10 Best Drugstore Non-comedogenic Foundations in 2023

non comedogenic foundations drugstore

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Check this guide on the best drugstore non-comedogenic foundations, what non-comedogenic means, and what foundations are non-comedogenic!

As a Makeup Artist, I know when shopping for drugstore products, a foundation can be one of the trickiest makeup products to find for an affordable price.

Not only are there so many different options, but having a quality foundation is an essential step to your makeup routine. Foundation creates the canvas for the rest of your makeup and having a poor foundation leaves the rest of your makeup fighting to stay on your face.

Not only is a good foundation essential, but finding a non-comedogenic foundation is even better.

But why is a non-comedogenic foundation important?

And what are the best drugstore foundations out there?

Today, I will be answering all of this and more!

But first, let’s dive into what non-comedogenic means, and why it is important. Especially if you have acne-prone skin or oily skin.

best drugstore non comedogenic foundation

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Non-Comedogenic Makeup Definition and Importance

Before we look at a few of my favorite non-comedogenic foundations, I want to explain exactly why this is a key feature in makeup and skincare products, and who needs it the most.

What does Non-Comedogenic Makeup Mean?

When something is titled “non-comedogenic” it literally means that it is unlikely to cause comedones (pore blockages) or breakouts. When makeup is comedogenic, it is more likely to fill your pores and create blackheads, whiteheads, and other acne breakouts.

Who Should Use Non-Comedogenic Products?

I believe that there isn’t anyone who shouldn’t use non-comedogenic makeup and skincare products. Everyone benefits from not having clogged pores.

But if you struggle with acne, oily skin, or have sensitive skin, finding non-comedogenic products is a must. 

Do Non-Comedogenic Products Clear Acne? 

Since non-comedogenic products are tied to people who suffer from acne breakouts, there is some speculation as to whether these products clear acne. Unfortunately, they do not. 

Non-comedogenic products are also not guaranteed to not clog pores, it is just less likely that they will.

So, do not expect a magical skin breakthrough when using these products, but also know that they are likely working hard to not make your skin worse.

10 Best Non-Comedogenic Foundations

Now that you know a bit more about non-comedogenic foundations, let’s check out a few of my favorites and why they are on this list! 

1.Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

fit me poreless non comedogenic foundation

Price: $5-$10

✅ Pros:

  • Variety of Shades: This foundation has more shades that you will know what to do with! It comes in 40 different shades, so you are sure to find your perfect fit.
  • Long-Lasting: With 12-hour wear, I love that this foundation stays on your face all day long without fading. 
  • Oil-Free: If you struggle with oily skin, you should add this foundation to your cart immediately! It is oil-free, so it will not leave your skin feeling greasy after use.

    In fact, it is made with a clay formula, so it will actually absorb some of that extra oil from your face!

⭕️ Cons:

  • Poor Coverage: One negative of this foundation is that it does not provide full coverage. It advertises light-to-medium coverage, but many users felt that it only provided light coverage. 

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Liquid Foundation

Price: Check current price here.


  • Perfect for Dry Skin: Since this foundation has “hydro boost” in its title, you should know that it is perfect for dry skin. It is made with hyaluronic acid to give you extra moisturizing power! 
  • Lightweight: You also won’t feel weighed down by this foundation. This is especially a good fit if you like to wear a full face of makeup. Sometimes a heavy foundation can weigh your face down, but not this one!

⭕️ Cons

  • Cracks: One flaw that a few customers found in this product is that it cracks easily, especially around the mouth and eye area, so if that is a concern for you, check out some of the other amazing foundations on this list!

3. NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

Price: Check the best price here.


  • Full Coverage: Unlike the Maybelline foundation above, NYX’s foundation is full coverage, so get ready to hide any blemishes, uneven spots, or any other imperfections with this foundation.

  • 24 Hour Wear: While none of us should be wearing makeup 24 hours a day, this foundation does boast 24-hour wear, and many customers found that it did last all day and all night long without fading or creasing. 


  • Difficult to Remove: With that long-lasting feature in makeup often comes a difficulty to remove said makeup, and this foundation is no exception.

    Make sure you have an extremely effective makeup wipe for this foundation because it will not come off with one swipe. 

4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation

Price: Check the best offer here.


