The #1 Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes (Guide + Tutorial with pictures)

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Top Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes and best tips to apply eyeliner on Hooded Eyes from a Hooded Eye Makeup Artist!

I know the nightmare of applying eyeliner on Hooded eyes can be, and because I struggled with it for years, I had to master the technique because there’s a lot of percentage of women with Hooded eyelids and I saw it as a lot on my clients.

And the majority of the Mature eyelids turn into Hooded eyes, so working with clients and my own eyes every day made me learn the best Eyeliner tips for Hooded eyes and now I’m sharing them with you below plus the top best eyeliners for hooded eyes! 

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This Black eyeliner is our #1 Recommendation to do winged eyeliner on Hooded eyes. It is waterproof and stays in place all day, even for oily eyelids!

First things first…

What are Hooded Eyes?

And how do know if you have them?

Hooded eyes are when a part of your lid drops above your eyebrow bone and covers part of your eyelid making your eyes look like you have a small to no crease.

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It can look like you are tired or older than your age if you don’t do your eye makeup correctly for hooded eyes, especially your Eyeliner! Check the next Infographic:

The key is knowing how to apply makeup for Hooded eyes once you know you have this type of eye!

The eye makeup application steps and techniques are HUGE different than other eye shapes.
So keep scrolling for the full step-by-step eyeliner tutorial for Hooded Eyes.

And now here are the best Eyeliners for Hooded Eyelids in the beauty market!

Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

#1 Stila Stat all day Waterproof Pen eyeliner

This eyeliner by STILA is perfect for Hooded Eyes! Because it has everything we are looking for in the right eyeliner, waterproof, matte, and super black, it applies super smooth tends to dry quickly, and with one layer, you can get the black coverage you need.

This pen eyeliner has been chosen simply the Best Overall for Hooded Eyes.

#2 Tarte Tarteist Double Take eyeliner

This amazing DUO by Tarte is just perfect for small or droopy Hooded Eyes! This is a long-wear, super pigmented, and waterproof black pencil eyeliner for one side and, for the other side, a super black and smooth pencil eyeliner.
Perfect for creating a smudged eyeshadow looks, smooth eyeliner, or for tighline (keep scrolling for more tips on how to tighline Hooded eyes)

#3 HAUS LABORATORIES by Lady Gaga Pen eyeliner

I have to admit that I was super skeptical about this eyeliner. Still, yees, it really makes that tremendous eyeliner looks like lady gaga perfectly and ends it is one of TOP 3 best eyeliners for Hooded eyes for this list.

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Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

And because I love Drugstore Makeup so much! Here are my two options of drugstore eyeliner for Hooded eyes

#4 Maybelline Waterproof liquid eyeliner

This Maybelline liquid eyeliner has been my favorite since ever! It just the best waterproof eyeliner, and I loved it when I removed it at the end of the day because is so easy! However, it’s not the best option for beginners, since it has a built-in applicator that is no the best for the easiest eyeliner application especially for Hooded Eyes. But I’m still in love with it.

#5 Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen eyeliner

This is the cheap version of the pen eyeliner above but it is still a very good option to consider! It is waterproof, super black and if you don’t love the matte finish, this is the one for you because it leaves a satin eyeliner finish once it drys.

How to do eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

This is the second part of my “Makeup for Hooded eyes series” if you are struggling with applying eyeshadow on your Hooded eyelid, don’t miss the first part: How to apply eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes (step by step). There I share some valuable secrets that nobody will tell you about the right way to apply eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes and make them look lift (finally!)

let’s begin

Step 1. Set your eyelids

With Hooded eyes, we have extra skin that covers most eyelids, and with oily eyelids, it is super difficult to have great eye makeup results!
So firstly, prime those pretty hooded eyes! I recommend using this eyelid primer by Thank me later that is perfect for oily hooded eyelids. After that, apply setting powder on top to lock it well and prevent having a mess with the hooded eyelids after 3-4 hours.

how to apply eyeliner for Hooded Eyes tutorial

Step 2. Thin eyeliner!

With a waterproof pen eyeliner create a super thin line on your natural lash line without taking it to the outer corner.

Best eyeliner for Hooded Eyes how to apply eyeliner on Hooded eyes

NOTE: This thin line needs to be thin enough, so when you open your eyes, you will still see your eyelids. This is CRUCIAL for Hooded Eyes because we want to show our lid as much as possible to try to revert the Hooded eye illusion.
The Big Mistake is making a THICK eyeliner or normal eyeliner on Hooded Eyes that eventually when you open your eyes, will end in more droopy eyes.

Step 3. A small point in the crease

Now, following your natural crease and with your eyes open, draw a small point at the end of your outer corner crease. Try to draw the point so that you can still see that point when you have your eye open.

how to apply eyeliner for Hooded Eyes
best eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Step 4. Thin line to create direction

The next step is basically starting the winged eyeliner on your eyes! Start with creating a line from the end of your eye in the direction to your eyebrow, but without doing upper to the previous point that we did in the last step.

