80s Makeup: Makeup Looks & Trends

80s Makeup: Makeup Looks & Trends

The 80s wasn’t just a decade; it was a bold statement of vivacity, vitality, and verve.

Everything from the music beats to the fashion statements was large and in charge. And nowhere was this more evident than in the world of makeup.

The 80s were a time of bold fashion choices, unforgettable music, and, most notably, iconic makeup trends.

From bright eyeshadows to dramatic blush, the 80s were all about standing out and expressing individuality.

Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Madonna or pay homage to Cyndi Lauper,

this guide will take you through the key factors of 80s makeup, famous icons and movies that defined the era, and how to effortlessly achieve the look with current makeup trends and products.

What was typical 80s makeup?

The term ‘less is more’ wasn’t in the 80s vocabulary when it came to makeup:

  1. Bold Eyeshadows: Forget subtle. Eyeshadows in blue, pink, purple, and green dominated the scene. Often, they were applied in color blocks, sometimes extending to the brows!
  2. Thick Eyeliner: The eyeliner wasn’t just black; think blues, purples, and even whites. Worn both on the upper and lower lids, the liner was quintessential in creating the dramatic 80s eye look.
  3. Bright Blush: Draping was the term. This technique involved applying blush from the cheeks up to the temples, and sometimes, even on the eyelids.
  4. Vivid Lipstick: The bolder, the better. Lips sported neon hues, and there was no such thing as a nude lip.

How to do simple 80s makeup?

While the 80s were known for excess, a simplified version can still capture the spirit:

  1. Foundation: Opt for a foundation that offers a fresh, dewy look, ensuring an even canvas.
  2. Eyeshadow: For a simple 80s eye, swipe a blue or electric pink across the lid. No need for a transition shade – this era was all about standing out.
  3. Eyeliner: Go bold with a thick black liner on both your upper and lower lash line, and don’t forget to wing it out!
  4. Mascara: Volume is the keyword. Think thick, luscious lashes.
  5. Blush: Grab a bold pink or peach blush and sweep it from your cheeks up to your temples.
  6. Lipstick: A bright coral or fuchsia will tie the whole look together.

What were the eyeshadow trends in the 80s?

80s Makeup illustration
80s Makeup illustration

The 80s eyeshadows were nothing short of a color explosion:

  1. Multi-Colored Lids: Mixing and matching different colors on the eyelids was commonplace. It wasn’t unusual to see yellow transitioning to blue and then pink.
  2. Frosty Shades: Think silver, icy blue, or shimmering pink. These metallic shades added a disco vibe to the lids.
  3. Pastels: Especially in spring, soft pastel hues were a hit. They added a softness to the otherwise bold looks.
80s Makeup illustration

What lipstick did they wear in the 80s?

The 80s were not for the faint-hearted, especially when it came to lip colors:

  1. Fuchsia and Magenta: Almost neon-like, these colors screamed confidence.
  2. Reds: Tomato-red, with a hint of orange, was a popular choice, often paired with minimal eye makeup.
  3. Corals: Especially during summers, corals provided a fresh look.
  4. Frosted Pink: For those rare subtle moments, frosted pink was the go-to.

What did women’s makeup look like in the 80s?

Dramatic is an understatement. The face was a canvas, and bold strokes of makeup artistry were the norm. Contrasting eyeshadow colors, cheeks contoured with bright blushes, and vibrant lip colors made sure the 80s woman was always the center of attention.

What color eyeshadow did they wear in the 80s?

The color palette was diverse:

  1. Blues: Cobalt, turquoise, and even baby blue made frequent appearances.
  2. Pinks: Neon pinks were as popular as softer, pastel versions.
  3. Purples: From soft lilac to deep violet, purples were always in vogue.
  4. Greens: Think electric greens or soothing sea greens.

How do I style my hair like the 80s?

