How to Apply Eyeliner: Best Eyeliner Tips (With Pictures)

How to apply eyeliner for beginners

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The eyeliner technique is that part of makeup that can define and change completely your look.  It’s fundamental to learn how to apply eyeliner for your eye shape!

Either if you choose to use it thick, colorful, or the classic black simple eyeliner, it can define your final look. If you have done an excellent job with your eyeshadows and mess it with the eyeliner, everything gets ruined. 

And otherwise, if you opt for a natural contour eye makeup and then apply a pop of color with a color eyeliner or a dramatic winged liner, you can that natural makeup into something more produced and glam. 

The eyeliner topic can be overwhelming, and that’s why I decided to write this comprehensive eyeliner guide for beginners. 

I will talk about best eyeliners, what kind of eyeliner is best on different occasions, and a step by step tutorial that can be applied for any eye shape. 

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How do you apply eyeliner for beginners?

To apply eyeliner, the easiest way is to get the right tools.  In makeup, sometimes what makes you not to progress, it isn’t the technique, but the tools. 

For example, you need to find the perfect waterproof eyeliner if you have hooded eyes to avoid ruin your eye makeup, like this waterproof eyeliner that always save my eye makeup.

And the different types of eyeliner and colors come with different occasions to use it, and of course, the look that you’re seeking to create. 

Once you know what tools are perfect for you (which I will cover below), all you need is a lot of practice! 

The practice will allow you to understand (not only read or see) the best eyeliner technique for your eye shape or for your clients.

What is the easiest eyeliner to apply? 

for a short answer… PEN eyeliner

The thin end of the pen eyeliner allows you to have more precision and control over the product. 

But, A liquid eyeliner with the right consistency can be easy to use for beginners as well. 

Gel eyeliner can be easy as well, but you will need a thin small precision brush, but I think still pen eyeliner wins. 

The worst eyeliner (talking about precision) is pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow eyeliner. 

You can create awesome looks with a pencil eyeliner. Still, it can be challenging to control the product, and most of the pencil eyeliner isn’t waterproof and will quickly run. 

Most of the people use pencil eyeliner on the bottom lid. 

This practice needs to be thoroughly dominated because it can cause the opposite illusion that you are seeking, for example, it can cause small eyes to look even smaller.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Should I put eyeliner on the bottom lid?

YES! But it depends on your makeup look and your eye shape

If you have small eyes, I will avoid using a dark, thick eyeliner on the bottom lid. 

Instead, I recommend you go for lighters colors and keep it thin or only, let it clear with a layer of mascara. 

Bottom lid eyeliner can be a great pop of color in your look! 

Just add a color eyeliner that contrasts the eyeshadows. 

I personally avoid using bottom lid eyeliner, and I often leave it completely clear for the everyday makeup routine.

And sometimes, when I get inspired and made a more produced look, I opt for eyeliner my bottom lid with eyeshadow or a color pencil eyeliner and blend it. 

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What type of eyeliner should I use?: Types of eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner

Your mom can feel very identified with this one. The pencil makeup is personally the first eyeliner that I used ever. It was trendy in early 2000. 

Absolutely, you need one on your makeup kit in different shades but honestly will be used only for particular looks. 

Like if you are looking for a smudged look, this will be perfect! 

It can be a little challenging to use if you a starter but can be dominated with practice! 


There are so many colors and formulas to choose from! 


Can smudge, and you get less control of the product and the outline. 

The best pencil eyeliners

  1. Loreal Infalible
  2. Maybelline New York tattoo studio
  3. Urban Decay Smoke 24/7
  4. Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon

Also, check this popular set of colorful pencil eyeliners!

Gel eyeliner

I love this one because you can play with it, and since you have time until it completely drys (not like with liquid ones), you can create a very variety of looks. 

The bad thing is that the most gel eyeliner pots tend to dry very soon once you open the pot. You can always add some drops of coconut oil and hydrate again, but you will somehow alter it. 

And you have to find the perfect angled thin brush to apply it 

That’s why I use it and recommend it but not for beginners trying to build their makeup starter kit. 


