The Best cleanser for Oily Skin and Large Pores

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Finding a great cleanser is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine, but how do you know which one is the best one for your skin?

Your skin is unique, and sometimes using a cleanser that isn’t built for your specific skin will actually do more harm to your skin than good.

Today I am focusing specifically on people with oily skin and large pores, so if that is you, read on!

If you have oily skin and large pores, it is essential to find a cleanser that is specifically designed for your skin, and below I will be highlighting a few of my favorites!

Plus, I go through exactly what causes oily skin and large pores, how to best treat it, and why that occurs in the first place. So let’s dive right in!

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What causes oily skin and large pores?

If you have oily skin and large pores, you might be wondering: why is my skin like this in the first place?
Oily skin is one of five basic skin types.

The other skin types include normal, dry, combination, and sensitive. If you aren’t sure which category you fall into, the easiest way to test would be to use a blotting sheet.

After you’ve washed your face, blot your face with the blotting sheet.

If you don’t see a lot of oil, you probably have dry skin. If you see a bit of oil on different parts of the sheet, you might have combination skin, but if you see a lot of oil on the blotting sheet, then you are in the right place!

Your skin type is largely determined by genetics, and it might change as you get older.

As for your large pores, those are also typically caused by several factors outside of your control, like gender, age, and hormone levels.

However, there are a few factors that contribute to large pores that are entirely preventable, like UV exposure and the use of comedogenic cosmetics (which are products that tend to clog pores). 

No matter how you arrived at your skin type, be assured that it is completely normal, and there are products specifically tailored for you!

How to treat oily skin and large pores with cleansers?

If you have oily skin and large pores, one of the best ways to help your skin is by using a cleanser.

Using a cleanser is an essential part of the skincare routine because it removes all of the impurities from your skin.

Using a cleanser daily allows for your skin to stay fresh, and unclogs your pores to give them a smaller appearance.

In addition, using a cleanser specifically designed for oily skin helps to balance out the oils in your face without stripping it of its natural oils entirely, or adding excess oil. 

Now that you know why you have oily skin and large pores, and why it is so important to use a cleanser to treat your face, let’s look at a few of my favorite cleansers!

Best Cleansers for Oily Skin and Large Pores

Below I have highlighted several of my favorite cleansers for oily skin and large pores, and what makes them unique!

1.Paula’s Choice CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

Best Features:

Cooling Formula: One of my favorite features about this cleanser is its cooling formula. After a long day, who doesn’t want a nice, cooling face wash? This cooling formula also calms your skin and reduces irritation. 

Acne-Fighting Solution: This cleanser is made with Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid (BHA), and SPF 30. All of these ingredients are perfect for fighting acne, preventing breakouts, and keeping your skin hydrated.

Paraben-Free: In addition to amazing ingredients, this cleanser also knows when to leave out ingredients. It is paraben-free and fragrance-free, so it is perfect if your skin tends to be a little more sensitive to cleansers. 

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2. La Roche-Posay Purifying Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin

La Roche-Posay
Toleriane Purifying Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin best cleansers for oily skin

Best Features:

Amazing Ingredients: Arguably the most important thing in any face wash is its ingredients, and this cleanser has a few great ones.

This cleanser is made with thermal spring water, which is rich in antioxidants. It also has Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, which soothes your skin, and glycerin, which hydrates your skin. 

Non-Comedogenic: As I mentioned earlier, using comedogenic products will clog your pores and leave them looking enlarged.

Luckily, this formula is non-comedogenic and does not clog your pores, but deep cleans them instead.

Sensitive-Skin Approved: This formula has been tested on sensitive skin, and has raving reviews. It has been allergy-tested, and it is dermatologist-approved. Plus it is paraben and fragrance-free! 

Oil-Free: If you have oily skin, using an oil-free cleanser is usually the best way to go, so that you do not make your skin more oily.

This cleanser is certified oil-free. It is also soap and sulfate-free, which are both essential for oily skin!

3.Paula’s Choice CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser

Best Features:

Oil-Reducing Ingredients: While this cleanser is a bit pricer than the other Paula’s Choice cleanser above, I love it because it is specifically designed to reduce your skin’s excess oils without stripping it of its moisture entirely, and it has a few ingredients to lock in this process.

First, this is a coconut-derived cleanser. The great thing about coconut is that it is gentle on your skin, and it is hydrating.

This cleanser is also formulated with aloe and glycerin, both essential ingredients for deep hydration and moisturization.

Light Formula: Another important feature of this moisturizer is that it feels light on your face.

It is not overwhelmingly aggressive in cleansing your face, and it does not leave your face feeling heavy afterward.

It is also a cream to foam texture, which leaves your face feeling extra light after cleansing. 

Paraben and Fragrance-Free: Like all Paula’s Choice products, this cleanser is paraben and fragrance-free. It is also cruelty-free!

4. Cetaphil Acne Face Wash

Best Features:

Defends Against Skin Sensitivity: Cetaphil is specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind and targets the 5 signs of skin sensitivity (a weakened skin barrier, irritation, roughness, tightness, and dryness).

With this in mind, this cleanser is made with a gentle formula to avoid irritation and to gently cleanse the face.

#1 Dermatologist Recommended: On every Cetaphil bottle, you will see “#1 Dermatologist Recommended” displayed proudly on the front, and rightfully so.

Cetaphil has been rated this highly specifically for their cleansers like this one, which gives you even more incentive to try it out for yourself!

Fighting and Soothing Duo: This cleanser also includes opposite but effective ingredients.

