Here’s how to Nail The “Soft Glam Makeup” (& Looks to Copy)

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the Natural Soft glam makeup look is MY ONLY way to go “glam” these days.

Since skincare got so popular In the beauty world, you know, all the makeup products started to look more like skincare/makeup products.

And the dewy, satin hydrating fresh finish on the skin has become so popular on Hollywood and influencers in the internet.

What we called the “no makeup makeup look” has eventually transitioned to the new Natural Soft glam makeup look.

Everyday makeup? Soft glam

Special occasion? Soft glam

Red carpet? Soft glam

and you can see this trend in basically EVERY famous female artist

Natural soft glam makeup is a type of makeup technique that focuses on leaving the skin looking fresh and dewy, like you weren’t wearing makeup at all, but a the same time, with “glam” touches and makeup tips that, in the end, leaves the face looking elegant, classy but natural.

For example, Hailey Bieber.

OH, she rocks this look:

In this photo, she is basically wearing bare skin, but you can see some blush and highlighter on high points of the face, like above the cheek, the upper eyelid, and the brow bone area, also we can see some lip liner and fake freckles.

I can also see some mascara and a very light eyeshadow liner on the upper eyelash line.

These details (undetectable for some and more obvious for others) make your face look like you are not wearing any makeup, but still, you are enhancing your features.

woman wearing a soft glam makeup with trendy and cute soft glam makeup looks text overlay

How to prep the skin for the soft glam makeup

To nail the soft glam makeup, we first need to start with fresh, clean, and exfoliated skin.

This makeup look is skin-focused.

So we need to do our normal skincare routine (day or night) and I would also recommend adding an extra 1-2 drops of face oil for that dewyness.

You can completely skip that if you have oily skin.

My ideal skin prep routine to do before a soft glam look would look like this:

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  1. Exfoliator. I recommend a chemical exfoliator instead of a physical exfoliator.
  2. Serum. I use and LOVE my hyaluronic acid serum.
  3. Moisturizer. Don’t waste too much money on this one. An affordable moisturizer like this one does a great job
  4. Face oil. My favorite is the Rosehip seed oil

After that, I also add my primer. One that is hydrating. like the power grip by elf

Now that we have our skin ready for makeup. Let’s begin with the first step.

Soft glam makeup: Foundation

Whenever I do full glam makeup, I always conceal color first with my color correctors and color theory.

For the soft glam, I avoid this step.

It is better to avoid color correction when doing natural soft glam makeup to minimize the products we use on the skin and keep our skin as bare as possible.

Avoiding color correctors is one of the ways to achieve that.

An exception to this would be if you have very dark circles under your eyes or a very pigmented area you want to even out with the rest of your face.

Now, to achieve a natural soft glam, I use a sheer liquid foundation with a hydrating finish.

Sometimes, I opt for a medium to full coverage foundation but the hydrating factor is a MUST.

If you only have matte foundations, try using a hydrating mist on top and avoid powders.

Apply only 1-2 drops of liquid foundation for all the skin.

Yes. like we don’t want to wear foundation at all.

We’ll be adding more coverage with concealer.

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Soft glam makeup: concealer

Places to apply concealer:

  • Dark circles under the eyes, the less dark you have the circles the less product you want to apply. Apply the lesser amount possible of product. Just the right concealer to make your undereyes look bright and awake
  • Areas where you need more coverage. like hyperpigmentation, blemishes etc.
  • Try the spot concealer technique, which consists of applying a concealer similar to your skin tone just in the “spot” you need that coverage. Slightly blend the corners of the spot with a makeup sponge or your finger.

Soft glam Makeup: Bronzer

Bronzer is an essential step in our soft glam makeup.

The shade of bronzer needs to be just slightly darker than your skin tone, not the usual 2-3 tones darker.

Also, keep in mind that contour and bronzer are not the same.

those are two separate makeup steps, but for this natural soft glam look is best to COMBINE those steps.

You can use either cream or powder, but I personally prefer cream bronzer.

I show you how to apply cream bronzer and how to select the right shade for YOUR skin here.

After you apply your bronzer, the next step is BLUSH.

Soft glam makeup: Blush

Blush is one of the steps that we cannot SKIP.

If you want to skip a step, this is not the one! I’d rather skip foundation completely than blush!

Blush has become so popular in the makeup/beauty world for the last 2-3 years.

And cream/liquid blush even more!

Powder blush has lost popularity, and I can see why.

That dull finish that most powder blush leaves is not aligned with the current dewy, hydrated skin trend we have seen over the last couple of years.

I still use powder blush, but ALWAYS in combination with liquid blush.

If you want to know more about how to apply blush for your face shape, check out this free guide.

For this soft glam makeup look, I recommend a liquid blush like this one from Rare Beauty or another more affordable option is the one by SHEGLAM.

Apply it with the applicator it comes with and blend it with a brush or your fingers!

you can add some powder blush on top to set it, but it is not necessary.

The fewer powder products we use, the better for this look.

now, the next step is Highlighter.

Soft glam makeup: Highlighter

Highlighter is always optional in any makeup look, but let’s say that for this soft glam look is highly encouraged.

Here, it is okay for your highlighter to be either liquid or powder.

Apply it on the high points of your face, like above your cheeks, the tip of the nose, and the brow bone area, and you can even add some on your forehead or cupid’s bow if you like.

Lip Makeup

Okay, so for lips, we want to stay on the subtle, nude colors to keep the “soft” of this glam đŸ™‚

Bold, dark, and red lip colors are not that “soft” glam, and I’d use them for full glam makeup.

Glossy or matte. both are good finishes for this soft glam trend but GLOSSY is my current favorite.

Lip Liner

The current lip makeup trend right now is slightly overlined lips to make them look bigger.

To be honest, I think EVERYONE should get a nude lip liner similar to the natural tone of your lips (or more brown-ish) and SLIGHTLY overline your lips.

Everyone is doing it.

It looks STUNNING.

It looks like lip fillers. But it is CHEAPER.

Even Shakira does it.

-> And I show you how to get this natural-looking overlined lips hack here.

My Soft Glam Makeup Version

woman wearing a soft glam makeup

My lips are THIN and SMALL (nothing wrong with that) but I really enjoy wearing my brown nude lip liner and my soft pink nude gloss and get that juicy effect.

I’m wearing the Tiktok’s latte makeup trend.

Which is a “variant” of the soft glam makeup.

You just focus all your shades/tones around brown instead of any other shade and you get the latte makeup.

Check al the details of the latte makeup look here.

Would you try this makeup trend? this makeup trend has been around for a while now, so I think it is worth trying, especially for how easy is to make you look elegant and classy in minutes and how wearable this makeup is for almost ANY occasion.

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