Yoga skin Makeup: Best Dewy skin tutorial (with pictures)

How to get the yoga skin makeup look

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What is Yoga Skin Makeup? The New Makeup trend will blow your mind with the natural dewy finish for natural-looking, youthful, and glowing skin. 

This Makeup trend was created for Sara Hill, a Freelance Makeup Artist from Scotland that shared this Makeup look on Instagram and instantly went viral on all social media. 

This Makeup look is based on having naturally glowing skin, with sheer coverage and a lot of glow!

Below I share my experience with this Makeup trend with you if I would do it again and the step-by-step tutorial. 

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What is “Yoga skin Makeup”?

Sara Hill shows in her video a mix of different beauty products that I’ll share with you in a moment, and with this mixture, she applies Makeup on the face with her hands, and the result is just incredible. 

Note: It has nothing to do with wearing Makeup while you are doing Yoga. I actually recommend avoiding any kind of Makeup on your face if you are working out. The sweat and Makeup just don’t go well! It can clog your pores, and that’s not good for pimples. 

Maybe you already have tried a Dewy Makeup look, but this gives you a pop of glow that is irresistible to try. 

If you don’t know what dewy Makeup is, it is a natural face finish opposite the matte finish, allowing you to get an even skin tone and the natural oiliness that skin has. 

I’ve tried the Yoga Skin Makeup trend twice, and I have to say that it is a complicated Makeup look for skin with acne, blemishes, and dark spots that we usually will cover with full-coverage concealer

This technique is definitely created for clear skin! (which I don’t have). But I found different Pro tips that will make this Yoga Skin Makeup Ideal for any skin type that I’ll share with you in the tutorial.

Furthermore, I highly recommend avoiding this trend if you have heavy, oily skin problems. 

Because we add an additional layer of face oil to get the “Yoga Skin.” 

Makeup Essentials for Glowing Yoga Skin Makeup

First, and like with any Makeup look, we need to follow our skincare routine that generally will look like this: 

And for the Yoga Skin Makeup look: 

Alternatives for the sheer foundation: BB cream, CC cream, Satin foundation, or any dewy foundation. It has to be liquid. 

As a Makeup artist, I would not recommend this Makeup trend for everyone.

When to avoid a Dewy skin Makeup look?

I do not recommend this Makeup look if you have a problem with oiliness in the face because we will be adding an extra layer of face oil to our regular makeup and beauty routine that can create an excess of oil. 

But this Yoga skin makeup technique has fantastic benefits for the rest of the skin types! Including mature skins. 

And this is because this trend gives your skin a glow that creates a youthful look with the naturally dewy finish that it will be like if you weren’t wearing Makeup. 

And at the same time with the elegance of the natural glow and highlighter. 

This makeup trend is perfect for hydrating dewy skin, especially for clear skin, because it doesn’t cover too much of your face. 

Let’s get into the step-by-step tutorial, and I’ll share with you quick pro tips to cover dark circles, dark spots, and other skin problems and still rock this trend. 

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Yoga Skin Makeup tutorial 

Step 1. Skincare first for the best hydrating finish

Clean your skin face with a soap-free cleanser, apply your serum, moisturizer, one or two drops of face oil, and your sunscreen. 

After all those skincare steps (Remember that you can add or skip any step based on your skin type, Now I am only sharing what works for my skin, and I have normal to mix skin type for reference)

Please wait at least 10 minutes to let the skin absorbs all of them. 

Step 2. Apply a glow face primer

Now apply your primer, but this time, choose a hydrating dewy finish primer! We don’t want that classic matte primer that will ruin our glow trend. 

You can opt for this excellent primer option by Neutrogena. 

Step 3. A mixture of different glowing Beauty products

Yoga Skin makeup tutorial step by step

in a Makeup palette, your clean hand or a makeup sponge, mix the next products:

Dewy makeup tutorial yoga skin makeup trend

Mix them perfectly and apply them directly to your face as if you were applying face cream.

I used a beauty blender, but the second time I tried this yoga skin makeup, I found out that using my hands got better results.

And that’s how Sara hill does it as well. 

Pro tip: If you have deep dark circles, redness, or any other spot to cover, before applying the mixture of glow products to your skin, apply a hydrating concealer in your skin tone only in the specific areas that you need that extra coverage. 

Blend it well to make it the most natural as possible. 

Step 4.  Blushing those glowing cheeks!

Next, we will be applying a cream blush on our cheeks and blend it with our hands or a beauty sponge.

My favorite cream blush is this one by Milani.  

Step 5. We live for highlighter

Add another extra glowing with a liquid highlighter on the tip of your nose and top the high cheeks. 

Step 6. The final touch

Apply mascara, do your eyebrows, and a lip balm with color, and you are ready! 

Yes.. no setting powder this time, nor eyeliner. 

I have to admit that I cheated with this technique, and I did apply a thin eyeliner!

haha Here is the final result

How to get glowing skin with makeup

Yoga Skin Makeup: Final Thoughts 

I loved the results, and it’s amazing how we can work with different beauty products to create different looks and finishes on our skin. 

I’d definitely use this look for every day or going out for lunch, but I’d also avoid the dewy/satin finish for summer in my region, where we are reaching 120F on the hottest days. 

It is a super great option for having a hydrating natural dewy look in winter or any other average weather day. 

And for mature skin, this yoga skin makeup is just amazing!

Your skin looks so much juiciness and so youthful that I think any over 35 should try it! 

I hope you like this quick tutorial about this Yoga skin trend. If so, please comment below if you have heard about this Makeup trend.

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How to get glowing skin with makeup

Yoga skin Makeup: Best Dewy skin tutorial (with pictures)

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