Top 11 Best Ring Lights for Makeup in 2023 (Guide & Reviews)

Best ring light for makeup and beuty photos and youtubers

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As a Makeup Artist, I’d dare to say that good lighting with a quality led ring light is CRUCIAL for having good results in creating your best Makeup looks! 

For that reason, I created this comprehensive and detailed “Best Rings light for makeup” guide for you to pick the right option for your vanity room! 

If you want to take your Makeup skills to another level and get incredible pictures to post on Instagram, you need to have the best lighting.

The Ring light is super important in a vanity room or vanity space with all the necessary accessories to port your phone or camera and take the best pictures or videos. 

This recommendation that I will share with you next is based on my experience as a Makeup Artist working with clients, but at the same time, this buying guide will be useful for personal use and YouTubers! 

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you). Please see my full disclosure policy for details. 

Are you in a rush? This Ring light here is our #1 Best Personal recommendation based on quality, price, and size! I personally have tried, tested, and I currently USE this ring light every day, and works amazingly, especially for Makeup Sessions and Makeup photos.

I let you the list of the best 11 Ring lights for Makeup pictures and videos, with the best overall option based on my experience. Keep scroll down for details of each product (Click on the yellow bottom to see prices)

Best ring light Overall

#1 Option Overall

This is the best option overall by price, quality, and what includes!

This ring light will be all you need to practice Makeup looks, take amazing pictures, Makeup lives, and it’s perfect for Youtube Videos!
The set includes:
A big 19″ Ring light, 74.8 In Stand, Carrying Bag, a wireless and Bluetooth remoter! and I loved this ring light because it contains 4 color plastic filters ideal for videos, 1x Ipad holder, 1x Phone holder, and three camera mounting.

I mean it when I said that with this ring light you wouldn’t need anything else! As with most LED ring lights, you can easily adjust the light intensity, and includes a Smart LCD that displays the brightness and the color temperature accurately.
This Ring light is just 10/10.

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Best ring light under 50$

Option #2

This Cheap Ring light is perfect for Makeup photos, Youtube videos, podcasting; it has a stand that is adjustable to make it super compact while you are sitting on a desk (15.7 in – 50 in)
I like that this ring light includes brightness and color options to adjust depending on the natural light, and of course, includes the phone or camera holder. It is the right choice for starting or for a tight budget.

Option #3

This is another excellent option to start with, even with a tight budget (under 50$)!

It is similar to the last, but this ring is from another brand that can adjust the light in 3 different tones: warm, cool white, and daylight. And with 11 levels of intensity on each color, it is 33 options adjustable for your situation for a perfect light setting.
The tripod included extending from 16″ to 50,” and you can place your phone or camera right in the center of the ring light (not like others where you place your phone on one side). That way, you can take advantage of all the light features of the ring light.

Option #4

Continuing with the best low price ring lights, this ring light at an incredible price includes a little larger ring than the last ones (12 in). This is a great advantage because it contains more LEDs and allows for better lighting.

The only thing to consider is that you have fewer options to adjust the light. This ring light has 10 levels of light in 3 different color tones (warm, cool, and yellow) that are still enough for some incredible makeup photos or Makeup facebook lives!
So, in general, for about the same price, you got a larger ring light with a little bit fewer lighting options to adjust for great pictures and Makeup videos.

Best ring light for Makeup Artists

Option #5

I personally have tested this ring light for my Makeup pictures, videos, and for my clients, and this is simply an Ideal option at a great price (Under 100$).
This ring light includes a remote wireless controller, more than 480 LEDs, and you can adjust the temperature in a range of 3000k to 6000k, which means that you will be able to select the exact tone of warm or cool lighting without filters.
It also features a 360 degrees phone holder and a retractable tripod, selfie controller, and carrying bag.

Best ring light set 

Option # 6

Wooo! I loved this ring light, especially for pictures and videos. Because it contains double-ring lights, and in each of the ring lights, you can adjust the light color and intensity. That way, you have to angles cover with the ideal light. The led ring light can sit on a desk or stand on the ground with the adjustable tripod.

So in conclusion, you get two powerful ring lights (of 8 in) for Makeup or Youtube videos for the price of one.
It also includes a Remote controller, Tripod stand, phone holder, Flexible gooseneck, and the user manual.

Best Ring Light for Photos

Option #7

This ring light is ideal for taking photos anywhere as its size is compact (8 in) but includes all the features of a large ring light at a fair price.
With it, you place your phone and take a photo or video anywhere.
Consider that it is ideal for photos, but, I do not recommend it for professional use in makeup or on YouTube because its size does not cover the needs of professional photography.

