10 Best Under-Eye Drugstore Concealers Under 10$ (According to Makeup Artist)

best drugstore under eye concealers

I Definitely can’t live without Concealer! Even if I’m seeking a natural no-makeup look, Concealer is CRUCIAL. And I’m also a true believer that Drugstore Under eye Concealers can get fantastic results as much as a high-end concealers. That’s why I decided to create this list of Best Affordable and cheap Under Eye concealers. 

You will find an extensive guide of concealers, pros, and cons, for you to make the right decision before buying your perfect under-eye corrector. 

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you). Please see my full disclosure policy for details. 

I have some favorites concealers that are under 10$! As a makeup artist, I always make an in-depth investigation of each product that I use and recommend, always offering an accurate opinion and review for the makeup product. 


How to know what Concealer is the best for my face?

Concealers can be classified for their formula. There are liquid and creamy concealers. 

It can also be found in light coverage, medium or full coverage, and a range of almost all the skin tones and colors. 

So, what’s the best Concealer for my face? 

For a natural makeup look, using a liquid concealer with medium to full coverage can be ideal. And for a complete glamorous look, it can be awesome to seek a creamy full coverage one. 

I’ll share with you the comparison of affordable concealers, formula, coverage, pros, and cons. 

Best affordable under eye concealer drugstore cheap makeup

What is the best drugstore concealer for dark circles?

Our #1 Recommendation for the best drugstore concealer for dark circles is this full coverage concealer here by L’Oreal. We love it because completely covers imperfections and is WATERPROOF, and fade-resistant!

There are so many options of affordable and cheap concealers in the drugstore category, but are they are really good?
I can say that there are options that I will never buy again neither recommend to anyone!
And here I present you the BEST of the affordable concealers for dark circles.

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Best Under-Eye Drugstore Concealers 

1. L’Oreal Infallible Full wear Waterproof Concealer

UPDATED: I’m recently loving this concealer! So I decided to add it to the top of this list.

Drugstore Loreal full coverage concealer

This is the perfect concealer especially for summer! it drys completely matte and waterproof/ fade-resistant and has a medium to full coverage!


– Full coverage
-Large applicator
-Creamy texture but not greasy
-last up to 24 hours

It can be considered as a heavy concealer, if you don’t like this kind of formula this will not be for everyday use for you. But I consider this type of concealer more like concealer completely imperfections for a special event, or a full glam makeup look.

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2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment

I’ve been living proof for years now that this fantastic Concealer is the best drugstore concealer in the market. It has a medium to full coverage, and it comes with a built-in sponge that can make the applying experiences so easy and compact. 

This Concealer’s under 10$, and you can check it out here

It has 18 tones to choose from with a very reasonable range of colors.


  •  It’s a multi-use concealer that you can use in any problem area that you want to cover on your face (not only undereye area). 
  • Not cakey finish (certified by me) 
  • lightweight formula 
  • medium to full coverage 
  • An anti-aging formulation that promises say goodbye with fine lines and wrinkles. 


 I’m not pretty sure about the hygienic that we can have with this built-in sponge (I don’t recommend using this Concealer with another purpose than personal use)

Changing the Concealer regularly can be a good practice to avoid collect any bacteria. 

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3. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal H.D. Concealer

This is the cheapest drugstore concealer (that actually works) in the entire makeup industry! 

Recently it becomes viral for all the beauty bloggers, and there are a lot of reasons for that! This Concealer is just a MUST-HAVE in any makeup bag because of the price (less than 5$) and the quality that you get! 

It comes with a built-in brush that a different from the Maybelline age-rewind concealer, I think, it is more accessible to sanitize and clean than a built-in sponge. 

With the thin brush that came, you can get a precise application on any tiny area on your face. 

In my honest opinion, this Concealer lasts much longer than other concealers even more than some pricey ones.

Best cheap under eye concealers affordable drugstore


  • Full HD coverage
  • Liquid formula perfect for lightweight finish
  • built-in brush 
  • Easy to-go presentation 
  • Compact package 


It’s not a concealer for dry skins. And be cakey and dry if you don’t apply eye cream. 

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4. Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Concealer Makeup

This another fantastic Maybelline cheap concealer that is pure gold. 

Promise a non-comedogenic formula that means that you can feel free that your pores will breathe well (to avoid acne). 

If you use the fit me foundation formula (which is fantastic and I recommend it), this Concealer is a must-have because you are getting the compatible formula, which will end in better results on your face. 

It has 12 shades and came with a medium coverage that can be really good for a daily makeup routine. 


  • Medium coverage with a lightweight formula that prevents cakey-finish 
  • Reasonable range of tones to choose from


You will have to add another layer of color corrector concealer if you have deep dark circles because of the medium coverage. (but if not your case then you will be fine) 

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5. Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Concealer

Get a really lasting FULL HD coverage with this 24-hour Concealer. 

I like the applicator that came with it because it makes a more comfortable application on any problem area to cover. 

It has a matte finish formulation that can be awesome for a special occasion makeup or under-eye bags, but don’t forget always to apply a primer and moisturizer previous the Concealer to avoid dryness. 


