Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial ( 8 Natural Makeup Tips)

everyday makeup look tutorial

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We all need a break for the glam makeup look, and this tutorial will cover the key essentials for an easy no-makeup makeup look.

We don’t want layers and layers of makeup everyday on our skin, but we still want to have an everyday makeup look that makes us look more fresh and pretty. 

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1. Skin prep. 

To get a beautiful natural makeup look, first, we need a good prep skin routine. 

clean your face with your daily cleanser, I recommend this one from Neutrogena that I love, its soap-free which means that you do not change your facial PH level. 

After that, you need to moisturize your skin and add a sunscreen with at least 30 PF like this one.

Then prime your face with your favorite primer, don’t forget this essential step. 

We are trying to get a natural makeup look and we will only use a few products to avoid the cakey look. Primer is important to unify your skin and make it look smoother

 After that, you will ready to start your everyday makeup look! 

2. Apply a lightweight foundation

Because we are seeking for a natural non-cakey look, you need to apply just a light layer of foundation, preferably with a buildable formula that allows you to build your desire coverage depending on your daily mood. 

Seek for a dewy smooth finish foundation, I love this one the Maybelline fit me foundation dewy finish. 

You can also opt for a bb cream or tinted moisturizer if you are looking for a very no-makeup makeup look but still want to unify your face tone. 

Blend your foundation with a beauty sponge instead of using a brush or your fingers. 

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3. Apply a light layer of concealer under your eye

This time we need to avoid follow all the concealer-highlight beauty blogger tutorials out there. We need to avoid using too much concealer, we need just a little layer of product to cover the under-eye area and blend it very well. 

Also, apply a tiny drop of concealer in strategic areas where you have some pimples or spots.

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4. Set with translucent powder  

For an everyday makeup look, Use a non-color translucent loose powder to set everything we have done on our face. 

It needs to be a translucent powder to avoid adding another layer of makeup to our look. 

Easy no-makeup makeup look, everyday makeup look with list of products

5. Use Cream blush instead of powder blush

Apply a creamy blush on your cheeks, and a little bit on your nose. The best way to have a natural makeup no-makeup look in a minute is using a cream blush on cheeks, lips, and eyes. 

This blush is awesome!  

In that way, we save a lot of time and have a monochromatic look with a natural finish.

Avoid apply too much blush, keep it natural. 

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6. Bronzer and highlighter

Apply a bronzer that is one or two tones higher than your skin tone. Use a fluffy brush to apply it and do it from less to more, we need to create the natural shadows of the face but without applying too much product. 

After that, apply a powder highlighter that gives you a youthful smooth finish.  

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7. Eyes and eyebrows

For an everyday look and with an eyelashes curler curl your eyelashes. After that, apply a light layer of black mascara

We don’t want to use eyeshadows every day on our eyes, but we can add a little bit of color with the blush or the bronzer and a fluffy little brush. 

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For your eyebrows keep it simple with a tinted eyebrow gel. Apply it to your eyebrows and let it dry, you can fill the little holes in your eyebrows very carefully with a flat tiny brush and eyebrow powder if you need it. 

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8. Apply a nude lipstick and Gloss! 

You can either choose to use the cream blush for lipstick or go for a nude tone. 

The more light your skin is the more pinky subtone nude will be for you, and a darker skin tone we will be better browny, orange subtones. 

Just give a little bit of color to your lips and apply a transparent gloss! 

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I think the key of an easy everyday makeup routine is to have your favorite makeup products with natural tones in a bag that you can carry everywhere.

You can check here what my spring/summer makeup routine is which is totally different from my winter makeup routine

And that way you can grab your bag and anywhere that you will have 5 minutes, you can get ready and look naturally beautiful with the no-makeup makeup look. 

What else do you use in your everyday makeup routine? 

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5 minutes no-makeup makeup tutorial, step by step makeup
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Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial ( 8 No-Makeup Makeup Tips)

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