My Freelance Makeup Artist Kit (2024)

Hello! I’m a freelance makeup artist with more than 8 years of experience in the industry.

And this year, 2024, I decided to REVAMP and re-build my freelance makeup artist kit,

the best part? I documented everything!

Here at, we teach makeup beginners and aspiring makeup artists all things about makeup, the business, and the artistry

and inside our signature program, the Master Makeup Program, we have a whole section on how to build your makeup kit, a list of each product with product recommendations and descriptions

However, this list and info I’m gonna share with you today is different because this time I’m doing it on a budget.

I know that many aspiring makeup artists don’t start or leave the dream early in the journey because of the current economy and how expensive it can be to build a makeup kit from scratch.

Here, I will show you exactly which products are worth the investment and which products we can save money on to build this freelance makeup kit smartly, efficiently, and effectively.

Oh, and I also have a spreadsheet that you can download below.

Let’s get started.

freelance makeup artist kit

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1. Relavel Makeup Case

First things first, where to put your makeup kit.

I was looking for a travel makeup bag, large enough to carry all my makeup kit but also convenient and durable, easy to carry with for travel makeup appointments.

And well, I found the IDEAL makeup train case.

RELAVEL makeup train case
RELAVEL makeup train case

The Relavel makeup bag is the PERFECT makeup bag for freelance makeup artists, in my opinion.

I saw that celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta has it, and I was shocked when I saw the price on Amazon (so affordable!). It was perfect to give it a try for my journey of building this freelance makeup kit on a budget.

This was a HIT.

This is how it looks with my kit on it:

My freelance makeup kit

Now, let’s break down each product….


We are not makeup artists if we do not do good skincare/skin prep.

I’d dare to say it’s almost 50% of the success of the makeup.

Becuase if we do not do proper skin prep, the makeup can either look cakey, oily, dry, flaky or patchy OR in the worst case scenario, all of them.

Here’s what skincare products I added to my freelance makeup kit revamp:

  • Moisturizer: Cerave: A simple, good affordable moisturizer for all skin types, in travel size to fit my makeup case.
  • Rosehip facial oil: I apply it after the skin prep to lock in all the products and massage the face to pump it up and make it look more fresh and awake.
  • Good molecules: eye cream: if your client have very dry skin, an eye cream is essential. if not, regular moisturizer work. this is because heavy eye creams + concealers can cause crease concealer under eyes
  • Micellar water: a travel size or the big bottle, but I got this refillable cosmetic container kit to deppoting my kit.
  • Hyaluronic acid serum: A must for a glowy, juicy, flawless makeup.
good molecules hyaluronic acid serum
elf power grip primer
elf powder grip primer + 4% niacinamide


  • MAC pro longwear waterproof foundation: If I have to tell you only ONE product on your kit you need to put more money on (invest) is definitely foundation. HOWEVER, a more affordable option is the milani or morphe foundation (so you start your kit now, and then when there is more cash flow, you invest in more expensive foundations)

    NOTE: Get at least 2 tones, one fair and one deep, or you can buy 1 to 2 shades somewhere in the middle of the shade’s variety for a total of 3 or 4 foundations in your kit. With that, AND your primary color mixing palette, you can mix the shades, colors, and tones and make your own skin tone and undertone shade for each of your clients
  • Concealer and blush cream palette I’m trying these palettes from a brand called “Carla Secret.” So far, they’ve given me really good coverage and are easy to blend. I love how compact and convenient these palettes are; they’re perfect for carrying so many shades in my makeup case.
cream bush palette and cream concealer palette carla secret


Those are my setting powders, but we also want to add some powder foundations to add more coverage to certain areas,

I do not apply powder foundation all over the face of my clients all the time, this only depends on my client’s skin type, and makeup style because it can cause patchy, dry makeup.

But I have my powder foundation in a light shade as a brightener powder.

MAC powder foundation NC25


morphe matte essential palette
festival colorful eyeshadow palette



essence waterproof mascara and anastasia beverly hills mascara



  • Lip colors palette (with this, you are able to create ANY lip color using the color theory. I love the coverage and consistency of this lip colors as well, includes the primary colors, nudes, reds and pinks, white and black, basically all you need)
  • clear lip gloss


we already have the cream blush palette in the foundation and concealers section!


  • disposables: mascara wands, lip applicator, hair clips, puffs. THIS kit comes with a case it’s really good
  • 70% alcohol (mini spray bottles to refill your alcohol and other liquids)
  • cotton pads



So that’s about it!

I should say that this kit is meant to be a starter freelance makeup kit, which over time will be adding, removing or replacing proucts as needed.

But to be honest this is a really good start point for ANYONE trying to start their makeup artistry carrer ON A TIGHT budget.

If you want to see prices, and the total of this frerelance makeup kit, get our free spreadsheet with all the details!!

feel free to make a copy of my spreadsheet for personal use, and also print it out if you want.

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