10 Ways to Hide Wrinkles with Makeup (by a Makeup Artist)

Best makeup tips to look younger

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The best makeup tips to hide wrinkles, look younger and fresher skin by a makeup artist! 

You can have a youthful look instantly today with makeup, and look 10 years younger!
Makeup can be a powerfull tool to use in favor and get amazing results.

As a makeup artist, I’ve worked with tons of mature women with different skin problems such as deep wrinkles, marks, blemishes.

And here, I will share with you my best makeup secrets and techniques to do the makeup of mature skin so you can try these tips in your daily makeup routine!

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Can you hide wrinkles with makeup?

Mature skin is a very delicate skin for makeup, since makeup can become an enemy if it is not used correctly.

You can absolutely hide your wrinkles with makeup! You have to follow some basic tips to get that younger look.

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What type of foundation is best for wrinkles?

The best makeup foundation formula for mature skin with pronounced expression lines is a lightweight liquid foundation with a hydrating finish, and SPF added. This one here is definitely the best affordable foundation for mature skin.

Run away from the matte finish for oily skin foundations, that foundation finish on your skin will make your wrinkles more pronounced.

Check my Ultimate Foundation 101 Guide to compare the formulas depending on your skin type!

How can I hide wrinkles on my face?

Less is more when it comes to hiding wrinkles

The products that you apply to your face and your makeup products should be very few. Less is more, a very thick layer of makeup will not cover wrinkles but it will make them even more noticeable. Here are the best tips to hide wrinkles with makeup.

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1. Exfoliate your face.

It is very important to exfoliate your skin to remove old and dead skin from your face. Very often exfoliation is not recommended, 2-3 times a week should be enough.

Avoid very intense exfoliations on your skin, it could be very aggressive to mature skin.

This Exfoliating glycolic Mask with Anti-aging properties will be amazing!

2. Use anti-aging serum

In your skincare routine, try including an anti-aging serum every day

Choose products that have vitamin C and vitamin E in their ingredients, especially if they are combined with each other.

Vitamin A products are also recommended, but you should be careful to expose your skin to the sun after using retinol (vitamin A).

This pack of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Retinol Serums is amazing! BUY IT HERE

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3. Prime your skin.

The primer is ESSENTIAL in your wrinkles to conceal makeup routine, this step is even more important for mature skin, apply a primer to fill your pores and unify your skin, so your skin is ready to apply foundation.

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4. Be sure to use moisturizer.

For any skin type, it is important to have a skincare routine that includes moisturizer, but specifically to hide wrinkles with makeup you need to have very well-hydrated skin first.

Look for facial moisturizers that have natural oils to make your skin look shiny. The jojoba oil is an awesome ingredient for mature skins!

5. Avoid apply too much concealer.

Use a liquid concealer, with medium coverage but that leaves a luminous and hydrating finish.

Apply just a few drops to the area to be covered and blend with a beauty blender perfectly. Apply only a small amount of product, only what is necessary to cover the imperfection.

You need to check this fantastic bestseller from Maybelline. This age rewind concealer is a must-have in any makeup bag for the everyday makeup.

NOTE: Using a lot amount of concealer like a Beauty guru can probably cause the opposite look and can highlight the under bag area instead of cover it.

Are you struggling with your concealer creasing under your eyes and settling in fine lines? Check this free guide on How to finally STOP concealer from creasing (no matter what concealer you are using!)

6. Be careful with powders products.

We are used to young skins with oily skin using a lot of powder to have a matte and cleaner finish, but in the case of mature skins it is necessary to forget about the baking technique with powder.

Just apply the powder in strategic places and not all over your face. These vital places can be your forehead, your nose or your chin, it all depends on the areas where you tend to be oily in the day.


7. Apply a liquid highlighter instead of powder highlighter

The highlighter technique is even more important to use on women looking to hide their wrinkles.

Since the highlighter generally gives a younger-looking as it gives your face a natural glow. Just apply a little to the top of your cheeks and look for liquid highlighters, like this one!

8. Choosing the right anti-aging foundation

As with other facial products, look for a foundation that has a moisturizing formula without a matte finish and with SPF.

A highly recommended option to hide wrinkles is to use a tinted moisturizer as this product allows you to unify the tone of your skin and moisturize it at the same time. Leaving a light layer on your face, exactly that we look for on wrinkled skin.

But we do not always want to have a natural look, there are special occasions that we seek to have a little more coverage, and without a problem, you can look for a foundation with medium to full coverage but with a luminous finish. Like this one!

9. Fill in your eyebrows

Eyebrows talk about age. For generations there have been different trends regarding how to fill your eyebrows, a few years ago it was super important to have a thin eyebrow, then a trend of thick eyebrows was adapted. The shape of your eyebrow says a lot about your age.

A modern eyebrow makes you look younger. Fill your eyebrows with a colored eyebrow gel pretending to simulate hairs and a naturally filled eyebrow look.

Check my How to fill in eyebrows step by step guide tutorial, HERE.

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10. Shift the main focus to your eyes

Give an emphasis to your eyes so that your skin becomes background.

The best way to apply eyeshadow for wrinkled or aging eyes is using matte eyeshadow for most of the makeup look and use shimmery shades only in strategic areas like the brow bone, and the inner corner of the lid. Check my post about the best matte eyeshadows for mature eyes and tips for the best application!

Wear an eye makeup suitable for the occasion, you can curl your lashes and apply a layer of mascara to open your eyes. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner with a subtle feline ripped finish to lift your eye.

I have a complete tutorial on how to apply eyeliner, where you will find a step by step guide with pictures for hooded eyes (I have hooded eyes haha).

Some women with mature skin have hooded eyes, and the makeup technique is very specific for doing eye makeup on hooded eyes.

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BONUS: 11. Hydrate your lips

Avoid using matte lipsticks, these can accentuate the expression lines of the lips. Use a coconut oil-based lip moisturizer that allows you to have hydrated lips. Use creamy lipsticks and lip glosses.

What tips to hide wrinkles do you use? The important thing is to feel secure in ourselves, and without makeup or makeup, every woman is beautiful! Lines speak of life traveled that must be honored. You are beautiful!

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