How to look beautiful and attractive (25 instant ways!)

how to look beautiful and attractive best tips

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Let me start this article by saying that “BEAUTY” is definitely totally subjective. And it depends on personal preferences, context, and ideologies. However, human nature makes us strategically select our partner to conserve the human species. ( I know this last sounds weird but let me explain it to you)
And that’s why most people feel attracted to fitness people, because human nature looks for procreation, and younger, healthy people are more likely to fit this necessity.

This is NOT a rule! You can be not “that younger” or having the most “fitness” body, and that’s totally fine! As I said, it’s just general trends, but based on that, there’s a lot of tips and tricks to make your look more beautiful and attractive to others! And I will share with your the BEST and EASIEST ways below.

how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

FACT: Do you know why most of the men are just so attractive for big boobs? for them, big boobs, in an unconscious way, are related to breastmilk and to feed their child. So, naturally, they are only looking for the best for their child, haha (BTW, big boobs it’s not equal to breastmilk, any type of boobs is capable of producing the best milk for their babies. Here’s a resource for breastfeeding. )

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How to make yourself more physically attractive?

how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

Next, I will you the best and easy tips to make you look more beautiful and attractive physically to others! But keep scrolling to know how to make your face look prettier and for super quick Makeup hacks to be more beautiful in minutes!


The key to look more beautiful and attractive is to FEEL more beautiful and attractive. YEP! I’m talking about confidence. And I don’t want to sound so thrilled about this topic but the reality is that someone that doesn’t feel attractive WILL NOT BE ATTRACTIVE to others! We naturally shows what we feel with body expressions.
And you can be asking right now, OK but if I don’t feel attractive?
Try to start with thinking that you are beautiful in your way! That you are so much more than you think and smile thounds times until you really believe (because let me tell you, YOU REALLY ARE!) and eventually you will be programing this mindset of confidence.

And also follow the next tips.


how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

It is as simple as using more RED color in your clothes, outfits, or Makeup. A recent study confirms that men are more attracted by women that wear red, and the same happens with women to men!


To second what I just said about human nature, showing your hips is another simple way to trick this nature attractiveness. Try to wear skirts, pants, or any clothes that outstand your natural hips! They are perfect and deserve to be shown to the world.
It’s time to be more confident about our natural body.

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Contrary to what is believed, in some recent study was found that long legs are not that important to men. Instead, they are more attractive for long arms girl.
So for this quick hack, try to show some skin arms to make them appear longer! A cute and fresh tank top could work perfectly. And if it is cold weather you can try turtle neck shirts, it doesn’t show any arm skin but will make them appear optically longer.


how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

Again, this is not a RULE, some men prefer super skinny fitness models and that is just based on personal preferences. But some recent study confirm that men prefer NATURAL looking women bodies. Don’t hurt yourseld and try to be super skinny, as long as you keep aways from body fat (in a natural way) you will look super attractive to others!


I have to be honest. I don’t really love high heels, and I actually don’t wear them very often! But when I wear them definitively feel super sexy instantly (and we show what we feel, remember?). Another study confirms that men are more attractive to women with heels because women look sexier and feminine in the way they walk from their perspective.

how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men


I love how women and men look with glasses! I guess it depends on the glasses’ style because a study affirms that glasses make you look less attractive as a general result. The good thing is that nowadays, we have the option of contacts.


YEP, I mean it when I say FAKE, because skin cancer is real, baby! We need to take care of our skin healthy. however, getting a TAN will be a booster on your attractiveness to others and will make you look instantly prettier without a doubt!

Check this great fake tan option that is super light-weight, and contains aloe vera and coconut oil:


I mean by “the right hairstyle” to find the perfect hair cut for your face shape, rock some pretty highlights, a balayage, or any other hairstyle that you like and that enhances your natural beauty. I love that this is super easy to do, make an appointment at your fav beauty salon, and boost your confidence!. Also, as a general rule, longer hair is more attractive than shorter.

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How can I make my face look beautiful and attractive?

 Face beauty is also super important! Most men care more about a “pretty on face” girl than a girl with the “perfect body.” And we can enhance our face aspect with super simple tips and tricks!


how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

Colorfulness is a sign of health and youth! Applying some pinkish, orange-ish blush and wearing red or pink lipstick makes you instantly more attractive in an optical way to others.
You can also add some powder highlighter on the top of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose to look fresh, glowing skin in minutes.

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Those days when thin eyebrows were attractive are now gone and a recent study confirms that BOLD EYEBROWS makes you look younger and more attractive.

Also check: The ultimate guide for perfect bold eyebrows step-by-step (with pictures)


how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

I love makeup! But Makeup can also be an enemy if we don’t wear it the right way because it can definitely give us the opposite result that we want and make us look older and not-so-attractive!
The best Makeup practice is always to stay updated with the right Makeup techniques because if we wear old trends, we can also look old.

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3 Quick and Easy Makeup hacks to look prettier


If you have brown eyes (like me!) you can opt for purple, blue, pink, yellow and orange eyeshadow shades! I KNOW it sound kind of scary, but try to play with those tones to make your brown eyes pop and make your look more attractive.
in the other side if you have blue/gray or green eyes, opt for a bronze, brownish, gold and silver eyeshadows tones! Those tones will make your eye color to POP even more.