It contains 2% salicylic acid, which is perfect for fighting acne, and white tea and aloe to soothe the skin! This balance is perfect if you want a powerful product that won’t irritate your skin!

5.Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Best Features:

2 Step Cleansing Formula: This cleanser makes your skin smooth and clean through two steps.

First, its exfoliating microbeads remove the dead skin cells, and then the alpha-hydroxy formula goes deep into the pores to remove any impurities! 

Proven to Shrink Pores: Many customers claim that their pores looked visibly smaller after using this cleanser for just one week.

Neutrogena claims to shrink your pores to half their original size, which is perfect for those of us with large pores!

Non-Comedogenic: This cleanser is also non-comedogenic, and it is soap-free!

6. KIEHL’S Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash

kiehl's oil eliminator review best face wash for oily skin

Best Features:

Natural Formula: If you are a fan of natural exfoliating properties, then this is the product for you.

Kiehl’s uses apricot kernels instead of microbeads to act as a gentle yet effective exfoliant. Talk about thinking outside of the box!

Visibly Reduces Oil and Pore Size: One consistent compliment about this product is that it delivers visible results.

Many customers exclaim that their friends took notice when they started using this cleanser and that it makes your skin look and feel less oily.

Plus, it reduces the size of your pores in just two weeks. 

Amazing, Natural Scent: If the fragrance-free cleansers above have not been your cup of tea, then this cleanser might just hit the mark.

It is made with mint, so it has an amazing minty and fruity scent when you use it!

7. KIEHL’S Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

Kielh's calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash for oily skin and large pores, review

Best Features:

Made with Healing Ingredients: While this face wash may be one of the most expensive items on the list, it is for good reason.

This particular cleanser is made with calendula extract and petals.

For several centuries, calendula was considered a medicinal herb in many practices, and today it is best known for its effectiveness for oily skin types.

This plant has extreme soothing properties that will leave your skin feeling deeply refreshed.

Long-Lasting: Another great feature of this cleanser is that the bottle will last for several months.

Unlike some cleansers that must be replaced every few weeks, this cleanser will only need to be purchased a few times a year!

8. KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser

KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser for oily skin and large pores, review

Best Features:

Key Ingredients: You didn’t think we were done with Kiehl’s products, did you? I had to highlight one more amazing cleanser because it is packed full of amazing ingredients.

This cleanser contains desert plant extract, which contains high levels of potassium known to hydrate the face.

It also contains lemon fruit extract, which has high levels of Vitamin C which freshen the skin!

Doesn’t Dehydrate: A common problem with cleansers designed for oily skin is that they might dehydrate your skin in an effect to reduce the oils.

However, this cleanser is perfect for those that might struggle with oily and dehydrated skin. It is made with a hydrating formula that eliminates excess oil, but it does not strip the skin of its necessary oils. 

9. CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

cerave acne foaming cream cleanser review for oily skin and large pores

Best Features: 

Acne-Clearing Formula: This cleanser in particular is perfect if you are struggling with acne or breakouts.

It is specifically designed to help clear whiteheads and blackheads. It is also formulated with three ceramides to break through the skin’s barrier and deep clean pores.

Paraben-Free: This cleanser is also paraben-free and fragrance-free. Plus it is non-comedogenic, so this is perfect for sensitive skin. 

10. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

Best Features:

Full-Body Experience: The most unique feature of this cleanser is that it is suitable for your whole body. If you struggle with back acne or chest acne, this is the cleanser for you! It can be used on your face, body, and hands!

Non-Drying Formula: This cleanser is specifically designed for oily skin, but customers love that it does not dry out your face after using it!

11. Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser

murad acne control cleanser for oily skin and large pores, review

Best Features: 

Two Salicylic Acids: This cleanser is made with two types of salicylic acids to fight acne even hours after use.

Dissolves Excess Oil: In a clinical study, 97% of users found that this cleanser dissolved the excess oil on their face in just a few days!

Soothing Ingredients: This cleanser is also formulated with green tea extract, which soothes the skin after the aggressive salicylic acid treatment and keeps your face feeling hydrated all day long.

12. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Best Features:

pH Balanced: This cleanser will not only remove the excess oil from your face but will also restore your natural pH balance. 

Perfect for Sensitive Skin: This cleanser is also made with sensitive skin in mind because it is non-comedogenic!

Removes 99% of Excess Oil: As you can see, this cleanser is not messing around when it comes to restoring your face to its natural oils without all of the excesses that make your face look oily.

This cleanser is proven to remove almost 100% of all excess oils on your face!

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13. Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser for oily skin and large pores review

Best Features: 

Reduces Discoloration: One stand-out feature of this cleanser is that it is made to reduce discoloration on your face and gives your face an even and youthful glow.

It also helps with acne scarring, which so many of us struggle with. If that is you, this cleanser is a game-changer. 

Low Maintenance: Another great feature of this cleanser is that it does not need to be used every day. It is designed to only be used every few days to replace the daily cleansing of your face.

Reduces Inflammation: This cleanser also reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation on your skin because of its glycolic acid formula!

 Conclusion on the best Face wash for Oily Skin and Large pores

Our #1 Recomendation is this face wash here by Paula’s Choice. The results are AMAZING if you use it constantly.

If you have oily skin and large pores, you may have felt discouraged if your cleanser just wasn’t doing the trick.

Oftentimes we don’t understand why our skin is the way that is and what products are best.

But now you know all there is to know about oily skin and large pores, and you have a whole list of cleansers that are perfect for your skin type.

Each of them has amazing features, and no matter what, there is one on this list that is bound to fit exactly what you need!

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The Best cleanser for Oily Skin and Large Pores

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