This line needs to be straight and will be the line that forms and get the direction of your final winged so try to make it thin and as perfect as you can (but don’t worry; you can always come back to make it perfect with concealer)

Pro Tip: This Step can be done by the typical tip of adding a piece of Makeup tape for eyeliner in the right direction and apply to eyeliner on top of that. Honestly, I prefer to do it now without the tape, and if I need to fix anything, use Concealer, but you can choose between both techniques!

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Step 5. Straight Line

Next, with the same pen eyeliner, draw a line to join the point on the outer crease and the end of the line that we just did in the last step with a thin fine line.

At this point, you should open your eyes and see the perfect winged eyeliner outlined in the perfect place to make your eyes look on point and not more dropped or Hooded, like in the picture above. Next, we are ready for the next step!

Step 6. Put everything together

Now following the previous eyeliner work we did, it’s time to put everything together and join those lines with the first thin eyeliner that we did in the lash line.

Step 7. Fill in

Now we are almost done! And with the same pen eyeliner it’s time to fill in all the lines that we worked.

How to apply eyeliner on Hooded eyes

You can create a feline foxy look adding a line in the tear duct or apply an another colored eyeliner on top to create a more dramatic look ( I loved this Color eyeliner set from Amazon; it is for a super affordable price and came with 12 awesome colors) I use the color eyeliner super often, but for proposes of this tutorial will be adding some other great Tips to enhance more Hooded Eyes.

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Final Touches for the perfect Hooded Eyes Eyeliner!

  • For ending this look, curl your lashes and add a coat of Waterproof mascara to leave your lashes curly all day and make them hooded eye-approved.
  • Next, apply your false eyelashes for Hooded eyes; the Ideal false eyelashes need to be as natural as possible and with a clear or transparent band (this because with a thick black band, will be covering part of our lid and we want to avoid that on Hooded eyes as much as we can!)
  • Apply beige or cream color pencil eyeliner on the waterline. We don’t want a thick black waterline because this makes the illusion of more aging, droopy eyes. (we’ll talk about it more below)

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Tightline Hooded Eyes?

The tightline technique is important for Hooded eyes but just in the top waterline, this can create a more deepness and dramatic look on your eyes but without covering the eyelids. So is a super pro for Hooded or Droppy eyes.
This assuming that you don’t have an eye condition that makes this tighline technique not recommended.

In this Video Below a Ophthalmologist explain what tighline can cause in your eyes and who can not use the tighline technique!

How to do it? Take a black pencil eyeliner like this one here, apply it on your internal Top waterline lash line carefully, and try not to cry because it can ruin your eye makeup.

Pro tip: Put a Q-tip on your tear duct to absorb the excess of water that you can cause with the tighlining

Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

The perfect winged eyeliner for Hooded eyes (Lef side of the pictures above) will still show some part of your eyelids once you have your eyes open, won’t make your eyes look droopy or aging. And will have a light waterline on the bottom waterline that will make your eyes more awake and youthful.

And the DONT’S for Applying Eyeliner for Hooded eyes (right side of the picture) will have an eyeliner that, once you open your eyes, it will cover almost your entire eyelid. That way, your eyes look Hooded and more droopy and aging. And the winged eyeliner for some reason, even when you know you have done right because it seems right in the mirror, once you open your eyes, you notice the wing fell and curved. Also, the waterline is tighline with black thick eyeliner.

Final thoughts on the Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Based on my experience, with the right Hooded eyes eyeliner, the simple tips that I just shared with you, and a little bit of practice, SURE will create the best-winged eyeliner for Hooded eyes!! And I just loved it because It can enhance your eyes and turn them into almost any eye makeup look that you want it to do!
Because pretty Hooded Eyes can rock eyeliner and eyeshadow as well!!

Don’t forget to check the first part of this “Makeup for hooded eyes” series, and read one of my popular posts: How to apply eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes! I share more secrets there that you need to know for the perfect Hooded eyes eye makeup.

I hope you find this post helpful. If so, please share it or pin it for later! And let me know in the comments below what you think about this eyeliner technique for Hooded eyes? Have you tried it before?
I’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “The #1 Best Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes (Guide + Tutorial with pictures)”

  1. I’m 60 with hooded eyes and trying the cut crease. I would like a eyeliner wing but with down turned eyes I can’t make it work.
    Thanks for your tips.

    1. Hi Michele! For downturned eyes, I Often prefer a smudge eyeliner technique; you can try this technique as well. Start with black or dark brown pencil eyeliner and make a winged eyeliner (remember going super thin on the lash line) and blend it upwards with a small brush. To finish, clean below your wing with concealer if you want a more defined look. If you try it, please let me know how it went. And you are so welcome 🙂
      – Valeria H.

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