80s hair was all about volume and attitude:

  1. Perms: Whether it was big curls or smaller, tighter ones, perms were the most sought-after hairstyle.
  2. Teasing: Bigger was always better. Teased hair, especially at the crown, added drama to the overall look.
  3. Mullets: This iconic style, short in the front and long at the back, was a favorite among both men and women.
  4. Accessories: Oversized scrunchies, bold headbands, and even ribbons were staple hair accessories.

How do you do 80s eyeliner?

credits: @discontinuedmakeup

Creating the dramatic 80s eye involved a few steps:

  1. Upper Lash Line: A thick, bold line on the upper lash line was a must. The winged look was in, often exaggerated.
  2. Lower Lash Line: Just as bold as the upper, the lower lash line was often smoked out for a sultrier look.
  3. Waterline: For an intense look, the waterline was often rimmed with kohl or colored pencil.

The 80s makeup scene was all about celebrating life with a splash of color and a dash of drama. Whether you’re a vintage enthusiast or a makeup lover looking for some inspiration, the 80s offer a treasure trove of looks to explore and recreate.

The Influence of Pop Culture on 80s Makeup

The 1980s was as much about its pop culture icons as it was about its fashion and makeup trends. These icons not only set the stage but defined the era in many ways.

  • Madonna: Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Pop,’ Madonna’s influence on 80s makeup was immeasurable. She introduced a unique blend of punk rock and glam. Her signature thick eyebrows, combined with bright lips and, of course, the iconic beauty mark, became emblematic of the era. It wasn’t just about the look; it was about the confidence with which she wore it, encouraging a generation to experiment and express themselves.
  • Cyndi Lauper: With her mantra, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Lauper epitomized the colorful and wild side of the 80s. Her eccentric eye makeup choices, vivid hair colors, and love for all things bright made her a style icon. From rainbow eyeshadows to neon lipsticks, she was the embodiment of 80s audacity.
credits: @cindylauper_80s.memories
  • Music Videos: The 80s saw the rise of MTV and the music video, an entirely new medium that blended visuals with sound. These videos became platforms for showcasing makeup and fashion trends. Stars like Prince, David Bowie, and Boy George introduced looks that played with gender norms, pushing boundaries and setting trends.

Tools and Products of the 80s:

credits: @discontinuedmakeup

Every makeup era has its tools and products that help shape its distinctive look, and the 80s was no exception.

  • Brands on the Rise: Brands like Max Factor, Cover Girl, and Revlon ruled the roost in the 80s. Their advertisements, often featuring supermodels and celebrities, influenced public perceptions of beauty.
credits: @discontinuedmakeup

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  • Products: The 80s makeup scene was distinctive for several products. Colored mascaras, particularly in blue, became a rage. Liquid eyeliners in various hues allowed for the dramatic eye look that became synonymous with the era. Lip glosses, often in shimmering shades, added that extra glam.

  • Tools: The 80s saw sponge applicators becoming the go-to for eyeshadow application, ensuring that bright shades were packed on for maximum impact. Eyelash curlers became essential, paving the way for those dramatic lashes that defined the 80s look.

The Evolution from 70s to 80s and Transition to 90s:

  • 70s to 80s: The relaxed, earthy tones and bohemian vibes of the 70s underwent a dramatic transformation as the calendar turned. The 80s reacted to the calm of the 70s with its burst of energy and color. It was less about blending in and more about standing out, making a statement.
  • Cultural Shifts: The 80s was a decade of change. Economic booms, technological advances, and a shift towards consumerism played their part in defining its aesthetics.
  • Setting the Stage for the 90s: As the 80s neared its end, there were hints of what the 90s would bring. The bright colors began to give way to grungier, darker tones. The bold statements of the 80s started to mellow, paving the path for the more minimalist and earthy 90s.
credits: @discontinuedmakeup

Embracing 80s makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself with bold and dramatic looks.

By incorporating vibrant eyeshadows, heavy blush, defined brows, and glossy lips into your makeup routine, you can channel the iconic styles of the 80s with a modern twist.

Whether you’re heading to a themed party or just feeling nostalgic, these tips and products will help you achieve that effortlessly cool 80s look.

So go ahead, experiment, and let your inner 80s diva shine!

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