Fantastic formula easy to work with.


The product tends to dry on the pot very soon, need an angled brush to apply it.

The best Gel eyeliners

  1. This one by INGLOT!
  2. Maybelline Makeup Studio
  3. Bobbi brown long wear
  4. Tarte Clay pot

Liquid Eyeliner

This type can also be categorized by other 2 types; Pen eyeliner and brush eyeliner. 

Brush eyeliner, I think, is the most difficult to use for beginners, but you can have a deep and intensity once you master it. 

Pen eyeliner is the best for me! You can have total control of the product and get a lot of precision. Mostly comes with a thin end that can create a very thin winged eyeliner look. 


More intensity


Usually, you can’t blend it to have a variety of looks. 

The best liquid eyeliners: 

1.stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

2. LOREAL Paris Makeup Infallible Slim Long lasting

3. Maybelline Hyper easy Liquid Pen

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How to apply eyeliner for small eyes

How to apply eyeliner to small eyes, eyeliner makeup tips and hacks

PRO tips 

  1. For small eyes, you will need to avoid using dark waterline eyeliner! 
  2. Instead, Use a beige eyeliner for the waterline to create the bigger eyes illusion. 
  1. lengthen your eyes with a winged eyeliner 
  2. Don’t do your top eyeliner thick. Try that when you open your eyes, you still be able to see your lid. 

How to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes

How to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes, best makeup tips  for beginners

PRO tips

  1. Don’t do your eyeliner with your eyes close. Try that during yo are doing your eyeliner constantly open your eyes to see what you are doing since hooded eyes can be tricky, and when you think you are creating the best eyeliner, maybe you aren’t
  2. Go for a thin eyeliner

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How to apply eyeliner for round eyes

How to apply eyeliner to round eyes, eyeliner makeup tips


  1. Avoid outline all your eye, instead, look for create a feline look for a balance. 
  2. apply pencil eyeliner on your waterline 
  3. If your lid allows you, create a thick winged eyeliner

Read more about how to apply eyeliner for round eyes.

How to apply eyeliner for Close-set eyes

How to apply eyeliner for close-set eyes. best eyeliner makeup tips for beginners


  1. focusing on making a feline look 
  2. Outline only from the half of your eyes to outside of your lid 
  3. Same with the bottom lid eyeliner
  4. Avoid doing the classic eyeliner without a winged

How to apply eyeliner for Wide-set eyes

How to apply eyeliner for wide-set eyes. makeup tips for beginners


  1. Outline all your eye
  2. You can go for a short-winged eyeliner
  3. Apply eyeliner to your inner tear duct to create the opposite illusion. (see the step 7 of the below tutorial )

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How to create the perfect winged eyeliner?

To do a perfect winged eyeliner, the easiest way is with the right tools! 

Also, the right formula that don’t cracked and that not smudge.

After that, follow these simple steps! 

Step 1: Make a line

First, make a line from the end of your eye towards where your eyebrow ends.
Try to do it as thin as possible, consider ending it with a super-thin end.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Step 2: A dot that will be your guide

Next, mark a little dot that will specify the thickness of your outline. 

Do it as small as possible as well.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Step 3: Adding color to lashline

Now Outline all your up lash line, doing a thin outline (depends on your look and your eye shape, you can only outline the third part of your upper lashline)

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Step 4:  Putting everything together

Next, draw a line that joins the end of the first line we made and the outline of the upper lashline, but going through the point previously drawn.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

It will looks like this.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Step 6: Fill in

after that, fill in all the strokes we made.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners
How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

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Step 7: Foxy eyeliner look

For a feline, foxy eye finished, you can continue your eyeliner to the inner tear duct. 

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

Step 8: Make it clean

Clean the area with a concealer or foundation to achieve a finer and cleaner look.

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners


How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

How to apply eyeliner on the bottom waterline

The bottom waterline can be outlined to get more prodigy or dramatic looks and looks great. But for small eyes, this can be a problem.

Since this type of outlining technique can make you see eyes smaller than they are.

If this is your case, choose better to apply a white or beige eyeliner to your waterline.