  • Variety of Shades: L’Oreal’s foundation is another one that has a multitude of shades. This foundation comes in a massive 39 shades, so it is perfect for any skin tone.
  • Protective: This foundation is also formulated with SPF 25, and it is water and sweat-resistant, so it is ready for whatever life throws at you. 


  • Heavy: You also might find that this foundation feels a little heavier, so it isn’t the best fit if you wear a full face of makeup. 

5. CeraVe Hydrating Face Sheer Tint

Price: Check the best offer here


  • Restorative and Protective: While this is on the list of the best foundations, this product in particular is designed first as a tinted sunscreen. It is formulated with SPF 30 to protect against UVA and UVB rays. It is also made with ceramides to restore the skin’s barrier.
  • Sensitive-Skin Approved: To be accepted by the National Eczema Association is a big deal, and this foundation is. It is also fragrance-free, paraben-free, oil-free, and so much more. It is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin!


  • Cost: While it is still a drugstore product, this foundation does fall on the higher end of the price scale. Even though it is a few dollars more expensive than the other products on this list, it does boast a lot of benefits for your skin!5.

6. L’Oreal True Match Nude Serum

Price: Check the best offer here


  • Brightens Complexion: Made with 1% hyaluronic acid and mineral properties, this serum will brighten your face and leave it feeling hydrated and smooth.
  • Blends Well: This serum also blends flawlessly with other makeup, as it does not have an oily or matte finish. 


  • Not Explicitly a Foundation: As you can see in the name, this L’Oreal product is more of a healing serum than an actual foundation, so it does not provide the kind of coverage that you might be looking for from a foundation. 

7. CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skim Milk Foundation

Covergirl non comedogenic foundation from the drugstore

Price: $11.99 on ULTA


  • Dewy Finish: Made with coconut milk and aloe, this foundation leaves your skin looking dewy and glowing for days! 
  • Long-Lasting: This foundation will stay on your face all day long, so no matter what the day throws at you, this foundation is staying by your side.


  • Cakey: One frustration with this foundation is that sometimes it felt cakey after applying or throughout the day. Other customers complained that it felt too thick when applying. 

8. L’Oreal Infallible Powder Foundation

infallible powder foundation non comedogenic

Price: Check the best offer here


  • Gorgeous Matte Finish: I couldn’t do a list of the best drugstore foundations without including at least one powder foundation! I love this foundation because it leaves a stunning matte finish.

  • Protective: This foundation is also waterproof, sweatproof, and heatproof, so it is ready for whatever comes your way!


  • Not Suited for Mature Skin: While I do love this foundation, it is not the best fit for those with mature skin. It may accentuate your wrinkles and dry spots, so I would instead opt for another foundation on this list. 

9. Milani Conceal+Perfect Foundation and Concealer

Milani foundation non comedogenic

Price: Check the best offer here


  • Full Coverage: Since this Milani product is both a foundation and concealer, the coverage is amazing! Many customers loved that it provided full coverage and left their skin feeling smooth and even. 
  • Stunning Matte Finish: Like the powder foundation above, this foundation also has a gorgeous matte finish, so if that is a must-have on your list, add this foundation to your cart immediately!


  • Hard to Find the Perfect Shade: Some customers felt that it was difficult to find the best shade for their skin tone, so you might need to experiment with a couple of different shades before finding your best fit. 

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10. elf Camo CC Cream

elf camo cc cream foundation

Price: $14 on ULTA


  • Great Color Correcting: Since this is not just any foundation but a CC (color correcting) cream, it lives up to its name. Customers loved even their skin looked after using this cream.
  • Multitude of Skincare Benefits: This CC cream is also packed full of great ingredients for your skin. It is made with niacinamide to even out your skin tone, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin. 


  • Drying: One common complaint with this cream was that it might dry out your skin. So if you have fallen in love with this CC cream, I recommend pairing it with a great moisturizer to lock in that hydration. 

Final thoughts on the best non comedogenic foundation

If you struggle with acne-prone skin, having a non-comedogenic foundation is a must-have in your makeup routine.

Non-comedogenic products lessen the likelihood of clogging pores, and with so many great options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best fit.

But, I hope that this list helped you find your next perfect-fit foundation for an affordable price!

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