The 13 Best Lip and Cheek tints in 2023 (Guide + Reviews)

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Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking makeup product? A cheek and lip tint duo is exactly what you need if you can’t get enough of products that do double duty.

One of my favorite things about cheek and lip tints is that they create an incredibly natural and effortless look. 

When your cheeks and lips are the same shade, it doesn’t make either feature stand out, so it is perfect if you like a more subtle look.

But, you can also create a bold look that makes your lips and cheeks stand out if you choose. So, without further ado, let’s check out a few of my favorite lip and cheek tints below.

best lip and cheek tints, gels and sticks

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Best Cheek and Lip Tint Sticks

Are you in a rush? Our #1 Best recommendation for a lip and cheek tint is this one here by Benefit. We love that it is a liquid tint/gel, the colors they have, and how beautiful it melts on the skin!

Now, let’s get into more details about our favorites cheek and lip tints and sticks!

1. Too Faced Peach Bloom Color Blossoming Lip & Cheek Tint

too faced cheek and lip tint review

Best Features:

Color-Changing: My absolute favorite thing about this lip and cheek tint is that it changes color based on your pH balance.

This means you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect shade to compliment your face, this tint does all the hard work for you through science!

Glossy Finish: If you want a tint that will give you a little bit of a shine, this is definitely the one for you. This tint leaves a gorgeous “glass-like” finish on your cheeks and lips!

2. Morphe 2 Perk Up Cheek & Lip Color

morphe 2 perk up cheek and lip color multistick review

Best Features

Inclusive: Morphe offers five different shades of cheek and lip colors that look fantastic on any skin tone.

They even include photos to display how their shades look on every skin tone. 

Buildable: Many customers love that this lip and cheek stick goes on light and is easily buildable. Whether you want subtle or bold features, this tint will work with you, not against you.

Long-Lasting: While this lip and cheek tint doesn’t explicitly advertise long-lasting wear, many customers love that it stays on all day long!

3. Milani Supercharged Cheek + Lip Multistick

Milani cheek and lip multistick review

Best Features:

Hydrating: This lip and cheek stick is infused with emollient oils and squalene. Both of these ingredients work to soften your complexion and moisturize your face, so they are perfect for your cheeks and lips!

Ultra-Creamy: Not only does this stick hydrate your face, but it also goes on smoothly and feels extra creamy on your lips!

Blendable: Some customers describe this stick as “melting into your skin.” This stick is extremely blendable on your face and doesn’t stick out amongst other makeup products.

This is a great feature if you want a subtle cheek tint. 

4. Burt’s Bees 100% natural all glow lip and cheek Stick

Best Features:

Nourishing Ingredients: Burt’s Bees is all about putting great ingredients into their products, and this tint is no different.

It has jojoba seed oil, which is great for acne breakouts and has anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has sunflower seed oil, which moisturizes skin, and a coconut oil core which also has healing and hydrating properties!

Lightweight: This tint also feels lightweight on your face and lips without caking or drying out your face. 

Great for Sensitive Skin: Burt’s Bees is also great for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause breakouts or irritations!

5. Palladio I’m Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint

Best Features:

Botanical-Infused: This is another lip and cheek tint that has a few amazing ingredients packed into it. Palladio’s tint contains ginkgo Biloba, aloe, camellia, safflower, and chamomile, all of which hydrate and moisturizes your skin. It also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E!

Clean: Another great feature of this tint is that it is paraben-free and gluten-free. Plus, it is also cruelty-free!

Pearl-Finish: If you want a little more sparkle on your face, this lip and cheek tint has a gorgeous pearlescent-finish!

6. E.L.F. Monochromatic Multistick

Best Features:

Shimmer Finish: This stick leaves a gorgeous shimmer finish for those of us that are looking to add a little shimmer to your look!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free: If you didn’t know, all elf products are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel confident wearing their products!

Light Color: If you are looking for a product that is lighter in color but you still want a bit of sparkle, this lip and cheek tint is for you!

Best Lip and Cheek Stains and Gels

If you are looking for liquid lip and cheek tint, there are a few great ones out there.

One reason why I love lip and cheek stains and gels is that they offer a bold option for those of us who love multi-functional products.

