How to Look Pretty on a Date – First Date Makeup tips

How to look pretty on a first date

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Yes! We know we are beautiful! Yes, we know that the most important is our feelings and what we are on the inside blah blah, but we also want to look on the outside! That’s true, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Here are some quick and easy first date Makeup tips to look stunning and beautiful on your date (even if it’s not the first one!) I love to look different, sexy, and romantic for any date, especially for date nights.

Next, I will share the best makeup tips and tricks with you to make you look even more beautiful on that special date with a full step-by-step Soft romantic makeup tutorial with pictures. Keep scrolling. 

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Should I wear makeup on the first date?

should I wear makeup on a first date, first date makeup look how to look pretty on a date

It’s totally up to you! and how you feel about makeup. You don’t need to wear or use anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.

If you are more you with a natural look, go with it! If you love makeup and love using colors and glitter, PLEASE also go with it! It’s essential always to be authentic.

However, if you choose to wear makeup, I dare you to try something different from what you are used to, but without going crazy, so you can still be comfy with your look.


What makeup should I wear on a first date?

how to look pretty on a date, best first date makeup tips what makeup should I wear on  first date

Try a soft, glam romantic look (full tutorial in a moment). This type of makeup is a go-to! While you look romantic, sexy, and cute, at the same time, it is a versatile makeup that you can wear for a picnic, movies, date night, dinner, or night club! Basically is an all type of date makeup look.

Also, consider using a full coverage makeup look! Because we want to impress and look good in photos. If you are going to a pool, consider changing the date place. JK! haha

How to look attractive on a date

Wear red!

This trick is impressive. Just add red to your clothes or to your makeup. I love to use a red lipstick on a date! It’s a classic that actually work to look more attractive.

Put attention to your lips. If you are trying to seduce your loved one, you need to carefully do the makeup of your lips. Often we let the lips at the end of the makeup application and unconsciously we don’t take the time that is necessary to fill in bold, sexy lips.
This time, take your time on that makeup step and enhance your lips.

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Make sure you smell good.

This is CRUCIAL! You can look stunning, but if for some reason your smell is not as good as your look, this thing is going to end badly!
Basically, take a shower, apply scented lotions, fragrance, brush your teeth, use deodorant, and wear clean, sparkling clothes.

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I have very straight hair, and to be honest I have a no hair routine for my every day, I just brush it and live the rest of the day haha. But this time we need to do something with the hair! You can choose between a cute ponytail, straightener or curl your hair.
I prefered my hair straight with a cute pearl headband. 

The next Date makeup tips will be inside the following Makeup tutorial! 

how to look pretty on a first date, best easy tips to look good on a date how to do your makeup for a date

First Date Makeup tutorial 

For this special First date makeup look, we want to look fresh and naturally glowing skin and avoid cakey-flaky dry skin. And to look that radiant, we need to do some skin prep steps before applying anything on the face. 

We want to create a romantic and cute makeup look that outstand our natural beauty but at the same time, that makes you feel comfortable wearing it and that can be perfect to use on a valentines day, or a date night. 


The biggest makeup artists concentrate most of the time they have with the models on skin preparation. And because I think it is crucial to look flawless makeup, I have a full guide step by step on how to prep your skin and exactly what to apply before your makeup.

For this look, What I’m doing is to wash my face as always (if you have read my blog before, you know that I only use soap-free face cleansers, I explain more about it in my skin prep guide) 

After that, I applied my serum and my moisturizer. This skin-prep routine is actually the routine that I do regularly, but this time and because we want extra glowing and youthful skin, I added 2-3 drops of face oil after my moisturizer.

Even if you have oily skin, try this trick! Your makeup will look flawless.

NOTE: Face oil is not for an everyday makeup routine; this is a special occasion. We are going to a DATE! Hopefully, with someone we really want to be with, our skin needs to look extra juicy.


I always recommend starting with the eyes, but this time, we want to focus more on the face than any other makeup step.
Start with applying your face primer and concealing any dark spot or pimple if you have.

I have some pimples and dark spots that I want to cover, and to that, I’m using my shape tape concealer by Tarte.

This is a full coverage concealer that I do not use on my pimples every day, but for this first date makeup look, I want to cover any imperfection very well, and this concealer does that job entirely!

how to look pretty on a date, first date makeup tips how to look good on a date makeup valentines day date night tutorial step by step for beginners

Apply the concealer and with your fingers tapping on the edges so it can blend well with the rest of the skin.


first date makeup tips how to look pretty on a date - best valentines day makuep look for a date

Next, it’s time for the foundation! I’m using a satin full coverage foundation because we want to stay on that glowing-dewy formula for the face.

