How to Mix Foundation with Moisturizer: Tips & Step by Step Tutorial

mixing foundation with moisturizer

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Wondering if it is good to mix foundation with moisturizer?

Whether you have a foundation that is too heavy or thick and you want to make it lightweight or a full coverage foundation that you want to turn it sheerer, here’s everything you need to know before.

Today I will be trying this for you, talking about the pros and cons and the best ways to mix moisturizer with foundation so you can try it at home!

Moisturizer for Flawless Makeup

The new Makeup trends for this year is all about the skin and getting a natural skin-like finish.

As a Makeup artist, I love prep the skin of my clients with a moisturizer before any other product. It makes the makeup application smoother and
If you want to have flawless makeup, you should start with having a great skincare regimen.

Before you apply any Makeup, hydrate your skin.

The truth is, when your skin is hydrated, the less are the chances of your makeup to look out of line, and an excellent moisturizer will make your skin look youthful and flawless.

I recommend always includes a moisturizer in your skin prep routine regardless of your skin type.

If you really love your skin, then you must always have a moisturizer in your makeup bag.

How about combining the power of moisturizing and the power of Makeup by mixing moisturizer with foundation?

mixing foundation with moisturizer

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Can moisturizer be mixed with foundation?

Yes, you can mix moisturizer with foundation by using equal parts of each product to create a sheer coverage foundation and give it a more natural hydrated look. Especially if your foundation is too heavy or thick, mixing it with moisturizer will fix its consistency.

if it’s really a good idea to mix foundation with moisturizer? if you are not happy with full coverage, matte or thick foundation, then Yes!
There is a possibility of fixing it by adding the two at the same time, especially if you are aiming to get a lighter coverage foundation.

I traid this hack myself, and I actually was surprised with the final result!

The formula of foundation + moisturizer will give you a natural feel and look.

Does mixing foundation with moisturizer make it lighter?

Mixing foundation with moisturizer will make it slighter lighter because the moisturizer dilutes the pigmentation of the foundation, but consider that you are also changing the formula of your foundation by making it sheerer and hydrating.

And depending on the foundation, this can result in a foundation that last less on the skin.

If you have a foundation that is too light for your skin, check this easy guide on how to fix a wrong shade foundation.

Do you need to apply moisturizer before tinted moisturizer?

Short answer, yes! Especially if you have dry skin or combo skin in winter.

Applying an extra layer of moisture will improve the skin’s appearance and protect it from dry patches.

Moreover, if you wish to gain optimum beauty results, then make sure to keep the right mix of foundation and moisturizer.

But, you should not stop pampering your skin with moisturizer because your skin needs separate skincare to block the harsh chemicals found in cosmetic products.

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Finding the Right Foundation to mix with moisturizer

When buying your cosmetics or just any product, always check the label.

It would be best if you ever read the label upon purchasing your chosen product.

If your reason for using a foundation is to hide acne scars or blemishes, one thing to know is that this moisturizer and foundation combination doesn’t fully cover marks.

Even if you apply a double layer of foundation, the chances of hiding blemishes are thin, and having fair, even skin is not a guarantee with this mixing foundation with moisturizer hack.

But for a daily hydrated and youthful skin look, the use of full coverage makeup is not a priority and can work well.

I’m trying this trick with my flawless stay foundation on this shade that is one of my favorites foundations for the great coverage (medium to full coverage) but it’s also kind of heavy in my opinion.

So, it seems like the best fit to try to mix with moisturizer!

The right foundation to mix with moisturizer should be:

  • Thick/heavy foundation
  • Matte foundation
  • Darker than your skin tone
  • It has the same base as the moisturizer

Finding the Best Moisturizer to Mix With Foundation

To determine the matching moisturizer and foundation, test and see the compatibility of the two.
Both moisturizer and foundation should have the same base to mix well.

The only issue that will arise here is when there’s a mismatch between the two bases. For example mixing a water based moisturizer with a silicone based foundation will end in a bad formula, leaving the skin a patchy finish after application.

There are many products to choose from. If you are opting for a lightweight and not greasy, you can try the Organics Collagen cream or the popular Neutrogena water gel moisturizer.

for this tutorial I’m using my cheap moisturizer by clinicials to test this trick, in case I want to do it regularly or even creating a new mix in a travel bottle, I will be using probably my Neutrogena water gel. (which is also affordable!)

How to Mix Foundation With Moisturizer

mixing foundation with moisturizer, is it good to mix foundation with moisturizer? how to make your foundation sheer coverage

Method 1: Mix a Small Amount of Moisturizer

Before you apply the moisturizer to your face, add a tiny amount of it to the liquid foundation you use. With this method, you can have the coverage without making it look like it was overdone. After mixing the two, you will now have a hydrating foundation.

With this first method, we are just basically fixing a matte foundation and making it more hydrating.

Method 2: Create Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

The popularity of tinted moisturizer started from blending moisturizer and foundation. Simply put, tinted moisturizer serves as the perfect deal if you choose to interchange the look of having no makeup to wearing one. To do it your own:

Begin with choosing your liquid or powder foundation. Then, add your facial moisturizer (the amount that you usually use to apply it on your face) . Afterward, place a little of the moisturizer in a mixer.
Then, start adding an equal amount of foundation. The same amount as your moisturizer.

So with this method, we have more of a tinted moisturizer and this will change the coverage of your foundation to something more natural.

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Method 3: Blending The Products

You can just go directly with the products on your face without having to mix them before.

So if you feel like your foundation needs more hydration on your face, add more moisturizer, and vice-versa if you feel like your new tinted moisturizer needs more coverage add more foundation until you create the desired finish on your skin.

A good makeup relies on blending. You need to apply it gently to your face with your hand or a makeup sponge. For a more natural look, reduce the amount of foundation and increase the amount of moisturizer.

Method 4: Match your skin tone with the mouisturizer

Find it hard to make the color of your foundation in line with your undertone? You can experiment with the colors by adding either more amount of moisturizer than foundation or the other way around. Repeat the process until you find the perfect shade based on your preference.

Usually, a moisturizer will make your foundation slightly lighter if you have a darker than your skin foundation shade. Adding mouisturizer could help to fix it.

Remember that in order to achieve a flawless makeup look, you have to strive for an even finish. To make this happen, moisturizers help in building your makeup. They help in imitating the natural look while taking care of the skin.

Final thoughts on Mixing foundation with mouisturizer

how to mix foundation with moisturizer, mixing foundation with moisturizer

Do I recommend it? Yes, only if you are struggling with dryness on your skin and have a matte foundation that you want to fix because it’s not working for you right now.

OR if you want to make your foundation more like a sheer coverage.

After 8 hours of experiment with this trick, I have to say that the foundation looks good, normal as regularly but with less coverage on the area that I use the foundation + moisturizer mix.

It didn’t make me more oily but It left me a natural dewy finish than the other side with the regular foundation alone.

Once you’ve finally discovered the perfect blend in line with your preferences, keep that measurement and start to pack it light for travels in bottles for easy access, whenever and wherever. With this foundation guide’s help, you should now be able to create your own tinted moisturizer, cc cream, or simply fix a heavy, thick foundation and turn it into a natural skin-like foundation.

I hope you find this post helpful. If so, please share it with others and pin it for later! And comment below if you have tried mixing moisturizer with a foundation before?

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