How to Fix Wrong Undertone Foundation (Like a Pro!)

How to fix wrong undertone foundation

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Did you get the wrong foundation shade?

NO worries!

There’s an easy way you can try, and here’s how to fix a wrong undertone foundation as a Makeup artist does! 

Whether your foundation is too orange, too yellow, or makes you look pink or gray,

in this article, you will find the solution to turn any foundation tone

and undertone into your perfect foundation match in minutes! 

How to fix wrong undertone foundation, how to fix orange foundation, how to fix yellow foundation, how to fix gray foundation

So, you finally decided to buy that gorgeous foundation that everyone is talking about,

and you probably went to Sephora, ULTA, or amazon online.


You went to the actual store, but the store girl gave you the wrong foundation,

even when you tested at the store!

(This happened to me several times, I don’t trust any beauty store girl anymore, haha, sometimes if they don’t have your shade, they give you what they have)

But the next day, you try your foundation at home, and OH NO!

it isn’t as good anymore. 

The best way to fix wrong undertone foundation is by finding the wrong undertone and adding a pea-sized amount of its complementary color.

Then mix them to get a neutralized foundation shade.

After that, use a light foundation mixer until the shade matches your skin tone.

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What do you do if your foundation doesn’t match? 

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If your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone, find out if it is an undertone problem or tone problem.

After that, use foundation lightening drops if your foundation is too dark,

or apply cream or powder contour if your foundation is too light.

And use the complementary colors to fix wrong undertones. 

It sounds simple right?

But it’s a little bit complicated, and you need to be careful when

mixing tones and undertones because you can end with an even worse foundation shade. 

However, once you get it, you will never worry about wrong undertones or wrong foundation tones anymore!

Because you will be able to fix any foundation to match your skin tone and undertone perfectly. 

✅ I highly recommend this Primary colors Palette here for you to be able to MIX, FIX or CREATE any foundation or concealer shade!

Especially if you are a Makeup artist, you NEED this palette, so you can always match your client’s tone and undertone without spending on hundreds of foundation shades. 

The palette includes the primary colors, white, black, and some others,

in a compact palette that you can pack in your Makeup kit very easily. 

You don’t need to waste hundreds and thousands of dollars with tons of foundations to be able to match any foundation with a skin tone with this palette.

Below I’ll show how to use the Color wheel to fix ANY wrong undertone in your foundation! 

How to fix orange foundation

If you find your foundation, too orange it can be for two reasons. 

It’s intentionally made for orange skin undertones,

or the foundation tends to oxidate. 

Having an orange undertone in your foundation

can also mean that it is a little too dark for you. 

To fix an orange undertone foundation, take a pea-size amount of a blue foundation

mixer for two or three parts of your foundation and mix them.

If the shade is still too orange,

try adding another half of a pea-size amount of the blue,

until the orange undertone has been neutralized.

How to fix Orange Undertone Foundation with blue color adjuster

This happens because the complementary color of orange is blue,

and when you mix complementary colors, you are neutralizing the undertones. 

PRO TIP: Be careful when mixing complementary colors in the same parts. It can result in a gray-toned foundation that doesn’t look good on anyone. 

If you find that your foundation tone is darker

than your skin after fixing the undertone,

you can add a small amount of white foundation

until it completely matches your skin tone. 

Orange undertone foundation and how to fix it with foundation color adjusters

Some foundations appear less orange than they become after 10-15 min sit on the face,

and that’s because the foundation oxidate when it is mixed with the skin

and can take an orange tint that ends in making the foundation,

not a good fit. 

A way to prevent this is to test your foundation at the store and

wait for 10-15 minutes to see the tone that oxidases and find it that will be a good match.

Either way, adding a blue foundation mixer will work to fix it. 

 How to Fix Yellow Foundation

I think finding your foundation either too yellow or too pink

is super common because not everyone can find the right undertone right away. 

It takes time to know your skin tone and find your undertone.

But don’t worry!

Finding your foundation too yellow for your skin,

is something you can easily fix using the same color palete

I shared with you below OR with a color adjuster in the right tone.

But to be honest, I haven’t seen a color adjuster,

especially to fix the yellow foundation in the market.

But you can always mix your blue, red,

and white color adjusters to make the perfect purple.

Foundation too yellow

Here’s how to make your foundation less yellow without changing the coverage, consistency, or finish. 

To fix a yellow undertone foundation, apply a pea-sized amount of purple/violet foundation color

to a two pea-sized amount of your foundation.

And mix them.

If you still see your foundation too yellow,

apply a little more of the violet until the yellow undertone is fixed. 

How to fix yellow undertone foundation with violet color adjuster

The complementary color of yellow is purple/violet

and depending on the darkness of the foundation shade,

you want to use a light violet or dark purple. 

As same with fixing the orange undertone,

be careful when mixing the complementary colors at the same amount of shade because

by mixing complementary colors in equal parts,

you can turn your foundation GRAY. 

