Best Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes (+ 5 looks ideas )

best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes

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The majority of the women’s population has a beautiful brown eye color! and it’s super easy to make them pop with the right shades of color for brown eyes! Here is the best Eyeshadow Palette for Brown eyes, other great options, and 5 eyeshadow looks to try on Brown Eyes to make them look amazing!

Take advantage of that beautiful eye color and get inspired with the next super easy eyeshadow tutorials for brown eyes.

Let’s begin 

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This Eyeshadow palette is our #1 recommendation for Brown eyes. It has neutral and colorful shades with shimmer and matte formulas, and it’s perfect for everyday makeup or more creative looks on brown eyes!

If you are here because you need some Eye makeup looks and inspiration for brown eyes, click on the content table to jump to the tutorials. (or keep scrolling)

What are the Best Eyeshadow Colors for brown eyes? 

In the theory of color brown and dark brown eyes are a combination of other principal colors, and there are some colors that complement that color and make it pop. The best Eyeshadow color for brown eyes is purple, green, blue, and pink shades.

Also, neutral shades go fantastic with brown eyes! However, we need to know exactly how to use neutral shades on brown eyes to make them really pop and outstanding. 

In my experience, bronze and copper bright shades are amazing and look super cute with brown eyes! Those shades make them look more intense and make the brown color outstanding in a beautiful way.

Because of that I recommend neutral colors on brown eyes always going with bronze, shimmer, or bright shades that enhance that perfect brown eye color.

Below I show you my top recommendation of palettes for brown eyes! With super-easy Eye makeup hacks to make them look stunning!

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Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes

1. Morphe 350 Eyeshadow palette

This Neutral browny Palette by Morphe Brushes is just a GO-TO for every brown Eyes girl! It has the combination of beautiful shades to work with and make amazing eye makeup look on brown eyes, with exactly what we need to wear neutral tones:

Bronzy shimmer shades, dark brown shades to deepen the crease, warm tones, light shades, with different formulas (satin, shimmer, and matte).

The best part is that Morphe has incredible quality/price relation. The palette is for a super affordable price (more reasonable than many high-end eyeshadow palettes) and super high pigmented shades!

I’ve had it for a while now, and I will never be tired of recommending it!

Pro Tip for Brown Eyes: Even for a Day Eye makeup look, try to go with darker shades on the crease because a difference between blue/green eyes; brown eyes can wear darker shades on the day and still look super cute!

Best Drugstore Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes

Because I’m a HUGE FAN of Drugstore Makeup and I know (from my own experience) that price means nothing in terms on quality. Here is my TOP Eyeshadow Palettes Recomendation for Brown eyes.

2. NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – Warm Neutrals

This Nyx eyeshadow palette is a more affordable option (less than 15$) and a super-compact palette that you can easily take with you anywhere! This one is perfect for the best eye makeup looks on travels or for the everyday go-to eyeshadow palette that will fit your daily makeup bag.

It contains warm and neutrals that will allow you to create the best natural looks, brown smokey eyes, and pop brown eyes with the bronze, copper, and shimmery shades!

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3. Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette Professional 

Colorful shades on brown eyes? YES PLEASE! to pop your pretty brown eyes, wear color eyeshadow like blue, purple, pink, yellow! Those tones enhance your brown eyes in a super cute way!

And this Colorful spotlight palette is perfect for that! UCANBE is one of my favorites, cheap makeup brands. It has a lot of fantastic eyeshadow palettes, with a super price and highly pigmented.

How-to use color shades? Create a soft glam or smokey eye look with neutral shades, apply a pop of color on the bottom lash line, or on the top of the lid. But if you are more daring than me, you can create a full eye makeup look with variations of purples, blues, or pinks!

Best Everyday Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes

If you want to know more about the Best Everyday Eyeshadow Palettes that I recommend to have in your Makeup essentials, check this complete guide featuring my favorite everyday eyeshadow palettes, why they are the best, and pro tips!

4. UCANBE pretty all set Eyeshadow Palette

This is definitely my best option for the everyday eyeshadow makeup for brown eyes! This palette by beauty glazed has pretty blue shades, pink, orange, even yellow! And at the same time contains super convenient brown and warm shades to deepen the crease or create neutral smokey eyes.