You can opt for a sheer or light-to-medium coverage foundation if you like, but I recommend going for full coverage with this romantic look.

Apply it all over your face and blend it with a makeup sponge. We want to let the foundation sit so we can set with powder and add more glowing skin tips once it is sitting on our skin. That’s why we wanted it first.

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Apply your under eyes concealer as usual, and I like to do it after foundation, so I make sure that I don’t apply excess concealer because this can cause creases under the eyes.

Let your concealer sit with the foundation, and let’s do the eyes. I also applied a small amount of concealer on my eyelids to prep them for eyeshadows.

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Now, it’s time for eye makeup. This look will be soft, versatile, and romantic! Start to take a warm brown shade with a medium fluffy brush and apply it on your lids’ outer corner.

Try to concentrate the color on the last third part of your eye, and with slow motions, blend the color outside in your hair direction. Don’t be afraid of taking the color a little bit outside of your eyelids; this is the effect we want and will make you look sexier and feline.

first date makeup tips how to look pretty on a date best tips and tricks to look good on a date makeup tutorial for beginners soft romantic makuep look valentines day makeup tutorial


Because we want a versatile soft romantic makeup look, we want to apply a soft rose gold shimmer shade on your lid. Apply it to all your eyelid with a flat brush to set the color on your eyelids.

first date makeup tips how to look pretty on a date best tips and tricks to look good on a date makeup tutorial for beginners soft romantic makuep look valentines day makeup tutorial

Next, take a lighter shade or your powder highlighter and highlight your inner corner.

first date makeup tips how to look pretty on a date best tips and tricks to look good on a date makeup tutorial for beginners soft romantic makuep look valentines day makeup tutorial

The key is to take a small fluffy brush and go back with the first warm brown color to blend well what we created without taking the brown beyond the middle of the eyelid.

This is the right moment to apply false eyelashes if desired, and I opt for natural-looking but medium-sized false eyelashes.

Read the complete false eyelashes guide here.


first date makeup tips how to look pretty on a date best tips and tricks to look good on a date makeup tutorial for beginners soft romantic makuep look valentines day makeup tutorial

Now it’s time to get back to the face. When I try glowing-dewy skin, I opt for no contour at all. However, if you want to make your face look slimmer or thinner, apply a cream contour under your cheeks and the side of your nose.

After that, apply a cream blush! This is CRUCIAL for a cute first date makeup look, and cream blush will make you look more romantic, cute, attractive, and young. I recommend this one by Stila.

Now, blend your blush with a makeup sponge and set it with powder blush! I know it can sound like a lot, but it really makes the difference. Just build the intensity carefully with a big powder blush.

Go a little higher than you regularly apply your blush, and this blush hack will make you look sexier and stunning for that date! 


We want a dewy, glowing skin makeup look for this first date makeup, but we want our makeup to stay in place as well, so please don’t forget to set all your cream and liquids with a loose translucent powder like this one by Dermablend.

If you have oily skin, try to set the problem areas with a compact powder and a makeup sponge.

To keep this look romantic, cute, and kind of natural, I picked a nude lipstick.


Now it’s time for highlighter! Apply a powder highlighter with a fan brush on top of your blush. This last step will make your entire look more youthful and glowing. 

Step 8. LIPS

To keep this look romantic, cute, and kind of natural, I picked a nude lipstick.
But I think this look can go with red lipstick pretty well.
Overline your lipliner a little bit over your cupid’s bow and your bottom lips to make them look bigger but keep it natural.


how to look good on a date first date makeup tips date night makeup tutorial how to look pretty on a date first date makeup look tutorial

Another First Date Makeup tips

  • Try a Fake tan: you can try adding a little more bronzer to your makeup and shoulders or with a fake tan spray like this one. 
  • Use colorful blush and lipstick: I love the nudes! But this time try to be more colorful, with pink or red lipstick.
  • Fill in your eyebrows: Bold eyebrows make you look younger and more attractive!
  • Try high heels: But please try high heels only if you feel comfortable wearing them! It will be better and more attractive, comfortable flat shoes than high heels if you don’t think they are for you. Also, this only applies for a date night! or formal dinner.

I hope you found this post helpful! if so, please share with others and comment below what other tips and tricks you can share for a first date? I’d love to hear from you! 

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Easy soft romantic makeup look for a date rose golde makeup for a date, soft glam makeup look for a date

How to look pretty on a Date –  First Date Makeup tips 

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