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Best easy tips to be more attractive and look beautiful how to be physycally more attractive to men

OMG, this is so important for you to know! Not every eye makeup technique will fit every eye shape, and each eye shape has its specific ways to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to make them look beautiful. If you have an almond eye, you are just FINE, and you don’t need to worry so much about finding the right eye makeup technique, but if you have HOODED EYES and DEEP SET eyes (like me), OH, I FEEL YOU! It’s a nightmare getting makeup on those pretty eyes.

It was a nightmare for me for years, but as I get more experienced with my Makeup artist career, I found the best and easiest way to apply eyeshadow on Hooded eyes (and winged eyeliner!) I actually have a full Hooded Eyes Makeup tutorial step by step with pictures for this specific eye shape.


I know this can be too much for some people! But trust me, even if you are wearing natural-looking makeup, false eyelashes will pop your eyes in a super cute way!. I recommend trying natural but medium-sized band eyelashes to wear every day or on special days when you want to look more attractive.
Best False eyelashes overall:

New to false eyelashes? Check The best False Eyelashes guide with my top recommendations for beginners

How to look beautiful and attractive naturally

YEP! I’m a makeup lover, but I’m also a no-makeup-natural-looking lover as well.
There are some tips and tricks to look radiant and stunning without Makeup, and here are the best hacks on how to look beautiful and attractive without Makeup at all!


I know, I know! This tip is super common, but remember what I said about human nature? We naturally look for a healthier partner, and for consequences, a healthy person is instantly more attractive to others. You can start to reduce the amount of junk food, eat more vegetables, and drink the water that your body needs! This last will improve your skin hydrating, making it look more youthful and healthier.


The Skin is basically the natural cover that we want to keep as healthy and hydrate as possible. To look more beautiful and attractive naturally, follow the best skincare routine for your skin type. Trust me, this really matters! Years ago, I had many mini pimples that make my face look with texture and not healthy, and this was because I wasn’t following any skincare appropriate routine.
Fast forward these days, I get clear skin just with the right skin care habits and eating better.

Check my full and not-so-complicated skincare routine (that is actually ideal for flawless makeup application)

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Sleeping 6-8 hours will drastically improve your health and energy during your day! I know life happens, and sometimes it is not possible to sleep well. In my case, it is a challenge with a baby! But the better you sleep, the better you will be and look for others. I think these little habits are the habits that do the difference overtime for a better life.


Take a shower to naturally smell good but complement that with applying your favorite fragrance on your neck, hands, and a little bit on your clothes. YEP! we are more attractive when we smell good, and there’s a lot of ways to always look good, for example, using the right deodorant and brush the teeth regularly.

Pro tip: Get a travel-size fragrance and bring it with you everywhere you go so you can retouch anytime!


I think the best attractiveness in a person is to be REAL! And that’s the whole point of it. BE YOU and show your real personality, sense of humor, preferences, hobbies, ideologies, and everything that is part of you! Be honest is a super HOT and attractive quality that not all people have.
Don’t be like others. Be you.


Definitely, a Happy person is a more beautiful and super attractive person! Smile is the best natural way to look super pretty, and the best part is that it is contagious. Smile! Even if you are not in a good mood, SMILE! This will help instantly and chemically in your body to improve your mode.
So then, you feel good, and guess what? YOU LOOK GOOD 🙂


Firstly, a study points that being in a group makes you instantly more attractive to others. Still, we can add being around attractive people will also boost your beauty and attractiveness. WHY? Because these people will be doing something that makes them attractive and pretty, and being around them will eventually teach you their habits and style to look that way.
This will not be the metric to select your friends obviously, but pay more attention to attractive people will teach good tips.


Best easy tips to be more attractive and look beautiful how to be physycally more attractive to men

No matter your religion or beliefs, getting deep in your soul and taking the time to listen to your heart and connect with you and God will improve your mood and the way you see the world! And that attitude is definitely super attractive! Remember that happy and smart people are super attractive.


Having wrong posture often will lead to apper and look less healthy and not-so-attractive! Many people don’t pay attention to this very significant factor. Try to always maintain your back straight and have your sholders in the right position. For women this will make you look more femenine and confident and for men, this will make you look stronger and instantly attractive.


Best easy tips to be more attractive and look beautiful how to be physycally more attractive to men

The excersice is CRUCIAL to maintain a healthy life, we all need atleast a 30 minutes walk everyday to reduce the risks of overweight. Being more healthier is naturally more attractive, but taking care of your healthy is even more IMPORTANT.
You can also try some at-home programs that will allow you to be in the comfy on your home while your are getting a better shape! I love to do Zumba classes at youtube.

Final thoughts on How to look Beautiful and attractive

The most important thing to consider is not to take things too seriously! Relax, take a shower, apply some makeup, take your best clothes, be you, and smile. I’m super confident that with those easy tips, you will STUNNING and eventually feel more Beautiful.

I hope you liked this post; if so, please Pin it and share it with others! Let me know in the comments below your thoughts about it because I’d love to read from you!

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how to look more physically attractive, how to look beautiful and attractive to men

How to look beautiful and attractive (25 instant ways!)

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