It can certainly be perfect for taking great photos with good lighting from home and on a tight budget.

Option #8

I classify this ring light as the Best ring light for photos because it has a super stable stand that allows you not only to take pictures but great videos with a reasonable size ring light (10 in) in a super fantastic price!
This ring light includes three light tones: warm, natural, and cool to choose from, and each tone can be brightened or dimmed in 11 levels.
I consider this a multipurpose ring light and Ideal for different professional activities like Online teaching, live streaming, shooting videos, vlogging, portrait photoshoots, video conferencing, and more.

Best ring light for Youtube Videos 

Option #9

For professional Makeup Videos or Youtube Videos, this ring light will be a perfect fit! Is a big18″ LED ring light
that comes with a 61″ Stand, a soft tube, 1x white and Orange filter set (which is better than only the already programmed digital filters), smartphone holder and camera holder, and of course, the carrying bag!

This is a complete set to start your Makeup youtube channel or take the best homemade photoshoots with your Makeup looks and Ideas.

It’s super lightweight and portable regardless of the size, and If I have to rate, I’d say it has a 9.8 to 10! and I’m not giving the full 10 points because I prefer small ring lights for the compact and portable part.

Best Selfie Ring Light 

Option #10

I have to say that this is a super versatile ring light! You will have the best of both worlds, You can use the tripod and adjust the heigh for your makeup pictures or Youtube videos (65 in), and at the same time, you can adapt the tripod into a selfie stick to take the best vlogging videos or selfies! I love that feature, and the best is that it is a super reasonable size (10 in) with a variety of range of lighting and colors.

This is a must-have for YouTubers that travel a lot or for passionate travelers who want to take the best selfies with a compact selfie stick or makeup junkies that love different angles for the best Makeup picture.

Option #11

This is a selfie ring light with a tripod at the best affordable price! (less than $20) It has a 10.2″ ring light with a remote Bluetooth controller and 10 levels of light intensity.
This ring light won’t have the power for professional photoshoots obviously, but it is a great way to take amazing homemade selfies and homemade photoshoots in a tight budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a ring light for makeup application?

A Led ring light is hugely beneficial when you are doing your Makeup or doing the Makeup of a client.

Because it gives you clarity when it comes to colors, undertones, and tones of each makeup step, sometimes it is common to add an excess of blush, highlighter, or some eyeshadow if you don’t have good lighting, and that is when a good rin light enters in the game.

Also, it is super important to mention that it is CRUCIAL for having great Makeup photos. I don’t know what I would do without my ring light for my makeup tutorials on Instagram and blogposts.

How to use a ring light for Makeup 

Best ring for Makeup artist and beuty youtubers

The first thing to consider is the variety of undertones that most of the ring lights for Makeup have.

The warm color is generally better than the cool tone, but this also depends on the background, natural lighting, and makeup look. So try to take pictures or videos with warm and cool color filters and choose the best for you.

Secondly, we have the distance.

It is necessary to approach the accurate distance between the ring light and our face or the client’s face.

A larger distance could mean poor lighting and vice-versa; having the ring light so close could end in a super lighted photo or videos without good quality.

I recommend a minimum of 1 ft of distance and no more than 6 feet. But this also depends on your ring light and the usage.

What is the right Ring light Set up for Makeup?

On the other hand, we have the right setup. In most of the ring lights, we can see a range of intensity and filter colors to adjust depending on the situation and the purpose.

For videos, I recommend using natural lighting set up, with a Natural filter (between warm and cool, leaning a little more towards the warm tone).

And final but not least, the background and the camera! It will now be a good video or photos results without these two.
Avoid a very dark background and opt for a plain neutral background, also avoid white sparkling backgrounds.

And of course, the camera, you need a good camera with excellent resolution to take the best pictures!

Using a ring light will exponentially increase the photos or videos’ quality, but you will still need a good camera.

Fortunately, all the new smartphones came with high-quality cameras, doing the best Makeup homemade photoshoots even with your phone. Using a professional camera is now an option, not a necessity.

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Final thoughts about Ring Lights for Makeup

My Makeup journey changed completely once I decided to buy my first ring light and learn how to set up the perfect lighting for my Makeup photos. For applying my makeup correctly and most important for applying Makeup on my clients.

I hope you find this guide and ring light reviews helpful to buy the right ring light for your Makeup or vanity room.
If so, please comment below on what you think about it and share this article with others!

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