Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes (Step by Step)

Halo eye for hooded eyes

How to do Halo Eye Makeup look and Pro tips for Hooded Eyes!

This time I have for you an Easy halo Eyeshadow tutorial with the exact Step by step instructions so you can try it today as well!

I love the Halo Eye because once you mastered the technique, you can mix and match basically any shade that you want to use (even those yellow neons that you probably don’t use very often, haha) and make the eye look so elegant and cute.

I’m using a range of Pinks. That is the perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup look OR a Date night makeup Idea.

But First things First.

What is Halo Eye?

The Halo Eye Makeup look is an Eyeshadow technique known as Spotlight that consists of applying a dark shade in the eye’s inner and outer corner with a lighter shade that fades in the center of the eyelid. This Eye makeup technique makes the eyes appear larger, rounder, and wider.

The Halo eyes can be applied for any eye shape, But I personally do not recommend it for round eyes. For that type of eye, I’d go for something more feline that doesn’t point all the attention to the center of the eye.

Anyways, like any other rule in Makeup, you can always BREAK IT! And rock this beautiful halo eye no matter your eye shape.

Here’s the step by step Halo Eye Makeup tutorial with pictures!

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How do you do a Halo Eye on hooded eyes?

The best way to do a Halo Eye on Hooded eyes is by taking the eyeshades higher enough to cover some of the brow bone skin without following the natural crease. After that, apply a thin eyeliner to make the eyelid still visible when the eyes are open.

We need to follow what I call the “Fake crease” technique, which is a tremendously helpful technique to apply perfect eyeshadow for hooded eyes regardless of the eyeshadow style. You can find more about this “fake crease” technique for hooded eyes here.

Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Step 1. Use a Transition Shade on the Inner and Outer Corner

NOTE: I’m a Hooded Eye girl, which means I have an extra layer of skin fallen down from my brow bone, covering part of my eyelid when I have my eye open. And in this tutorial, I’m also sharing some tips and tricks to make an Easy Halo Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes. Because YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

I’m using a tight blending brush to place the color where I want it and slightly blend it while I apply the shade.

I’m using this eyeshadow palette right here from Makeup revolution in the shade “vaycay,” and I’m applying it into the inner corner and the outer corner as a base or transition shade.

Blend the shade towards your brow bone without touching the center of the eyelid too much, and taking the color outside the eyelid towards the hairline, and carefully blend it well until there are no harshlines.

Step 2. Apply a Darker shade to deep the corners

Because I’m using pink as a base shade, the second step will be to deepen the corners of the eye with a darker pink/red shade. However, I don’t want this look to be so dark.

So I’m using a small amount of dark wine eyeshadow from this morphe palette and with a more blending brush, I’m concentrating the color right in the corners without taking the shade out of the previous pink and trying to mix both shades well.

Halo eye makeup tutorial step by step for beginners with pictures, how to do a halo eye makeup for hooded eyes

Step 3. Highlight that Eyelid!

The whole point of this Halo Eye makeup look is to point all the attention to the center of the eye, which will make the eye appear more rounder and more prominent.

That’s exactly what I want with my small hooded eyes.

The next step I’m doing is taking a shimmery light pink shade named “Hot topic” from my birds of paradise Eyeshadow palette and placed it right in the middle of the eyelid with a synthetic flat brush.

Halo eye makeup tutorial step by step for beginners with pictures, how to do a halo eye makeup for hooded eyes, What is halo eye makeup look

Perfectly blend the shade edges with a small blending brush to always get rid of hard lines and create a smooth transition between the shades.

A COMMON MISTAKE (especially for Hooded Eyes)
you want to avoid is taking the eyeshades just until the natural crease and not high enough, using even part of the brow bone to make the eyes look bigger and awake.

We still want to leave enough space in the brow bone to highlight the area, but applying the eyeshadow higher will make the illusion of a smaller brow bone area, which helps for hooded eyelids.

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Step 4. Add some glitter!

Halo eye makeup tutorial step by step for beginners with pictures, how to do a halo eye makeup for hooded eyes, What is halo eye makeup look

To enhance this Halo Eye Makeup look even more, I want to apply a light pink glitter from my pressed glitter palette (which I highly recommend to everyone! It’s super helpful not to have to get glitter glue and not working with loose glitter is super convenient!)

Apply it right in the eyelid center and try to blend it with the rest of the eye without taking the glitter to the inner and outer corners.

Step 5. Highlighter!

Halo eye makeup tutorial step by step for beginners with pictures, how to do a halo eye makeup for hooded eyes, What is halo eye makeup look

To make the look more complete and pretty, apply the same light pink shade of the middle in the inner corner right next to the terduct and in the brow bone right below of the eyebrow.

Step 6. Apply Eyeliner and false Lashes!

Now I’m doing winged eyeliner and to make this easier, I’m using a pen eyeliner.

I’m NOT applying any eyeliner on my bottom lash line or waterline, and I’m taking the winged eyeliner right before my eyebrows end.

I want a cute, soft glam makeup look without anything crazy or too dramatic.

You can either follow this eyeliner step or using a dark eyeshadow and apply it in your lash line just to make them look more fuller.

After that, Apply a natural pair of false lashes. I’m using my favorite natural eyelashes of the time the “Demi wispies” from Ardell.

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Step 6. Clean the Under eyes with concealer

In case some of the eyeshades fall on the under eyes, wipe the area with a Gentle Makeup remover wipe.

After that, Apply your regular concealer, and with a small flat brush, clean the eyeliner area to make it look bright and clean (and more straight).

Do not set your concealer with powder right after you apply your concealer! a Pro tips is to wait until the concealer settle for a couple of minutes and in case the concealer settle in fine lines, you can now blend with a sponge and remove the excess off.

And after that, you want to apply powder to set!! This is only ONE of my TEN concealer hacks to prevent your concealer from creasing into wrinkles and get FLAWLESS undereyes!

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Step 7. Halo Eye on the Bottom lashes

Halo eye makeup tutorial step by step for beginners with pictures, how to do a halo eye makeup for hooded eyes, What is halo eye makeup look

The bottom lash line is super important to get the perfect Halo Eye Makeup!
A KEY Step to do to complete this halo eyeshadow look uses the same shades we used in the eyelid on the bottom lash.

Take the first transition shade, and with a small brush, apply it in the same place (inner and outer corner) but in the bottom lash line. Creating a mini “Halo eye” on the bottom as well.

Then, I came back with the darker shade and applied it, and finished by placing the lighter shade right in the center of the eye just like we did in the eyelid.

Final Tips for The Perfect Halo Eyeshadow Look

  • Try this Makeup technique with different combinations of colors, like blue, green, brown, yellow, purple, and more! The sky is the limit with Makeup and especially with Halo eye makeup. This is a great way to use that shades that you probably didn’t know how to combine.
  • If you have monolids, Asian eyes, or almond eyes, the Halo eyeshadow technique is your thing!
  • If you did a Dark Halo eye makeup look, opt for a nude lipstick color, and if you opted for a colorful or more natural Halo eye makeup look, you could apply darker lipstick shades.

And we are done! An easy Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial that anyone can try today. I ended applying a dark pink matte liquid lipstick to create a cute harmony with the shades and with the glitter on the eyelids.

I hope you found this article post, if so please with others and pin it for later!

Comment below: What do you think about the Halo Eye makeup look and if you have tried it before? I’d love to hear from you!

Bye bye!
Valeria H.

Halo eyeshadow tutorial, easy halo eye makeup tutorial, halo eyeshadow tutorial step by step with pictures

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