How to Make your Forehead Smaller Without Surgery (Big forehead Solution)

Smaller forehead without surgery

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The truth is that having a big forehead is something that many people don’t love to have.

Whether you are looking for a big forehead solution or just some tips to make your forehead appear smaller without surgery, you are in the right place!

Here are some of the best easy beauty hacks with makeup, hair, and accessories that will make your forehead look smaller in minutes!

The best way to make your big forehead look smaller (visually, naturally, and without surgery) is by wearing jewelry that removes the attention from the forehead to the lower area of your face,

wearing hair bangs so they cover some of your forehead,

wearing red/bold lipsticks,

applying makeup contour,

wear a ponytail hairstyle

and applying makeup in your hairline or by using a hairpiece like a bandana.

All these easy tips and tricks help to visually reduce the appearance of a big forehead,

but can also reduce the size of a already small forehead so you can reverse use those tricks

as well if you are trying to balance a small forehead.

If you are still unsure if yo have a big, normal or small forehead,

check out the following method below to correctly measure your face harmony and find it.

How do you know if you have a big forehead?

How to know if you have a big forehead, smaller forehead naturally with makeup without surgery

A good way to know if you have a big forehead is by looking in front of a mirror and

comparing the dimensions of your forehead with the distance between your eyes and chin.

If you find your forehead area larger than the rest of the face, you might have a big forehead.

Another thing to do to verify if you have a big forehead,

is measure the distance between your hair line and the top of your eyebrows,

then measure the distance between your eyebrows and the bottom of your nose and measure the bottom of your nose and the tip of your chin.

If you see a significant difference between the forehead measure and the other 3,

you might have a prominent forehead and need you can do some specific things to make this look more harmonious.

However, having a big forehead can be something very relative;

if you feel insecure about your forehead, you can apply some tips and tricks to make it naturally look smaller for you,

even if your forehead is not that BIG.

On the other hand, if you feel like you have a big forehead,

but you LOVE how it looks, do the opposite of the following tips to enhance your forehead even more.

Beauty is subjective.

But don’t worry, I crafted this post with good hacks you can easily do to make your forehead look smaller without surgery at home.

#1 Big forehead solution: Surgery

If you’re unhappy with your big forehead and find yourself constantly trying to cover it up

with hats or hairstyles, a hair transplant may be the perfect solution for you.

Hair transplant surgery can help restore a receding hairline or add more density to thinning hair,

making your forehead appear smaller and more proportionate to the rest of your face.

With the latest advancements in hair transplant technology and techniques,

the procedure is safe, effective, and offers natural-looking results.

Don’t let your big forehead hold you back any longer—consider a hair transplant at a reputable clinic like Turkeyana Clinic and regain your confidence with a fuller head of hair.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at zero cost to you). Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

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It’s worth noting that Turkeyana Clinic is based in the beautiful and vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkeyana Clinic goes beyond just providing exceptional hair transplant surgery.

They understand that every patient’s journey is unique,

which is why they offer an all-inclusive treatment package to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

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with an interpreter team to in-person consultations and intervention by the doctor. 

After your procedure, you can relax and recover in a luxurious 4 or 5-star hotel,

which Turkeyana Clinic has handpicked for your comfort.

The package also includes post-treatment check-ups and transportation back to the airport,

so you can focus on enjoying your recovery and exploring the beautiful city of Istanbul.

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Here’s a photo of the before and after 

How to get a smaller forehead without surgery

A forehead surgery costs around $7,000-$9,000, according to this source.

You can get a personalized quote here.

As a Makeup artist and beauty professional,

I know that everything is possible just by applying the right tips and tricks when it comes to beauty.

To get a smaller forehead without surgery, you need to visually balance the rest of your face to make

your forehead appear smaller with your makeup, hairstyles, and accessories. 

1. Wear a necklace

Wearing jewelry, specifically a necklace, will help to make your forehead look smaller.

The way it works is that we are shifting the main focus from our forehead to our necklace,

and at the same time, we are making our neck appear more elongated.

This visually balances out the dimension of your forehead with the rest of your face, neck, and shoulders.

2. Get a new haircut: curtain bangs!

hairstyles for big forehead, how to make your forehead appear smaller

The super-popular hair trend of bangs is your best ally if you want to hide some of your foreheads and look super cute!

That extra hair in your forehead area will create an optical illusion of a shorter and smaller forehead. 

Check this quick tutorial.

She is not an expert, but she made her own bangs at home, and those bangs look super pretty on her! 

3. Wear a High Ponytail 

Hairstyles for big forehead, how to get smaller forehead naturally

We want to balance the face, and wearing a high ponytail will give the illusion of a smaller forehead area since the hair area will grab the attention. 

Adding some volume to the hair area will automatically reduce the appearance of a big forehead.

The key is to make the ponytail as high as you can and add extra volume to it.

A high, messy bun works great as well!

Hairstyles for big forehead, how to make your forehead appear smaller

4. Use a bandana

Hairstyles for big forehead, how to make your forehead appear smaller naturally

This tip is easy, cute, and super effective!

Grab your favorite bandana and wear it right between your hairline and some of your forehead to try to hide some of it. 

(this super affordable 6 pcs package is fantastic!)

You don’t need to hide your forehead skin too much.

Just using the hair bandana will automatically make your forehead look naturally smaller. 

How to Make your Forehead Smaller Naturally

The makeup approach.

Did you know that if you have a big forehead and wear makeup, there’s a probability you are making your forehead look bigger than it is?

