10 Amazing Tips to get the Glam Makeup Look (Step by step guide)

Glam makeup look tutorial

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A big party is coming and it’s time to celebrate properly!

Your Makeup is important. The Glam Makeup Look is perfect for that! 

Here is the Full Glam Makeup look tutorial Step by step with pro tips to get the perfect glam makeup all the time!  

But first,

What is a full glam makeup look?

The word glam came from the word “glamour,” and the standard of glamour is very subjective. 

For a Makeup Artist like me, glamour can mean an Elegant makeup look with dark and neutral eyeshadows colors, false lashes, and maybe a pop of color. 

I consider you can call it full glam makeup when you are also making a Full coverage Makeup foundation application. 

The Full glam makeup look is perfect for holiday makeup, night parties, weddings (not for the bride or beach weddings), prom graduation, and night dinner out, etc. 

The typical occasion when you feel like natural makeup with neutral eyeshades and nude lips will not outstand. 

Especially at night, the Makeup needs to be more dramatic to highlight and look fabulous in photos. 

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What is a soft glam look?

On the other side, a soft glam look is a glam Makeup look but could be without false lashes, dark eyeshadows, or glitter without dramatic intensity. 

It is a makeup look that can be suitable for special occasions on the day!

Like a day wedding party. Or simply if you don’t like that much the intensity of the dramatic look.  

You get the soft glam makeup look with a smokey eye with light, browny, or gray color instead of black. 

And the soft glam look is more illuminated with light satin eyeshadow.

Here I show the Basics and tips to get a Full Glam tutorial easily and turn it on any occasion makeup look! 

How do you do a glam look? 

There are some crucial tips that will give your Makeup a glam look. The first one is; 

TIP #1. Use a Full coverage foundation 

The tinted foundation or the light to medium coverage one will not work this time! 

This Makeup look needs full coverage, long-lasting and matte foundation. 

Be sure that it is an excellent foundation suitable for your skin type to avoid staying oily or dryness 3 hours later. 

Also, using the right foundation is crucial to stay away from the horrible cakey foundation. 

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If you want my general recommendation for a drugstore full coverage foundation, I will let you my top 5, affordable and full glam Foundations! 

#1 Infallible pro matte Foundation

#2 L.A. Girl HD full Coverage Foundation


#3 Stay Matte 24hrs Foundation

# 4 Makeup revolution foundation 

#5 Beauty creations Foundation

TIP #2. Use Full coverage concealer

We will set aside the light coverage concealer for the everyday makeup routine and seek a full coverage concealer. 

It doesn’t have to be a super expensive concealer, and there are actually fantastic Drugstore concealers to try! 

I have a full article reviewing and rating the TOP 10 Drugstore Concealers (Click to read it). 

But if you don’t have time to read it, here’s my top 5 drugstore concealers that I recommend for a Full Glam Makeup look: 

#1 Elf camo concealer

#2 Infallible Maybelline Full Wear Concealer

#3 Fit me Maybelline Concealer

#4 Makeup revolution concealer 

#5 L.A. girl PRO concealer

TIP# 3 Apply Color correction Concealers to correct Undertones

Color correction is a PRO technique more advantageous for Makeup and this technique can be too much when you are doing a natural look, but this time that we will shine on tonight’s party, you definitely will need it!

Color correction consists of Identify Undertone sin your face, like redness, purple dark circles, and hyperpigmentation.

No matter how much full coverage concealer you apply, without color correction, the undertone will still be there, and that’s okay for an everyday look or for a day look.

But in this Full Glam look tip, I recommend concealing those face problems for a true full coverage.

Here’s a Color Correction Guide:

TIP #4 Use Cream contour AND Powder Contour instead of just powder contour

Cream contour will allows you the FULL coverage that we are seeking,

if in any Makeup look is necessary using a cream contour will be this one!


Don’t do it like the Youtube Gurus, just apply a small amount of product and blend it well.