Another technique is to use a color pencil of some neon or colorful tone and add freshness to a dull look, outlining the bottom waterline.

or you can use it as a contrast for your eye makeup look! 

Powder eyeliner tips

Eyeshadows are color pigments that can be used for many other purposes such as outlining them. 

Take any eyeshadow you like and with an angled brush and makeup fixing spray, you can line your eyes. This technique can be easily run and it is not recommended to use it in isolation if not as a complement to some other.

Tip: Outline with pencil eyeliner and on top add a eyeshadow that resembles the color to achieve a more intense color.

Tip 2: Create spectacular blurry looks, blurring your liner with a shade of the same color and a small smudge brush

Brighten the waterline

Brighten the waterline, how to apply eyeliner for beginners

Waterline can define and change the mood of the look completely. Brighten it is an excellent option to create the illusion of big eyes.

What I recommend is to look for a beige liner instead of a white one but both can work very well.

Here be careful with applying other formulas, the waterline is a very delicate area and you need to use the right products.

The ideal for this is a pencil eyeliner like this one.

Foxy eye eyeliner 

Foxy eye eyeliner is a makeup trend that came to be introduced in all makeup looks. It is about lengthening your tear duct and your eyelid through the outlined. 

It can be liquid, gel eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and you can even create the illusion with eyeshadow, but a light brown color, and it looks fantastic!

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Smokey smudge 

This technique is accomplished using eyeliner and an eye shadow of the same or a similar color.

It is about creating the desired liner first with the eyeliner and then combining the eyeshadow and a small brush.

Glitter eyeliner

glitter eyeliner, how to apply eyeliner for beginners best makeup tips eye makeup

There is also glitter liner, these prevent us from leading with loose glitter and glue.

You usually find them by brush, and it takes skill to be able to have precision with these glitter liners.

You can use them on their own, use them in the crease of the eye, or use it as a double liner on top of the black liner.

The double eyeliner technique

Double eyeliner technique, how to apply makeup, eye makeup tips for beginners

This technique is an excellent technique to make the eyes look more striking and more significant, it is about taking a color eyeliner and lining on top of black.

If it is a light color, you can create brighter eyes.

Color eyeliner

Definitely, you can not miss in your kit a set of colored eyeliners like these.

They are super versatile, and you can use them alone and give a fantastic look.

The monochromatic look, which means (eyeshadow, lips, and blush of the same color), stands out much more if we line up with a color liner on the eyes.

You can apply them in the bottom lid, play with the colors, and be creative.

With these eyeliners, everything goes!

Color eyeliner technique, how to apply eyeliner for beginners, best makeup tips eye makeup eyeshadow eyelashes

Neon eyeliner

Unlike the color liner technique, the Neon liner technique cannot be created with eyeshadow or pencil eyeliner. Only with neon liquid eyeliners like these.

They create a very unique look, and you will surely attract everyone’s attention! These eyeliners are for more daring people who want to play little with their makeup look.

Don’t be afraid to use them whenever you want! they are trending

Best eyeliner tips & tricks 

1. Use a piece of adhesive tape to give direction to your liner and have a perfect finish.

This technique is excellent for beginners.

2. If you do not like to use adhesive tape, remember that you can always take a small flat brush and a little concealer to clean your makeup.

3. Always start with a thin line so you will have the opportunity to go back and correct mistakes without your line becoming too thick

4. Create any eyeliner color with make up fix spray and an eyeshadow. 

5. Brighten your waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes

6. First, outline with a pen eyeliner and then use liquid eyeliner on it to add intensity

Like any other makeup techniques and trends, there’s some guidelines but never rules

You can break the rules and be unique in your own way. 

Remember, always wear whats makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel like that is for you.

Share in the comments if this article was helpful to you, and if so, please share it! What eyeliner technique works better for you?

Thanks for reading till the end. 

Check my top 10 favorite eyeliners for beginners here!

How to Apply Eyeliner: Best Eyeliners (With Pictures)

How to apply eyeliner - Bottom lid eyeliner - winged black eyeliner - makeup tips for beginners

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