37 Jaw-Dropping Watermelon Nail Designs You Need to Try This Summer!

Ready to jazz up your nails with some summer flair? Watermelon nail designs are the perfect way to add a splash of color and fun!

From watermelon chrome nails to jelly watermelon pink nails, these juicy and vibrant designs are making waves in the nail art world.

Whether you’re going for watermelon acrylic nails or a chic watermelon French tip, these designs will make your nails the talk of the town!

1. Summer Watermelon Nails

 Summer Watermelon Nails
credits: @pearliepressed

2. Watermelon Frenchies

Watermelon Frenchies
credits: @lotsoflacquer

3. Red Watermelon nails

Red Watermelon nails
credits: @d.pilatowicz_indigo.educator

4. Simple watermelon gel Nails

Simple watermelon gel Nails

5. Lime green with small watermelons

Lime green with small watermelons Nail design
credits: @nbnailart

6. Sweet Watermelon

credits: @pazyugrazy

7. Simple Watermelon french

8. Watermelon and flamingos

credits: @beautybyfran1104

9. Watermelon with rhinestones

credits: @lizzys_nail_art

10. Neon Watermelon Nails

credits: @estudioamapola.54

11. Blush Watermelon Nails

credits: @lissanailedit

12. Short Watermelon Gel nails

credits: @glamn.glowbeauty

13. Cute Watermelon Nails

credits: @beautyandbeyond_byjenna

14. pink, green & darker green watermelon nails

credits: @nbnailart

15. Sweet watermelon nails

credits: @rosalindas.nail.artistry_

16. Bright Neon Watermelon Nails

Bright Neon Watermelon Nails
credits: @giangnail.ie

17. Neon watermelons nude background

Neon watermelons nude background
credits: @the_nail_girl_lowestoft_

18. Pink Watermelon Nails

Pink Watermelon Nails
credits: @ashnailco

19. Orangy Watermelon Nails

Orangy Watermelon Nails
credits: @nitanails

20. Classic Watermelon Nails

Classic Watermelon Nails

21. French Blush Watermelon Nails

credits: @perform_nail

22. Almond Short Watermelon Nails

 Almond Short Watermelon Nails
credits: @nailsbyswayz

23. Long Acrylic Watermelon Nails

Long Acrylic Watermelon Nails
credits: @gottnails

24. Simple but Cute watermelon Nails

Simple but Cute watermelon Nails
credits: @sun_kissed_and_polished

25. Juicy Watermelons Vibes

watermelon nail art
credits: @queenbcreative_

26. Girly Watermelon Nails

girly watermelon nail design

27. Red watermelon short gel nails

credits: @hollidaygels

28. Blush Watermelon Matte Nails

Blush Watermelon Matte Nails
credits: @k.l.m.divinebeauty

29. Summer ready watermelon pink nails

Summer ready watermelon pink nails

30. Blush red and lime green watermelon nails

 Blush red and lime green watermelon nails
credits: @heavenaesthetics_uk

31. Red colorful watermelon Nails

credits: @goldennails_buckingham

32. Simple Square Frenchi Watermelon Nails

credits: @blooombeauty

33. Short watermelon gel nails

Short watermelon gel nails
credits: @nailbestie.austyn

34. Summer Bright red watermelon long nails

 Summer Bright red watermelon long nails
credits: @kellies_nails

35. Square Watermelon Long Nails

Square Watermelon Long Nails

36. Fruity Nails

credits: @nailsbyswayz

37. Watermelon Drip Nails

Watermelon Drip Nails
credits: @nailsbykatiebug

Watermelon nails are the ultimate summer accessory, offering endless ways to show off your creativity.

From watermelon ombre nails to glitter watermelon nails, there’s a style for everyone.

So grab your favorite polishes and get ready to rock some cute watermelon nails that scream summer fun and confidence.

Let your nails be the sweetest part of your look!

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