TIP#5 IT’S the right moment for Dark eyeshadows

You will finally use that black eyeshade!

It’s a special occasion so we are gonna need those dark eyeshadows to intensify the look and to deeper the crease.

Also, you can use dark brown shades, brown, dark gray shades, etc.

TIP #6 Create a Dramatic Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner will always be the perfect cherry on top the cake!

Winged eyeliner is the perfect tecnique that gives a feline, elegant finish to our eye makeup.

Read the full tutorial to get the perfect Winged Eyeliner (even on Hooded Eyes)

TIP #7 Don’t Forget the False lashes!

I highly recommend using False Lashes to get this look even more dramatic,

you can opt for Natural False lashes with the clear band to stay elegant and classy, or you can go for super dramatic false lashes, it’s all about personality!

PRO TIP: look for a clear strip false lashes that way you won’t feel your eye with extra weight.

TIP #8 Apply pressed Glitter to make your eyes shine as mush as you!

This Pressed Glitter Palette has been my friend for a while now and I highly recommend have atleast one of these palettes,

you can always use any makeup loose glitter with glitter glue, but this pressed glitter palettes are so easy to use, you just need to apply it with a flat brush or with your fingers.

TIP #9 A lot of Highlighter please

In this look, we want to outstanding, and highlighter will do that job for us!

you could use liquid highlighter, creamy, or powder highlighter.

TIP #10 Be carefull with super dry skin or older skin

The Full Glam makeup look can be a little aggressive for older skin because can accentuate wrinkles, but this can be combated with a lightweight foundation instead of a full coverage one.

On the other side, for dry skin, we need to be careful with the matte products that we are putting on our face,

for example, Matte primer, matte foundation, and on top adding a matte powder could be a bad decision for people that suffer excessive dryness.

these were the essential tips to get the full glam makeup but now lets put those tips on practice!

Next I show you exactly what to do step by step.

How do you do full coverage makeup?

Step 1.Clean your face properly

Is crucial to clean your face properly to avoid clog the face pores and prevent acne or pimples,

For that, I highly recommend a SOAP-FREE cleanser like this one from Bioderma.

The soap-free cleanser is so important for our skin because the conventional cleanser with soap is aggressive for our PH,

and the PH is the natural barrier that our skin has from bacteria, and what we do with soap cleanser is that we quit that barrier and our skin get exposed to bacteria.

Step 2. Pre Skincare Routine 

This step is basically having a Skincare Routine of hygiene and hydration for your skin on a regular basis,

that way, you will eventually have clear skin, and you are makeup will look amazing!

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Step 3. Apply a Matte primer 

Apply your favorite Matte Primer that absorbs the oil that you could produce, for a lasting full glam makeup look!

Try this Matte Primer and serum by Neutrogena

Step #4 Color correction 

Color correction tutorial

I’m using the L.A. Girl Pro color concealer in the tone orange to conceal my dark circles in the under-eye area and green concealer for the redness like pimples.

Step 5. Apply Loose translucent powder (Yes, before foundation) 

This a Secret PRO TIP that I use regularly!

For oily skin is amazing! Apply a small amount of translucent loose powder right before applying your foundation (and after the primer and color correction) for a long-lasting effect.

Try it yourself, and you will see the difference immediately!

Step 6. Apply a Full Coverage Foundation 

full coverage foundation

Next step is Apply a small amount of your perfect full coverage foundation for your skin, I recommend you to start with a small amount and adding more product if you think is needed.

What you need is that almost all your scars, pimples and other imperfections get covered.

My favorite tool for applying foundation is definitely a Beauty Sponge! and this the best Beauty Sponge ever.

Step 7. Apply Full coverage concealer

The concealer that I’m using is the AWESOME Elf camo concealer is a super affordable concealer with the quality of any high-end concealer.

Apply concealer on the under-eye area and other strategic spots in your face that needs to be covered.

