The Best Makeup tips in winter (+6 Winter Makeup Looks)

Best winter makeup hacks

The hot cocoa and good food season are here!

And our skin knows it

How do you get fabulous glowing skin even with the winter dryness?

Here are the best Makeup tips to do in winter for flawless skin! 

I love winter, wearing beautiful jackets and elegant coats, wearing a scarf, and getting cozy on my couch with a heavyweight blanket. 

I love the season, the holidays, which means time with family, dinner parties, and so much more!

But I don’t love the horrible flaky skin and dryness that I had my skin every season! 

If this is your case, keep scrolling because I know exactly what to do step by step to get rid of dryness and apply makeup in winter. 

Tip #1 Your Skincare Routine for winter 

skin care products for winter

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In this season, getting a face scrub and doing it a couple of times a week is crucial! 

The dry, dead cells in our face tend to create flakes on our face, which worsens with makeup. 

And removing them by using an exfoliator might help with the flaky skin.

You can use one like this sensitive, skin-friendly scrub

TIP#2 Add another step to your beauty routine

We will add a step to our skincare routine this winter season! 

However, this step is a good practice all year round but with less frequency for summer.

It consists of applying face oil after your moisturizer, which creates a protective barrier that will keep the moisture of your skin all day. 

Only apply 1 or 2 drops of oil to your face; we want to create a thin protective layer, not adding excessive oil to our skin. 

Okay, so every skin has different necessities, and I recommend you to talk with a dermatologist first, but in general, your skincare routine should look like this: 

  • Serum (vitamin C and hyaluronic acid) 
  • Sunscreen (yes!! You still need sunscreen for winter) 

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TIP#3: Keep your body hydrated! 

tips to avoid dryness winter

Drink good quality water, and eat healthy food.

More specifically, eat a varied diet of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats and carbs. 

I mean, with good quality water to avoid the “purified bottled water” I read, that is simply the worst water you can drink. It doesn’t have any minerals or essential components of water, and is dehydrates you instead! (You can read more about it here) 

But the point is that your skin is hydrated and healthy from the inside. Staying healthy, eating well, and keeping your body hydrated will help a lot to combat the winter dryness.

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TIP #4 How to prep your skin for Makeup

Never start your Makeup without the prep skin routine above! 

That’s the worst mistake and will end in many dry flakes on your makeup. 

Never skip moisturizer or face oil before doing your makeup everyday. 

Then apply your primer, but this time opt for a glowing primer.

This season we just don’t want to use the mattifying primer in our winter Makeup routine. We’ll see you soon in another season, matte primer! Bye-bye! 

Next step, 

TIP#5 Choose the right winter Foundation 

I have a comprehensive post about finding your right foundation (even online) undertones, best foundation tools, formulas, and recommendations. You can read it and then get back here. 

But if you already know what foundation is best for you, keep in mind that it is almost 90% for sure that this time you will need dewy, satin finish foundation. (If you don’t know what that means check my foundation guide above). 

Which foundation is best for winter? 

Basically, in this winter season, we will say goodbye to all the mattifying products! (Consider this even if you have oily skin) 

It depends on every skin, but in general, the best foundation for winter dryness is a lightweight liquid foundation with a dewy finish. 

This way, you will glow and get flawless skin no matter what temperature is outside! 

Try this foundation or this one here

TIP#6 less is still more for winter makeup 

If we add layers and layers of heavy makeup is more probable to cause dryness, less is still more in this case. 

So this Makeup tip for winter consists of If you don’t need it, don’t apply foundation and add concealer or avoid concealer but apply foundation, and you should probably consider avoiding color correction. That technique is suitable for a natural everyday look


There’s nothing wrong with getting a Full glam Makeup look! 

You just need to follow the next tips to look fabulous and beautiful skin with a full coverage glam makeup look in winter! 

How do you do winter makeup?

Winter is the most special holiday season. I love the family reunion and the Christmas and New Year’s party.

And the Holiday Makeup is a super important step for me! 

After following all the steps above, I will add the next one. 

TIP # 7 Apply translucent powder in strategic areas

The baking technique could be super aggressive for winter; instead of adding too much mattifying powder to your face, apply translucent loose powder only in the strategic areas that you need to set. 

These areas could be under-eye, chin, nose, and forehead. 

TIP#8 Be careful with setting sprays! 

