#1 Complete Printable Makeup Artist Contract and Forms By a MUA (Editable)

If you are Makeup Artist or aspiring makeup artist and you are looking for a complete EDITABLE makeup artist contract and business forms, you are in the right place.

I’m a Professional Makeup artist turned into a Makeup coach, instructor, author, and editor of this blog.

I’ve helped hundreds of aspiring makeup artists and professional MUAs with training and tips to improve their makeup business.

And I think having your back covered with makeup artist contract forms with your clients it’s essential to ensure client satisfaction and even protect you from legal issues or clients’ complaints.

(Disclaimer: This is based on my experience, and it’s for informational purposes only. Always seek professional legal advice)

I’ve created an amazing Makeup artist contract with several different forms that are super helpful
to use on your business.

AND THE BEST PART is that these are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! so if you were looking for professional and personalized makeup client contract forms that have your logo and own branding this is for you.

Below I’ll show you what they are and how to use them so you can download your copy, edit, print it, and start to use these forms and contracts for your clients today!

Printable Makeup Artist Contract (PDF file)

Makeup artist contract printable pdf

It’s a beautifully and EDITABLE professionally presented business forms ready to print and use for your clients and bridal makeup clients.

This MUA contract and forms bundle will save you money and time! Includes everything you need in a special bundle price offer.

What’s included in this Makeup Artist Contract and Business forms Bundle


  • Makeup Consultation Form – Skin type and condition history
  • Makeup Release Form
  • Makeup Photo Consent Form
  • Professional Client Record Card (+Face chart)
  • Bridal Makeup Contract Cover
  • Bridal Contract
  • Wedding details and bridal makeup package
  • Terms and conditions (space for you to fill in)
  • Bridal Makeup Consultation Form
  • Bridal Makeup release form
  • Bridal Photography release form and Bridal Consultation Card
  • Blank Invoice Form
  • Beautifully design invoice template

An Editable Template link will be provided to edit your forms and customize them with your colors and logo on Canva.

(if you don’t have one, you will need a canva account. Don’t worry it’s FREE and easy to use)

Makeup Consulation Form

printable makeup artist contract

This section of the bundle includes:

Client info (name, address, email, phone, etc.)
Health information
Skin type info
Skin History

This will help you to know more about your client prior to their makeup session like their skin type and any other skin or health condition related to the makeup application. As well as collect their personal and contact info for business purposes.

Makeup Release and Photopraphy consent form

Printable makeup artist contract, makeup release form

As a business owner is important to protect your makeup application business, and while you work hard to ensure everything is doing safely and properly, there’s always some liability that we need to disclose to our clients.

These forms include a section for your clients to sign once they read and accept the agreement. Including a section for a tutor/guardian when you are doing makeup for a minor.

Have written permission and ownership of your client’s makeup photos.

This form includes a section for your clients to check and consent to have you use their makeup photo for business purposes, like social media marketing or others.

Those before and after photos are essential to promote your makeup work! So having your clients agree with this, it’s really helpful!

Printable Makeup Artist Forms – Client Record Card

This bundle also includes a blank face chart for you to properly get a record of your client preferences and choices with makeup! This way you can save a complete makeup look to use later for them or other clients.

This is so helpful especially if you are doing the same makeup for several clients (for example: in a recital event) or for makeup tests before a big event.

Contract for Makeup Services – Wedding Makeup Contract – Bridal Makeup agreement

makeup artist wedding bridal contract

When you are offering services to wedding/bridal makeup, it’s essential to disclose more details about the makeup services like wedding details, bridal consultation form, terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and these and more are included in the bridal makeup contract.

This contract (and all the forms included in the bundle) includes blank lines for you to fill with your own business details and prices.

Makeup Artist Invoice Template

This Invoice template is totally customizable! You can add your logo, change colors and match it with your brand using a free canva account.
Once you access your PDF printable file, at the bottom page you will find a clickable link that will send you to your template.

About the Professional Makeup Artist Business Forms Bundle

Paper size: US letter (8.5″x11″) PDF format


This bundle includes both, a ready-to-use PDF file AND a fully customizable template in case you want to edit text, colors add your logo etc.

All the elements like fonts and text can be changed to match your business brand with just a few clicks.

How to download and use my makeup artist contract and forms

After purchase, and the payment is confirmed you will receive an email with your download link and there you will be able to download your PDF format with 14 pages that you can easily print.

All the pages are fully compatible with home printers. We are not responsible for any printing mistakes or dealing with your local printer.

Colors may vary across monitors and printers. This product is a final PDF that you can use as a downloadable file, you will not receive it on printed paper.

The quality of the final print will depend on the quality of the printer

Once you have your forms, you can print them unlimited times for personal use!

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Printable Makeup Artist Contract and Forms (By a MUA)

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