Step 8. Apply setting powder with a Makeup sponge

Setting powder

Now come back with your translucent powder and apply it only on the areas that tends to be oily for your skin,

if you have dry skin or mature skin you can avoid this step!

Step 9. Cream Contour

If this tutorial were from the year 2012, surely the image above would be full of cream contour with excess product, it was great at that time but currently,

the technique has improved and you only need to apply moderate amounts but necessary to sculpt your face shape.

Apply your cream contour to sculpt your face according to your face shape! but in general, sculpt your nose and under your cheeks.

You can set it with translucent powder or with powder contour.

Step 10. Blush and Highlighter

After cream contour, apply your blush (powder blush preferably) and your highlighter on the top of your cheeks.

Step 9. Apply Setting Spray

This was the FULL COVERAGE GLAM FACE tutorial, but now I will show an Eye Makeup Glam tutorial.

You can opt for doing first, eye makeup, and then your face to avoid getting eyeshadow powder on the under-eye area.

And you definitively want to do it that way if you are working with a client,

but in my case, I prefer to do my face first and then my eye makeup for myself.

Read more about it in my post: The right order to apply your Makeup

Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial 

Step 1 .Eyebrows On fleek

Fill in your eyebrows with your favorite eyebrows product. It could be pomade, powder, or pencil.

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Step 2. Light base eyeshadow

For a classic full glam eye makeup, apply a light beige matte eyeshadow on your lid to create a base to start your eye makeup look!

Step 3. Transition shade on the crease

now apply, a Transition eyeshade on the crease,

this could be in any color beetwen medium brown to cool, warm light brown, medium orange or medium wine color shade.

all depends on the theme that you want to add to your makeup look.

In this tutorial I’m using a medium warm brown.

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Step 4. Apply the base shade color on the lid 

Next apply a light eyeshdaow selected that combines with the last shade, I’m using a light pearl satin shade and apply it on my movil lid.

Step 5. Smokey eyes 

Do the classic smokey eye, with a dark brown color to deep the crease.

Try to create a invert V on the inner conner of your eye, and blend it well.

After that use a small pencil brush to apply black eyeshadow to instensify even more your smokey eye look.

Step 6. Dramatic winged eyeliner

Next, Apply liquid or gel eyeliner to get the classic feline look!

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Step 7. Apply False lashes and mascara

Finish your eye makeup with false lashes and mascara on upper lashes and lower lashes.


to finish your full glam makeup look you could add some glitter on top the base eyeshadow, highlight the inner conner and apply your favorite lipstick!

Set you makeup with setting spray! This setting spray from milani here is just fantastic.

This is the final look.

Pro Tips for Holiday Glam Makeup 

Add a pop of color with color eyeliner 

You can turn this basic full glam makeup look into a fabulous makeup for thanksgiving dinner just adding,

for example, an orangy color eyeliner on top of the black-winged eyeliner or the crease. 

You can do the same with green or red for Christmas, blue for the 4th of July!

And for any holiday that you want to rock your Makeup on a thematic party. 

Add holiday color glitter


Do the same with the glitter, and you already have the base on your eyes, so now is your turn to play with the details and colors.

Glitter is perfect for that! 

First, take some glitter glue, apply it on top of the eyeshadow you used on your eyelid, and then apply your selected glitter. 

You can try with silver or gold for new year’s eve makeup!

And red, orange for Thanksgiving, you can also opt for green or yellow for Christmas eve. 

You can change the look and theme completely by adding these simple details on your glam makeup look.

Add a color eyeshadow on the bottom lid. 

Another great way to turn your full glam makeup look into a Holiday Glam Makeup is by adding some color eyeshadow on the bottom lid. 

You can also use a color pencil eyeliner and apply it to the waterline. 

It adds pop and thematic color, but at the same time, you are getting your classic glam look. 

Don’t be afraid to try different hacks on your makeup routine! Makeup has been made for experiments and is creative. 

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10 Amazing Tips to get the Glam Makeup Look (Step by step guide)

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