  • Waterproof, transfer and smudge resistant 
  • Full-coverage that will cover any dark circles
  • Has a precise paddle applicator 


  • Not ideal for everyday natural makeup, but applying less product only to get the desired coverage can resolve the problem. 
  • It can be kind of aggressive for dry skin. 

6. Physicians Formula Concealer Twins Cream Concealers

The physician’s formula concealer came with a yellow concealer that can erase dark circles undertone and a light concealer on the other side that will cover the under-eye area and any other area to cover. 

It’s a great non-comedogenic concealer that means that you will not clog your pores! And leave a smooth finish on your skin. 


  • Medium coverage 
  • Two concealers in one 
  • Smooth finish (no cakey)
  • Non-comedogenic formulation 


it Doesn’t have a good range of tones to choose from. 

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the Best Concealer for wrinkles

7. L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Radiant Concealer with Hydrating Serum & Glycerin

When we are talking about mature skin and look younger we will always look for hydrating products that don’t have full coverage. 

And this drugstore concealer is perfect! 

It has as ingredients a hydrating serum that illuminates and hydrating your skin in every application. 

This Concealer promises to minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and imperfections. However, I would say that you can still need a salmon lightweight color corrector to conceal the dark circle’s undertone. 

Other than that, this Concealer is impressive for any wrinkle problem or mature skin! 


  • Hydrating formula
  • Medium coverage
  • Brighten your under-eye area 
  • Minimize imperfections


We will need a salmon lightweight color corrector to conceal the dark circles undertone. 

Best Drugstore Concealer for Acne 

8. Neutrogena skin clearing Blemish Concealer

This drugstore concealer is a fantastic option for blemishes and acne problems. It has blemishes treatment, salicylic acid, and of course, non-comedogenic formula that will prevent clog pores. 

It is a natural-looking concealer that can go well with an anti-acne daily beauty routine. 


  • Has a proven acne-medicine salicylic acid 
  • Oil-free formula 
  • Non-comedogenic 


It’s not a full coverage concealer, but we don’t want that when we are having acne problems because it can worsen with a comedogenic full-coverage product. 

Best Concealer for Dry skin

9. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer Stick for Dry Skin

This Concealer can give you lightweight coverage but with a smooth finish. It’s Hydrating so that you can forget about the dryness in your under-eye area. 

You can combine this Concealer with a salmon color corrector if you have deep dark circles because this Concealer for itself, it won’t cover the undertone of dark circles. 

Neutrogena Hydro boost hydrating Concealer won’t leave a cakey-finish, and the coverage can be buildable. 


Has hyaluronic acid and a hydrating effect and at the same time it’s oil-free 


Has a lightweight coverage (but can be buildable, so it’s not a full con).

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Best Drugstore Full Coverage Concealers

10. Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full coverage Concealer

best drugstore undereye concealer makeup revolution concealer

This concealer is one of my personal favorites since their launch in 2018, they enter into the market to become an Amazing dupe of the TARTE shape tape concealer and since then, it is a MUST-HAVE when it comes to an affordable full coverage option!


  • Lightweight formula
  • Full coverage
  • 16 hour wear!
  • Matte finish (without looking dry!)
  • Non comedogenic
  • Vegan & crueltry free

I can’t find a significant “con” to add in this section, but one thing to consider is that the smell is not like flowers. You definitely can get a neutral smell like other makeup products.

11. E.L.F Cosmetics 16Hr Camo Concealer

best drugstore under eye concealer, elf camo concealer

This ELF camo concealer is the last one on this list, but it’s definitely not the least! I LOVE this concealer, and I actually have it in my go-to personal everyday makeup bag!

This is a full coverage concealer that drys matte. I use the matte in the summer and the Hydrating version here in winter! I just love both formulas so much, but depending on your skin type is how you know which one will work better for you.


  • Full coverage
  • Lightweight formula
  • Crease proof
  • more than 25 shades!
  • Large aplicator
  • 16 hour wear time


This concealer is not the best for dry skins, or dry underyes. For people with dry skins I would recommend the hydrating version instead.

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Which is the Best Color Corrector for Dark Circles?

Even if we found a great coverage and two tones lighter than our skin concealer, we may still need to conceal the undertone of the dark circles.

In the theory of color, we can found that to conceal the color dark purple and dark blue; you can use salmon, yellow, orangy colors. Even red depending on the intensity of the undertone. 

So, in general, I recommend applying a small amount of color corrector concealer before applying your regular Concealer.

NOTE: You can read my makeup application order guide where I share the best Makeup routine for every occasion and skin type for flawless skin. 

That way, you will be first concealing the undertone and then concealing all the area. 

For a natural coverage, go for a salmon, peachy color corrector concealer like this one by L.A. Girl Color corrector.

And for more deep dark circles…

go for an orangy color corrector like this one. 

I hope you found this comparison article helpful, and if you please leave a comment below telling me what is your favorite under-eye Concealer?

Have you tried any of these?

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Best Under-Eye Drugstore Concealer Under 10$ (Acording to a Makeup Artist)

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