7. Benefit Lip and Cheek Stain and Tint

Benefit lip and cheek tint

Best Features: 

Shade Options: If you like a cheek and lip tint with multiple options, this tint comes with 5 beautiful shades: rose, bright cherry, mango, fiery-red, and pink lemonade, to match your every mood.

Kiss-Proof: One reason I love lip stains is that they really do stay on your lips without smudging or losing colors. This particular lip stain is known for being “smooch-proof.” So whether you are smooching, drinking, or eating, this lip stain will stay in place. 

Natural Look: While this stain can make your lips look bold, it will also blend easily with your cheeks to create a natural flushed look!

8.Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush

Best Features:

Oil-Free: Even though this is a gel, this lip and cheek tint is oil-free. This is especially good for those of us with oily or sensitive skin, as it won’t cause breakouts or leave even more oil on your face. 

Lightweight and Buildable: This gel is also lightweight, which means that it is easy to build up and create an extra bold look without your face feeling heavy or cakey. 

Long-Lasting: This cheek and lip tint will stay on your face all day long, without losing any of that gorgeous color!

9. NYX  Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle

Best Features:

Light: Unlike the above two, this mousse stain leaves a soft and delicate finish. It also doesn’t feel heavy on your face!

Easy to Apply: This tint comes with a heart-shaped wand, which makes it especially easy to apply and touch up throughout the day!

10. Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

Best Features:

Non-Drying: This lip stain does not dry out as some do, but it keeps your lips feeling fresh and hydrated all day long!

Rich Ingredients: This lip stain also includes a few great ingredients for your lips and face. It is made with both oil and avocado butter, which softens the face, and rose wax and beeswax to moisturize the face!

Long-Lasting Color: This color will also last all day on your face! Plus, the color automatically adjusts to complement your skin’s undertones. 

11. Twist Velvet Long Lasting Lip Stain for Lips and Cheek Tint

Best Features:

Variety of Shades: This tint comes in 14 shades, by far the most on this list. There is everything from a bright red to a calm nude. 

Unique Cushion Applicator: PassionCat also created a unique cushion applicator to create an even bolder and brighter lip and cheek!

Matte Finish: This is also one of the only matte finishes on this list, so if you love matte finishes, this is the lip and cheek stain for you!

Best Lip and Cheek Compacts and Palettes

If you would rather have the functionality of a compact, there are a few lip and cheek tints that come in a fantastic compact form.

I have highlighted a few of my favorite cream compacts and palettes below!

12. BOBBI BROWN Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks

BOBBI BROWN Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks review

Best Features:

Blendable: This lip and cheek tint is especially easy to blend on your face whether bare or with other makeup products. 

Natural Look: All of Bobbi Brown’s shades have a natural finish to them. They only offer three shades, and each one is either a subtle pink or peach color. This is the perfect option for those of us that would rather have a more natural look.

Great for Mature Skin: Many makeup users highly recommend cream blushes as opposed to powder blushes. Some powder blushes tend to accentuate wrinkles instead of blurring them, but cream tints do a fantastic job blurring wrinkles.

This cream compact is loved by many mature faces for making them look more youthful. 

13. MORPHE 2 Quad Goals Multi-Palette

MORPHE multi palette quad goals review

Best Features:

Tri-functional: This palette is not just made for your lips and cheeks, but some of the shades work especially great on your eyes!

Morphe promotes extreme facial diversity with this palette, and claims it can be used to highlight any feature!

Variety of Shades and Finishes: Each multi-palette comes with five different shades and a variety of finishes. Some have a fun shimmer finish, while others have a subtle glossy finish.

In addition, there are also five different variations of this palette, depending on your personal style.

They have a nude palette, a violet palette, a peach palette, a golden palette, and a pink palette!

Conclusion on the Best Lip and Cheek tints, sticks, gels and compacts!

My #1 recommendation for a lip and cheek tint is this one here! But if you are also looking for something compact and multi-purpose, you need to check this one here by Morphe!

Lip and Cheek tints are one of my favorite multi-use products on the market, and there is a massive payoff when you find one that you love.

Whether you are obsessed with some of the convenient sticks, or you can’t wait to try one of the bold stains or diverse compacts, I can’t wait to see the gorgeous creations that you make with this fun lip and cheek duo!

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