Check the makeup tips below to not only make your forehead look smaller but also prevent you from getting an even bigger-looking forehead!

Even if you are not an expert with Makeup you can make your forehead look smaller by doing the following tips and tricks!

5. Clean the excess makeup on your hairline.

When we apply foundation or powder on our face,

it is super common to leave some tiny little rests of makeup on the hairline, and we probably don’t even notice it.

But this visually reduces the hairline area and makes the forehead look even BIGGER. 

So what you want to do, is grabbing a wet cloth and carefully remove any foundation

or powder we may leave on the baby hair by accident.

You will notice on your cloth more makeup than you think!

I wiped my hairline carefully and even when I thought that I applied my foundation properly without touching my baby hairs, the wipe ended with some makeup rests.

This will help my hair to look more full and reduce the forehead area visually.

Smaller forehead without surgery

6. Apply makeup on your ponytail!

Yes, we removed the excess makeup, and now we are applying makeup to the same area!

But this time, we want to take our eyebrows powder.


  • Select a 1-2 tones lighter than your hair color if you have dark hair, and 1-2 tones darker if you have blond/light hair
  • And with a small blending brush, apply it right in the areas of your hairline where you can see part of your scalp skin
  • with circular motions and being careful not to overdo the makeup, blend it to make it look natural.

If you are a makeup beginner, I highly recommend this powder eyebrows kit here

that comes with 6 brow powders, cream concealer, lighten powder, a setting wax, and a double eyebrow brush.

Tips to make your forehead look smaller, how to get a smaller forehead naturally without surgery

The key to making it appear natural is by starting to apply the powder from the back and progressively blending it towards the front in circle motions.

With that tip, we are visually adding more hairline are and visually reducing the forehead size.

Here’s how it looks!

Makeup on your hairline, how to get smaller forehead

7. Contour your forehead!

Contour was a thing about 4-5 years ago, and now we opt for a light bronzer or only a cream blush

on our everyday makeup routine.

If you are just fine with your face dimensions, you don’t need any contour or bronzer.

But in this case, we can use contour to create the illusion of a smaller forehead in minutes!

To perfectly contour your forehead, take a contour or

bronze shade or neutral shade like this one here and avoid a warm shade, even if you have warm skin.

We want to avoid our forehead looking orange/red.

Take a medium fluffy brush and carefully apply it right on your hairline

(without adding bronzer on your baby hairs) and blend with circles until you get the proper coverage.

Smaller forehead naturally, how to contour your forehead to make it look smaller

 We want a smooth and even blended illusion of a shade on top of our forehead that visually reduces the size of the area, but it also looks natural. 

I personally opted for powder contour this time because it tends to be easier to blend,

but for something with more coverage, I’d choose a cream contour with a neutral undertone like this one here.

8. Thicken your eyebrows!

Do your eyebrows makeup as usual, but this time, imagine a small line right

above your eyebrows and carefully fill in your eyebrows, making them look thicker. 

Start by brushing your brow hairs all the way up with a spoolie and a clear brows gel like this one here.

We want to create a models-like eyebrow illusion.

How to make your forehead appear smaller

NOTE: We want to be careful not to OVER thicken the eyebrows.

We just want to make bold eyebrows look with a natural fuller eyebrows finish that sets

all the attention to the eyebrow area and not to the forehead.

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Tips to make your forehead appear smaller, how to get a smaller forehead without surgery

 9. Wear red/fuchsia lipstick

This trick is a no-brainer!

A beautiful, vibrant, and intense red lips (or fuchsia!) My all-time favorite affordable red lipstick is this one.

It is always super classy, girly, cute, and sexy! With those lips, you will grab all the attention to your lower face area and less to your forehead.

We want to balance all the areas of the face to distribute the attention to all the areas and less to our forehead.

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How to get a smaller forehead without makeup

Do you need to wear makeup to make your forehead appear smaller? The answer is no.

You can use some other tips and tricks to get a smaller forehead naturally.

For this post, we have combined all the tips for the best smaller forehead result.

But like always, you can just use the ones that fit your lifestyle the most!

10. Wear earrings.

A cute accessory on your ear (even if it’s not that big) will empathize your lower face area, and that’s precisely what we want to have to hide a big forehead.

how to make your forehead look smaller without surgery

This is my final look, trying some of the tips to make my forehead appear smaller in minutes!

  • I’m using a ponytail with some volume on the sides.
  • I wiped my hairline to remove any rest of the makeup on that area
  • I deepen my hairline by adding volume with a brows powder
  • I contoured my forehead with a powder contour and a fluffy medium brush
  • I did my eyebrows thicker than I normally do.
  • I don’t love big earrings, so I try a cute pink small pair of earrings that matched my dress

Final tips

The most important thing to consider is that no matter the size of any part of your body/face,

you are beautiful just how you are!

I’d call this type of beauty hack or tip a way to look different in some way naturally. 

If I want my big forehead to stand out one day, I just do the opposite of the tips on this post and vice versa.

If I want to hide my forehead, I can get a visually smaller forehead with the same tips.

That’s exactly what I love about makeup and beauty,

it is all relative, and you can use it (or not) if it feels right to you and make you feel better in some way!

I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed sharing with you

my smaller forehead solution without the necessity of getting an aesthetic surgery.

Don’t forget to pin it for later and share it with others!

Also, please share with me below any other hack that I must have missed? I’d love to hear from you!

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