How to make your face look thinner (Instantly!)

how to make your face look skinny

How to make your face look thinner in minutes!

Easy and simple beauty tips to make your face look slimmer in minutes! I know how hard it can be losing weight to finally get that skinny and aesthetic face, but in that journey, we can accelerate the results with some tips that you can try today to make your face look thinner instantly. 

I have struggle with making my face look slimmer, and here I’m sharing my Top 10 hacks to make my face look slimmer that actually works because I tried every single one on my face. 

First, let’s get things clear. The best way to make my face look thinner is losing weight, which will reduce the fat on the face and the double chin.

However, this is not a super simple thing to do for everyone; it Is actually a pretty challenging journey for most of us, so I want to share the best ways to make your face slimmer even without losing weight.

But at the same time, I will always be on the side of stay healthy and eat well; I just think that we can push and help our pretty face to look better in photos and recover that confidence in the midtime. 

So, let’s begin

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How to make your face look thinner in photos? 

The best part if these tips are that you can try them and get results immediately! And with photos, we want to keep records of our best memories on our best angles and shapes. So Try this easy hacks below to look slimmer in photos:

Tip#1 The Best face posses for a slimmer face 

to make your face Look slimmer in photos, try to always have your back well straight, take the phone or the camera at a high angle, and try to push your lips out in a soft, smooth way. 

Don’t over exaggerate the duck face on every selfie you take. That just doesn’t look good. We want a smooth and small possesses that look natural and make your face look slimmer in a super-easy way. 

Tip#2 The right Haircut 

What is the right Haircut for round faces or to make your face look thinner? 

The most crucial Haircut to avoid is a super short haircut that makes all the attention going to the wider side of your face. 

Instead, try out some long layers haircuts! Where the first layers start at least below your jawline. 

The best option in general with Hair to make your face look slimmer is having thick, long hair that creates the illusion of length face, so it seems thinner.

if you don’t have long hair you can try hair extension, these Hair extensions are a great option, they are human hair and have clips that make super easy to use them every day!

Also check this healthy and long hair guide that shares how I recover my damaged Hair (after a hard dye) and my best practices for having it super long and healthy! 

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Tip#3 Hairstyles to make your face slimmer in seconds

We want to hide as much as possible from the sides of our face to make it appear thinner, and the best and easy tip to get this is bombing your Hair in a way that covers your sides. 

Also, enhance your face lengthen by adding volume to the high part of your Hair. 

Tip#4 Parting the Hair

Side parting the Hair is the best way to make your face look thinner instantly. We need lines and straight directions on our round and full of angles face. 

And parting on two sides, your Hair just in the middle, cut your face and give it more straight lines that are beneficial for the illusion we seek. 

Tip#5 Try the ponytail hairstyle.

The super cute and cozy ponytail hairstyle is a super ally when we try to make our face thinner! Because by adding that volume and high on your Hair, we will move the attention from our face. 

Tip# 6 Your Eyebrows on fleek

Eyebrows have always been my favorite Makeup step and the step that I can’t live without, and to make your face seems slimmer, try to focus the attention to your eyebrows.

Do your eyebrows and fill it in on point. Try to go upwards direction for a feline, foxy eyebrows look. Check my popular post: The Ultimate eyebrows guide for beginners here. 

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Tip#7 Make your face thinner with your favorite pair of earrings! 

I do not use this hack since I don’t like so much wear earrings often. However, I know that wearing long earrings will help with the illusion of a slimmer face. 

Tip#8 Eyeshadow Makeup to make your face slimmer! 

how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes

Yes, you can make your face look slimmer with your eye makeup, and this is also great tips for round eyes. 

Apply a feline foxy eyeshadow look, blending your eyeshadow in upwards motion. 

That way, you will get all the attention to your eyes, and with the feline effect, you are making the illusion of a thinner face. 

Don’t apply eyeliner in the bottom lash line because it will make your eyes look rounder. And do the winged cat eye eyeliner to make your eyes look larger so your face can look narrower.

Remember that we want straight lines as much as possible? Taking your eyeshadow makeup in a straight direction to your eyebrows with blending motions will help a lot. 

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And of course, the best beauty hacks ever to make your face slimmer and hide the double chin: Contour your face!

This technique needs to be very detailed, we want to contour and highlighter in the right way for a round face shape not the typical generic contour on cheeks and nose. Check the tutorial below!

How to contour and highlight round face to make it thinner

Check this amazing video that shares step by step how to contour a round face to make it look slimmer! I loved the results.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here’s a quick recap:

  • Apply your foundation and concealer on under eyes like usual
  • Take a cream contour stick and apply it on cheeks with upwards motions, the sides of your forehead, in a vertical line on both sides of the mouth, and in your jawline
  • Contour your nose
    blend it well with a beauty blender
  • Take a light concealer stick and apply it in the center of your forehead, under eyes, above your jawline but without touching your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and on the tip of your chin.
  • Repeat the same steps but now with contour and highlight powders. I recommend this Contour and Highlight palette that has a warm browny color and a gray browny tone that is essentials as the girl in the video Mention. the warmer tone is for bronzing all your face and the gray tone is to make shadows on your face.
  • Now blend everything with a fluffy brush and do repeat the steps until your face looks slimmer and smooth.

Tip#10 Change your lifestyle habits in a positive way!

The most important thing is to stay healthy and after that, we will automatically look good.
This losing weight journey is a super difficult journey that needs a lot of support and goes step by step first to achieve small goals and then bigger goals.
Next, I’ll share with you the small habits that I try to practice every day or every other day for losing fat on my body and my face.

Lifestyle Habits for Fosing Fat on your Face

Habit #1 Eat healthy food and eat less.

What happened to me is I love food so much! It gives me a good sensation when I ate something that I like, most of the time are plates of pasta. That excessive or carb makes my body feels sick after that and tired.

The portions of your food plate are super important. What I do most of the days is reduce my portion of carbs or change them for healthy carbs (oats, quinoa, brown rice, etc. not portions of pasta, white rice) get a bigger section of vegetables and a portion of protein.

Habit #2 Not only drink more water, DRINK ONLY WATER

I do no drink sugar anymore! Anything that contains sugar (that is the majority of the beverages, sodas, teas, etc) This is just a silent poison that is hyper normalized in the world.

Try to drink only water during the majority of the days and you will see results and look slimmer in days for sure!

Habit #3 Exercises for slimmer face

I let this Video below that Shows how to do Yoga face poses for lose face fat!
Do this exersices 3 or more times a week.

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to do the face exercises, you can chew sugar-free gum two times a day to make your chin and face muscles stronger. That will also define your face and your chin.

Final Thoughts

This easy face slimming hacks are great for events, photos and feel more confident with our face. The best part is that are non-invasive tricks that can be done with some Makeup tips and hairstyles!

To actually get your face slimmer, we need to concentrate more on losing weight, changing habits, and being healthier!
I encourage you to try both, and let’s be the best version of ourselves together!
If you try some of these tips or found that I miss one, please comment below what you think?
I’d love to hear from you.


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How to make your face look thinner (Instantly!)

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