I recently researched it and found that the majority of setting sprays contain alcohol! Most beauty products contain alcohol, but there are different types of beauty-approved alcohols in makeup ingredients. 

But what we need to look at is that the ingredients list doesn’t appear in the first 5-7 ingredients. Because in most cases, this means 80% of the formula of that product. 

And alcohol dehydrates your skin! 

So with adding a setting spray, you are getting reverse with al the previous hydration work you do. 

This one here is the only setting spray that I found that does not contain alcohol as the principal ingredients! 

Does cold weather affect makeup?

It does affect! In a crazy way, it is like the makeup products, and your skin is completely different in winter than in other seasons like summer or spring

For example, I have normal to oily skin, and I can’t use a dewy foundation in summer, mostly because I live in a super hot city, it clogs my pores, and for a consequence, I get pimples, so I opt for a matte foundation. 


In winter, I need to change my foundation right away once the temperature starts going down! 

My skin tends to dry a lot (like almost all the girls), and I need a hydrating foundation with a dewy or satin finish. 

But the best part is using cream products because I love the way they look natural and give a glowing skin. 

How can I have glow skin in winter?

It is super essential focusing on glowing skin in winter because that way (especially mature skins), the makeup will look youthful, alive, and with natural glowy juiciness. 

TIP #9 Use cream Makeup products 

Once you have your foundation and setting powder applied only in strategic areas, it’s time for blush, contour, and highlight. 

Apply this makeup steps in their cream version! 

Use this spectacular cream blush, and check this liquid highlighter. 

I prefer powder contour all year, but you can do a cream contour if you like. 

After following all these winter makeup hacks, you can feel free of dryness!

 (If you are still getting dryness especially without makeup consider consulting a specialist) 

Now I show you these Makeup tips for winter in action and 6 easy Winter holiday Makeup ideas to look flawless skin this season! 

6 Easy Winter Makeup Looks

1. Bold lips and natural eyes

Winter is the perfect season to rock the Bold lips! Apply your favorite dark lipstick and keep your eyes with a natural soft brown smokey eye. You can apply false lashes or mascara. I prefer to concentrate all the attention to lips and keep the eyes supernatural, without eyeliner and natural false lashes.

2. Nude lips + holiday glitter 

This look is perfect for a holiday winter party! Apply a soft smokey eye on the crease and a gold-pressed glitter on the eyelid. For the bottom lid, apply a cool browny tone and finish the look with false lashes and waterproof liquid eyeliner.

You can read how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes and get that foxy eyeliner in easy steps here.

3. Fall color eyeliner look

makeup tips for winter dryness

I love the orangy fall tones! And this is the perfect simple way to get a pop of color in your makeup look and be ready in 5 minutes.
Apply two tones of color eyeliner (check this color eyeliners set from amazon) and create the winged eyeliner as usual, then apply a nude brown lipstick, and you are ready! You can add a layer of mascara or leave it that way that gives a minimalist vibe.

Christmas inspired eye makeup. 

makeup tips for winter

Because Christmas is the best part of winter! First, apply a red eyeshadow on the lid, then with white eyeliner (or white concealer and a thin brush) cut the crease, add red glitter on top the eyelid, do the winged eyeliner, and add an extra green eyeliner on top.
To finish, apply false lashes and nude glossy lipstick!

New years love makeup + red lips. 

new years makeup look

New years is the Ideal makeup occasion to use Glitter! And at this time, Gold glitter will be the center.
Apply a transition shade (light cool brown) on the crease and blend it. After that, apply a Gold pressed Glitter on all the eyelid, apply a feline cat-eye winged eyeliner; you can opt for false lashes or use only a layer of mascara.
To finish, apply your favorite red lipstick!

Winter monochromatic makeup 

Glam winter makeup look tutorial

I love monochromatic looks! And consist of applying the same tone of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick! You can do it in pink tones or wine tones.
Just apply your selected eyeshadow on your lid and blend it. After that, use that eyeshadow for blush (or you can use your blush as an eyeshadow, but be careful with the ingredients) and apply the same tone of lipstick! This easy makeup looks fantastic for a dinner out or a family reunion.

It’s super easy and possible to get rid of winter dryness, and this beauty hacks absolutely improve my makeup look for winter! I hope you find this post helpful if so, don’t forget to share it or pin it!

Have you tried any of these winter makeup tips before? Tell me about your experience in the comments box below!

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The Best Makeup tips in winter (+6 Easy Winter Makeup Looks)

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