If you want to know exactly what are the complementary colors

and have on hand a wonderful TOOL to fix any Makeup shade,

feel free to download your FREE Color wheel for Makeup Guide by filling in the quick form below

How to Fix Red Undertone Foundation

The best way to fix a red undertone foundation is

by applying a pea-sized amount of green foundation adjuster

to neutralize the red undertone, once is neutralized,

apply a white adjuster or brown adjuster until you get the desired shade.

In the Primary colors palette, I didn’t find a green that was appropriate.

(I was looking for a more mint green than a dark green)

So I made that green by mixing dark green with

white until I got that mint green shade.

After that, I mixed progressively with my red undertone foundation

until the redness was neutralized.

How to fix red undertone foundation how to fix foundation that is too red

Why is my foundation gray and pale on my face?

Have you ever felt like your foundation looks gray, or maybe you have asked

Why my foundation looks dirty? It was not your imagination. 

Some foundations can look gray or “dirty” on the skin because of their undertone,

which is usually neutral and has equal amounts

of two complementary colors in their formulation.

Once it’s mixed with your natural undertone,

resulting in a neutral shade that appears gray.

You can try to fix this by adding more of the complementary color.

But usually, this is not reversible.

How to fix Foundation too gray, and how to fix Foundation that looks dirty

How to fix gray foundation, how to use orange color adjuster on foundation to fix gray foundation

And What about the tone?

In case you fix your foundation undertone

but still doesn’t look like the exact match with your skin,

it probably means that we now need to match the tone. 

How to Fix Foundation that is too Dark

How to fix foundation that is too dark and how to fix foundation darker than my skin, how to lighter foundation with white mixers

Getting a too-dark foundation for your skin is

super common on fair/pale skin tones.

Sometimes the lightest foundation shade on

some makeup brands isn’t fair enough to fit all the light skin tones. 

On the other hand, you buy some popular foundations online

that came to your home with an unexpected darker tone.

Some stores accept returns and exchanges for this,

but wait more days to return it and receive the new one again can be annoying.

So, here’s a simple way to make your foundation lighter in minutes!

With the same palette,

take a small amount of white color and added to your foundation

progressively until getting a foundation tone that blends into your skin tone. 

If you don’t have a primary colors palette like this one or this one,

I also recommend this white foundation mixer:

How to Fix Foundation that is Too Light

I’m a medium tan tone,

and finding the right foundation tone for my skin tone is not always easy,

and I’ve been through getting a lighter foundation than my skin that makes me look like a ghost! 

You can try three different ways to fix a foundation

that is too light for your skin tone. 

1. If the foundation is barely lighter than your skin tone,

you can still wear it and apply a cream or powder contour in the cheeks,

forehead, and jawline to try to contrast the tone. 

That tips will work only for foundations that are 1 or 2 tones lighter at the max.

And if you are more like a natural no-contour makeup look,

this won’t be the best way to fix it.  

2. If the foundation is considerably lighter than your skin tone,

you won’t be able to fix it with contour. Try the next tip instead. 

How to fix foundation that is too light for my skin tone

3.In your color foundation palette,

take a little bit of brown and add it progressively to your foundation

until you get a tone that blends with your skin tone. 

NOTE: Only use a minimal amount to prevent your foundation from turning grayish. 

4.In case your foundation also needs an undertone correction,

use the complementary color in a darker shade.

For example, if you have a light yellow undertone foundation

shade and try to make it darker, apply a dark purple color. 

It will fix the undertone and make your foundation also darker. 

Best Foundation Color Adjusters

My top best recommendation to adjust any foundation tone

and undertone is this complete color foundation palette.

That I truly think every Makeup artist or Makeup enthusiast should have on their Makeup kit! 

Color foundation palette

The palette is super versatile, and the color is so pigmented

that you can use it for everything!

Body paint, lipstick, cheeks, eyes, and foundation.

The Combination and uses are endless and is an Amazing tool for Makeup.

White Foundation mixer

Blue Foundation Mixer

To neutralize orange undertones.

Stainless Steel Cosmetic Palette and Spatula

Final Thoughts on How to fix wrong undertone foundation

Understanding the Color wheel for Makeup is the key to creating,

customizing, and fixing any foundation shade regardless of the consistency, coverage, and brand. 

Basically, once you find the wrong undertone

and its complementary color,

you can neutralize it but remember to avoid using equal parts

of each to prevent your foundation from turning gray. 

Also, remember that you can find all the primary colors, white and black,

and other complementary colors in this unique foundation palette.

That I highly recommend to everyone! Especially for Makeup artists.

And with this makeup palette,

you can even create your own foundation shade from scratch!

I teach you this and so much more in my Professional Makeup Program,

which is a super affordable complete Makeup training for beginners

or Makeup artists who want to update their Makeup techniques. Join the waitlist here.

Leave in the comments section below any question, comment, or experience you have had with the wrong foundations!

I’d love to hear from you. 

More questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

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