How to Maintain Brow Lamination (Guide + Pro tips)

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Wondering how to maintain laminated eyebrows?

Who doesn’t love looking in the mirror after getting a brow lamination and basking in the beauty of your gorgeous brows?

Brow lamination is an amazing way to make your eyes pop, and keep your unruly or hard-to-manage brows in place. But you may be wondering what your next steps should be, and might even have a few questions after getting your brows laminated.

After all, don’t you want to get the best bang for your buck and keep those brows looking good for weeks to come?

Today we are giving you the best guide to making your brow lamination treatment last longer, how to maintain brow lamination, the best aftercare products, and answering some of the most common brow lamination aftercare questions!

how to maintain brow lamination

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How Do You Care For Your Brows After a Brow Lamination Treatment

“The first 24 hours after your brow lamination are crucial to taking care of those brows and ensuring that they set properly! “

Here are a few DONT’S to follow after your treatment. 

Don’t Get Your Eyebrows Wet

It is especially crucial during the first 24 hours for your brows to avoid excessive moisture, so skip washing your face (or just stay clear of your brows) for a day. In fact, some specialists recommend keeping your brows dry for the first two days after treatment. So, keep that in mind during your shower and skincare routine!

Don’t Sunbathe

Another important thing to avoid is over-exposure to heat or light. This means that sunbathing, tanning, or even going to a sauna should be avoided. Tanning can severely mess up your brows, and excessive heat can cause irritation for your skin.

Don’t Touch your eyebrows

You know the saying “look don’t touch?” Well, that applies here too. As much as we want to touch our beautiful brows after they get laminated, excessive touching and rubbing can disrupt the setting process

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

This includes sunscreen, chlorine (for those of us that love hanging out at the pool), and some skincare products. As previously mentioned, your hair follicles are open for at least a day after treatment. Using harsh chemicals near your eyebrows could cause a lot of irritation to your skin. 

But what about after the first day? Well, we have a few tips and tricks on how to maintain brow lamination to follow to keep your brows looking great for weeks after your treatment.

Use Aftercare Products

We will dive into this a bit more below, but using moisturizers, oils, and/or serums after your brow lamination will do wonders for your brows.

Comb Your Brows

While you want to wait to comb your brows until after they are set (24-48 hours), once your brows are in place, combing them once or twice a day with a spoolie brush will teach your brows to stay exactly where your stylist put them!

Fill Those Brows

If you want another strategy to keep your brows looking full, you can use a gel or a fine-tipped pencil to make sure those brows pop even weeks after lamination.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While we recommend several aftercare products for your brows, the most essential product is a deep conditioning serum. You want to keep your brows hydrated, especially after undergoing a chemical process, so be sure to keep those brows moisturized and hydrated. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lamination Aftercare

Can I wear makeup after brow lamination?

One of the most common questions after getting your brows done is whether or not you can wear makeup.

The good news is: Yes! you absolutely can wear makeup after your brow lamination.

In fact, some stylists will apply their own makeup after the brow lamination treatment. BUT, you don’t want to wear makeup for the first 24 hours after your lamination, especially heavy makeup, like concealer or foundation.

Here’s why: after you get your brows laminated, it takes your hair follicles a little longer to close up again. If you put on heavy makeup while the follicles are open, your skin might have a breakout.

But after the first 24 hours (or 48, if you have especially sensitive skin) feel free to do your full-makeup routine with your beautifully laminated brows!

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How do I sleep after brow lamination?

how to maintain laminated brows

If you went to sleep after your brow lamination treatment and your brows looked a little crazy, don’t worry! You didn’t do anything wrong.

In fact, you don’t need to sleep in a specific way to keep your brows in place after lamination. If they look unruly after you wake up, all you need to do is brush them with a spoolie brush and they should lay back into place.

But, if you are really worried about your brows, we recommend sleeping on your back or your side, so that your pillow isn’t rubbing against your brows. This is especially helpful for the first 24 hours after your treatment. 

What happens if I get my eyebrows wet after brow lamination?

As you saw above, we recommend avoiding any excessive moisture for the first 24-48 hours after your treatment, however, if you do happen to get your brows wet, don’t panic. Since getting them wet could disrupt your eyebrows setting, the best thing to do is to contact your eyebrow technician.

They might want you to come in to set them again. If you don’t have them set again, the results probably won’t be as good as you paid for. 

Best Brow lamination aftercare products

We also want to highlight a few of our favorite brow lamination aftercare products that don’t break the bank.

But before you immediately add all of these items to your cart, make sure to pay attention to why you got your brows done in the first place.

NOTE: Some of the products listed will be best for people who want to stop their eyebrows from growing (i.e. people who had unruly brows and don’t want to lose their shape) and other products will be better for people who want to activate hair growth (i.e. people who had thinning brows).

Organys Lash & Brow Booster Serum: This serum is a great deep conditioner that also strengthens your brows and gives you fuller and thicker-looking brows and eyelashes.

Coconut Oil: You can pick up coconut oil at most supermarkets, and it provides vital hydration to your brows. 

Hair Growth Inhibitor: If you are worried about your brows growing back too fast, this growth inhibitor can be applied to the areas that you want to prevent growth! Including face and body hairs.

GRANDE brow enhancing Serum: If you are facing the opposite problem and want to increase your brow growth, check out this brow enhancing serum, which is one of the best serums on the market. 

Aragon Oil: If you are looking for a more natural way to stimulate hair growth, Aragon oil is another great oil for your brows. Not only does it moisturize, but it also has proven benefits for hair health. 

Clear Eyebrows Setting gel: If you want to make sure your brows stay in place, using brow setting gel is the way to go. This is great because it comes with an applicator brush, and is super affordable!

Eyelash and Brow Wand: As you are taking care of your brows, having a great spoolie brush is a must-have to brush your brush in place every time they get rebel.

How to get rid of brow lamination

If you are having some second thoughts after getting your brows laminated, don’t fear! There are a few things you can do to reverse brow lamination.

  • Side-Brush: One process that loosens your brow lamination is to brush your eyebrows to the side. You may find this process to be a little difficult, so you can also use castor oil to soften up the hairs.
  • Perm Solution: Another process you can do is to apply a perm solution to your brows for a few minutes. However, make sure to brush your brows during those few minutes, and immediately wash the perm solution off afterward. Leaving perm solution on your brows for too long could cause damage to your brows!
  • Wait it Out: While both of the above techniques are faster, most brow experts would suggest the best way to get rid of your brow lamination is to wait for your brows to grow and then cut the laminated strands. 

Conclusion on how to maintain your laminated brows

Getting your brows laminated is great, but keeping them looking fantastic for the full duration of the treatment is even better.

There are so many aftercare products that exist to take care of your brows, and make your treatment last as long as possible. If you keep your brows hydrated, brush them regularly, and use a brow glue or serum to hold them in place longer, you will keep your brows in much better shape in the weeks following your treatment.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay extra special attention to your brows for the first couple of days after your treatment.

Getting them wet, exposing them to harsh chemicals or heat will prevent your brows from setting correctly. But, if you follow this guide and keep these tips in mind, your brows will be stealing the show for weeks after your lamination treatment!

If you liked this post don’t forget to share it and pin it for later! Also, leave a comment below telling me how do you take care of your brow lamination and your experience? I’d love to hear from you!

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How to Maintain Brow Lamination (Guide + Pro tips)

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