this facial provides valuable anti-aging benefits, better healing properties, antioxidants, and good hydration.

Suitable for: Probably safe for all. There is a lack of research in this area.

How to prepare for getting a facial

It is a good idea to prepare yourself ahead of time and be stress-free on the day of your procedure. If this is your first time getting a facial, here are a few do’s and don’ts you should know about:


  • Talk to your esthetician about the process, the duration, cost, ingredients, and any other concerns you might have
  • Communicate if you have any health issues or are taking medications
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Stay hydrated and relaxed!


  • Stay away from face treatments like peels and fillers for a few days before getting your facial. 
  • Avoid at-home facials and exfoliation a week before your procedure
  • Stay out of the sun and always wear sunscreen
  • Avoid shaving, waxing, and other beauty processes.

How many times should you get a facial?

Beauty professionals recommend getting a facial at least once a month to derive maximum benefit. Why? Because it takes around four weeks for our skin to recover and regain its natural properties. 

That is, however, more of a general guideline. The actual number depends on your treatment plan and what your esthetician/dermatologist recommends. Some, like a hydrafacial, should be done only once in 3 months, and others, like red light therapy, work very well when done several times a week!

Best Facial Kits for at home facial 

If you are not ready for a luxurious at-salon treatment yet, you can start by using custom facial kits available locally or online that have great customer reviews. The advantage being you can use them from the comfort of your home and get excellent results without having to break the bank!

There are plenty of face masks and treatments, and it’s difficult to pick favorites. But here are three products that we love for the skin benefits they provide.

1.Neutrogena Microdermabrasion starter kit

This affordable  At home microdermabrasion machine AND Skin Exfoliator with Glycerin is designed to provide the short-term benefit of luminous skin and makes your skin look firmer and healthier-looking over time!

2.Mario Badescu Acne Starter Regimen Kit

Get rid of your acne and get clearer skin with this product. It cleanses, tones, moisturizes, and clarifies skin and works great on all skin types – especially oily, acne-prone skin.

3. I DEW CARE Kitten My Balance On Korean facial kit

Trending Korean skincare with Cannabis seed oil that cleanses and refines skin, improves complexion and works great on dry, sensitive skin.

Conclusion on the different types of facial treatments

New trends crop up in the skincare industry every day. Technological innovations have found their way into skin treatments, and the number of facials that use technology is proof of that.

That said, the treatment that is best for you might not be the newest or the most advanced. Sometimes even a home-based kit will work just fine. Understand your skin, learn about your options and make a choice that works for you. And always have room for some indulgence. You deserve it!

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