It a super versatile palette, perfect for every mood on the everyday makeup routine, for natural looks, or more dramatic ones! I’ve just been loving it for a while now. And highly recommend it.

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Best Eyeshadow Palette for Hooded Eyes

5. UCANBE Twilight Dust + Aromas The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Set

Hooded Brown Eyes need a specific variation of colors to enhence the eyelids and make them look lifted! The best way to do it is with a combination of brighter/shimmer colors and matte dark shades!.

I actually have a super popular Tutorial onHow to make your Hooded eyes look lifted with eye makeup. Is a step by step tutorial with super helpful tips that I mastered because I’m a Hooded Eye girl.

And this set of two palettes with amazing shades is perfect for brown hooded eyes! I love the tones, it has shimmery, matte, and satin formulas and is for a super affordable and reasonable price.

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Best Eyeshadow for brown eyes

If I had to choose only one shade to enhance and pop brown eyes! I’d say PURPLE eyeshadow!
Purple is a super pretty shade that can be combined with different other shades like brown and beige to create amazing brown eyes.

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6. Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA eyeshadow palette

This palette is inspired by the purple tones and I really like the combination of colors that it has!

Check this Super Easy Makeup tutorial for Brown eyes made with this palette:

Best Eyeshadow Palettes for dark Skin

In other hand, Dark skin is a super beautiful skin tone that can wear several makeup tones and look stunnning!

7.60 color eyeshadow palette

And this amazing colorful palette is super recommended for dark skin tones! It has blue tones, pink tones, orange tones and even yellow tones. The top best colors for make any dark skin pop!

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Eyeshadow Ideas for Brown Eyes

5 Eyeshadow looks for Brown Eyes 

1. Soft Neutral Brown Smokey eye

  • Take your favorite neutral colors and create this easy but elegant and glam look!
  • First, apply a dark brown eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eyelids in an invert “V” form, then blend it well with a fluffy small blush taking the shades to the center of your eyes.
  • Secondly, apply a shimmer lighter shade on your eyelids’ center and blend it with the same brush.
  • After that, highlight your look with a light beige shimmer shade and place it in the inner corner and brow bone!
  • Apply eyeliner, mascara, false lashes, and do the same in the bottom lid, and you’re done!

2. Soft glam Purple look with Glitter

best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes
  • Because Purple is just beautiful in brown eyes!
  • Apply a transition shade on your crease and blend it well
  • Next, apply a purple cool-toned shade on your outer corner trying to tap the color instead of blended.
  • After that, take a lighter purple shade and place it to the eyelid center and outer corner.
  • Then apply on top of that a purple and blue glitter mixed or a shimmer eyeshadow that matches the color and outstands.
    Highlight your brow bone and inner corner with a shimmer bright shade. Apply your mascara, eyeliner, false lashes and you’re done!

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3. Colorful eye look with color eyeliner on bottom

Color eyeliner for brown eyes, best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes
  • This Eye makeup looks amazing with brown eyes!
  • Apply a warm transition shade on the crease and blend it.
  • Next, Apply a shimmer pink eyeshadow all over your lid and blend it well with the previous shade.
  • After that, take a blue pencil eyeliner (or change it for any other color) and apply it to the bottom line
  • Take a black pencil eyeliner and apply it to your waterline.
  • Apply mascara and false lashes and you’re ready to rock those brown eyes!

5. Blue Eyeliner Eye look!

  • This trend is just perfect for an easy makeup look in 10 minutes and it looks stunning!
  • You can apply a light shade on your eyelid or leave it natural.
  • Apply highlighter on your inner corner and brow bone
  • Next, take your favorite color eyeliner (blue, purple, yellow, or pink are my top recommendations) and apply it on your lash line.
  • Apply mascara and false lashes! And that’s it! You will rock a perfect sweet makeup look that definitely will outstand your brown eyes.

Final thoughts on Best eyeshadow for brown eyes

Remember that these eye makeup techniques for brown eyes are just basic Makeup rules and theory of color norms that we can take advantage of. However, Makeup rules are made to break them, and you can try infinity eyeshades and techniques in your eyes!

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if so, please share it and pin it for others! And leave a comment below sharing with me your eye makeup personal experiences; what makeup look did you like the most?

Don’t forget to try them and tag me on Instagram!

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Best Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes

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