Eyeliner for Round Eyes: Ultimate Guide

eyeliner for round eyes

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 Eyeliner for Round Eyes: Complete guide.

With pro eyeliner tips for round eyes!

Where are my round-eyed makeup lovers at?

If you have round eyes, sometimes it can be difficult to find a great eyeliner look.

If you don’t apply it properly,

it can actually make your eyes look smaller or more round.

But, when done right, eyeliner can do amazing things for your eyes,

and pull your entire makeup look together.

So, whether you are a pro at applying liner for round eyes, or you are just starting off,

I have some tips and tricks for you. Plus, I highlight my favorite product for round eyes! 

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How Do I Know if I Have Round Eyes?

round eyes woman

Finding out your eye shape can be confusing,

but knowing if you have round eyes is the easiest shape to spot.

As the name suggests, you know you have round eyes if your eyes are round.

This means there is the same amount of space both horizontally and vertically.

If that’s you, check out all of the ways to create gorgeous liner looks, perfect for your round eyes! 

Is Eyeliner Good For Round Eyes?

woman with round eye wearing eyeliner

Eyeliner is SO important for round eyes!

I cannot emphasize this enough, and here’s why.

When you have round eyes,

it is especially fun to change and play with your eye shape.

This is easy to do if you have more lid space,

and a little more challenging (but not impossible) if you don’t have very much lid space.

You can elongate your eyes, lift them, make them smaller, or make them look bigger.

But the key to all of these tricks is to use great eye products, especially eyeliner.

So, while eyeliner may seem tricky to use at first,

it is ultimately a very good tool for round eyes. 

Eyeliner for Round eyes: How to Change your Eye Shape

Now that you know you can play with your eye shape,

here is exactly how to change and fit your eye shape to be whatever you want it to be.

  • Lift: If you want to lift your eyes, widen the line at your eye’s outer corner.


  • Lengthen: If you want to lengthen your eyes, draw a cat eye (read more below). You can also smudge your eyeliner into your lash lines to elongate them! You can also smudge your eyeliner into your lash lines to elongate them! 

  • Enhance Roundness: If you love your round eyes and want them to look even more noticeable, make your liner line wide at the center of your upper lash line!

  • Almond-Shaped: If you want your eyes to look more almond-shaped, I suggest grabbing an eyeliner pencil to your waterline!

  • Bigger: If you want your eyes to look bigger, you can apply a light-colored eyeliner to your waterline. This makes your eyes look bigger and brighter! You can also line your upper lid with a bright eyeliner color to really make them pop.

Cat eyeliner for round eyes

woman with round eyes wearing eyeliner

As mentioned above, a cat eye is a great way to lengthen your eyes.

To do a proper cat eye, specifically for round eyes, draw a cat eye at the end of your line.

Make sure that the liner reaches the tip of your outer brow to ensure your eyes look lifted and longer. 

TIP: I suggest using a fine-tipped eyeliner pen (my favorite is this one here) when you are creating your cat eye look. This guarantees the best precision! 

Inner corner eyeliner for round eyes

When you play with the inner corner of your eyes, it will make them look more almond-shaped.

You can do this by picking out a light eyeshadow shade and applying it to the inner corner of your eyes.

To make your eyes look bigger, add a little bit of shimmer on the outer and inner corners of your eyes! 

Also, check this guide on how to apply Inner Eye Highlighter like a pro!

Winged eyeliner for round eyes

Doing a winged look is a fun and easy everyday look, and it is especially great to elongate round eyes.

When it comes to doing a winged look for round eyes,

I suggest starting on the outside corner of your eye using your eyeliner.

Then, draw toward your eye’s outer corner at a downward angle.

Finally, apply the liner inwards and stop at the center of your lid (where your pupil is).

Doing your eyeliner this way also means that you have the flexibility to add some bold eyeshadows if you so choose. 

Best eyeliners for round eyes 

#1 Liquid pen eyeliner: IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeliner


Waterproof: Having a waterproof eyeliner is a must, especially with a liquid liner.

This eyeliner can withstand all of the elements! 

Won’t Budge: This eyeliner is long-lasting, and it stays in place.

Customers love that they can apply it in the morning, and by the end of the night, it will still look just as clean and bold as it did in the morning.

Thin Tip: The tip on this eyeliner is made for precision, so you can have confidence when applying this liner. 


Takes Time to Dry: One con with this liner is that it might take a little bit to dry, so make sure to wait before moving on to the next step in your makeup routine. 

#2 Inglot AMC Liner

Next, we have my favorite gel liner, the Inglot AMC Liner.


Variety of Colors: If you want a colorful liner, Inglot has you covered.

This liner comes in 20 different colors, which vary from black to bright teal.

This eyeliner is also extremely pigmented, so whatever color you choose will be bold and beautiful.

Gorgeous Finish: This liner leaves a stunning matte finish, perfect for round eyes. 

Vegan: This liner is also vegan and cruelty-free! 


Smudges: One complaint with this liner is that it might smudge a bit.

While some customers said that it went on smooth and created very clean lines, others said that it smudged throughout the day. 

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#3 Urban Decay Glide Pencil


Smooth Application: Even the name suggests that this pencil glides onto your eyes, and it is not kidding.

I love that this pencil has an extremely smooth application with no skipping. 

Variety of Finishes: This pencil also comes in 5 different finishes: matte, shimmer, metallic, glitter, and cream, to fit any look! 

Nourishing Ingredients: I love that this eyeliner has a few nourishing ingredients, which is especially important when using products so close to your eye.

This pencil is made with jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and cottonseed oil. These ingredients nourish and condition your eye.


You may find yourself needing to reapply to liner during the middle of the day,

as it does tend to fade in some places. But this can be a pro, depending on the desired look.

Best Eyelashes for round eyes

Lashes are also really important when it comes to round eyes.

While you can definitely play with your natural lashes to make them look bigger and longer,

I also love false eyelashes to create even more volume. Check out my favorite set of falsies for round eyes below.

Pawotence False Lashes


Lightweight: One of my least favorite things about false lashes is when they feel heavy on your face.

Luckily, these lashes are so lightweight, that you will forget you are even wearing them. 

Cruelty-Free: These lashes are 100% synthetic, so they are cruelty-free! 

Natural: Some lashes just do not look natural, but these lashes do!

They blend into your natural lashes and add volume and dimension without looking fake.

Easy to Use: Some lashes come with a manual to put them on, and you still struggle.

That is why I like lashes that are easy to put on and take off.

These lashes are super simple to use, so they are perfect for beginners and experts alike. 


A Little Long: A few customers said they had to cut these lashes to make them fit with their natural lashes,

so if you have shorter lashes, you might have to bring out the scissors.

But, customers also said that the lashes did not fall apart even after being cut,

so you can be confident in fitting them to size without them falling apart. 

Eyeshadow Tips For Round Eyes

I can’t end this article without giving you a few tips when it comes to eyeshadow and round eyes!

Use Dark Shadow: I suggest using a dark shadow to define the lash line.

If you want to enhance your eye’s roundness, you can also add a bit of dark shadow on the lower lash line.

Define your Crease: The best thing you can do with your eyeshadow is to define your crease.

This will help you tremendously as you style your eyes in whatever way you see fit!

Final thoughts on Eyeliner for Round eyes

It is not a secret that round eyes are beautiful.

There are so many amazing makeup looks you can do with round eyes

and limitless ways you can play with their shape and enhance it in whatever way suits you best.

While using eyeliner on round eyes may have seemed intimidating at first,

I hope that you found the perfect eyeliner technique (or two) to try out the next time you do your makeup!

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Eyeliner for Round Eyes: Ultimate Guide

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